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					Title :Analysis of Colors used on OutdoorAdvertising in Urban Landscape ―ACase Study in Osaka City ―
Author Names : Mika Takahashi1), Kazumi Fujibayashi1), Tomomi Shimonaka1), Masako Sato1), Kazuhiro Sawa2)
Institute : 1) Osaka City University 2) Japan Color Technology Institute

 The purpose of this study is to investigate how we see and how we feel when we look at the outdoor advertising in urban
 We examined the number of colors appeared on outdoor advertising and its color attributes ( hue, value and chroma ) at the site of
three typical urban areas in Osaka City.
 Further, we examined by subjects the relation between the atmosphere of the area and the impression of the advertising using
eighteen scenes on video monitor. Eye movements of each subject observing the scene were analyzed by eye point recorder.
1.                                          ,
     In general, vivid or strong red, yellow green and blue, and white and black were frequently used on outdoor advertising.
2.   Three areas were respectively characterized by the type of advertisement ( signboard, banner, advertising pillar, and so on ) ,
     the size of each advertisement, and the colorarrangement of the advertisements in the same sight .
3.   Vivid colors on outdoor advertising could be clearly perceived even from a distance. Then, our eyes would be attracted and led
     by vivid colors.
4.   The atmosphere of the area would affect our favorable impression of the outdoor advertising. For instance, on a main street,
     the advertisements would impress us favorably if they are in harmony with each other and create an orderly and elegant
     streetscape. On the shopping street, various advertisements would impress us favorably if they create an lively and cheerful