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									Reconfiguration of
        Sharecropping was a common
         arrangement during Reconstruction and
         involves a land-owner and a plantation, or
         agricultural worker sharing profits in
         exchange for labor.
         Typically this meant the land-owner was
         to provide housing, food, and tools in
         exchange for the worker's services.
        In practice, however, rich land-owners
         often exploited their workers, providing
         poor housing, forcing extremely long
         work days, and offering few crops in
         exchange for labor.
        As a result, the workers tended to become
         quite indebted to the land-owners,
         entering into what was more of
         indentured servitude than a mutually
         beneficial work agreement.
Sharecropping and African
              While surely unfair for workers,
               the sharecropping system was
               particularly damaging for
               African Americans.
              Southern plantation owners
               found their returns not nearly as
               profitable as pre-Civil War
               times and the general consensus
               was that the African American
               freedom was largely to blame.
              Since African Americans were
               no longer forced to work, it was
               more difficult for the land-
               owners to secure employment.
             Farmer's Alliance
                                    Sharecropping and the
                                     crop lien credit system
                                     had profound
                                     implications for Southern
                                    In response to the high
                                     costs and low returns of
                                     farming in the South after
                                     the Civil War, Farmer's
                                     Alliances were created,
                                     particularly in Texas.
This Alliance attempted to offset the changes to farming
practices and costs by lowering costs and sharing farming ideas
in a way that would benefit all farmers.
        Southern Agriculture and the
   The expansion of the railroad did much for the expansion of
    Southern agriculture, particularly the cotton trade.
   Railroads provided the South with the means to distribute their
    crops to the North in large quantities which, in turn, raised the
    demand for the crops they were producing.
   Southern agriculture increased and expanded.
   The following chart displays the amounts of crops being
    transported to the North from Southern states.
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