Would You Like to Save Money on Uniform

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					Would You Like to Save Money on Uniform?

Now, you can get uniforms from the school and save
yourself tons of money.

Thanks to Mothers Club and Aqsa parents, the school has
skirts, girls’ shirts, boys’ shirts, Gym uniforms,
sweaters, and boys’ pants available for a much reduced

Uniforms have been cleaned and skirts have been ironed
and ready to wear. Different sizes are available.

Prices are as follows: skirts $20.00, Girls and boys’ shirts
$10.00, Gym uniforms $7.00 a piece, boys’ pants $5.00 and
sweaters $15.00

In addition, the school year is coming into an end, if your
children have outgrown their uniforms and they are in
good condition, please do not throw them a way or store
them. Other Aqsa parents might use them. Please bring
them to school as soon as possible and be part of helping in
this wonderful project.

If you have any questions, you can stop by the office, call
the school @ 598-2700 or email Mrs. Haiat at

Please spread the word!