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					                         Moodle Units: Using the Quiz Function
1. After you enter your course, turn editing on. Scroll down to the theme/week in which you wish to
place your quiz. From the drop down activities menu choose “Quiz.” You will see the window below.
Here you must name your quiz. Include all directions, including the number of attempts a student will
get, in the description portion. You can make the quiz in advance and leave it disabled until the date you
wish to open it. Once read, you can set the date and time for opening and closing the quiz as well as set a
time limit for how long a student can work on the quiz. If you plan to allow multiple attempts, set the time
between attempts allowed.

2. As you scroll down the page you will have to set the remaining parameters. Most are self explanatory.
“Each attempt builds…” means that students will see previous answers if repeating the quiz.
3. Again, as you continue down the set up page you will need to decide on what you want students to be
able to review and whether or not you wish to set a password to take the quiz. Skip the remaining settings
for now as we are not using the grouping function just yet. Be sure to save your settings.

4. Once you have completed your settings you will begin to create your questions. As you can see below,
the drop down menu for “create new question” allows you to choose the type of question you desire. As
you build questions you can categorize them and/or use old questions. The five words across the top
allow you to move between different quizzes, creating questions, creating/editing categories and
importing and exporting questions. As you add categories, the drop down menu currently showing
“default” will give you the option of placing questions in your set categories.
5. Once you choose the type of questions you want to use, you can begin creating your quiz. Say, for
   example, you choose Multiple Choice. You can name the question and enter in the text of the
   question itself. As you scroll down you can decide on how much the question will count (eg: 1 point)
   and if there will be a penalty for a wrong answer. You can also decide if students can choose only one
   answer or multiple.

6. As you enter in each potential answer you can also provide feedback for the student if he/she chooses
that particular answer. The default is three choices, but you can click the button at the end of the choices
to add an additional three. Finally, there are boxes to give feedback for correct and incorrect answers. For
the correct answer set the “grade” to 100%. Alternatively, you can set various weights for questions that
have more than one answer.
6. Once you have created all of your questions, you can select the questions you want included in the
   quiz by selecting them and clicking “add to quiz.”

7. Then you can adjust the order of the questions using the up and down arrows. Finally, preview your
   quiz by clicking on the “Preview” tab.

8. Once students have taken the quiz you can check their results. On your page click on the quiz and it
   will tell you how many students have completed the quiz.
9. Click on the highlight text to see the results… you can even download the grades into an Excel

10. By clicking on the student’s grade, you can track how long each question took (as students save after
    every question), you can manually override a grade or manually enter a comment.

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