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									                                                                                                                                          Master of Arts
Prof. Roberta D’Alessandro                                                      More Information

                                                                                For more information on the master’s
                                                                                                                                          Italian Language and Culture
“Even today                                                                     programme and the specialisations, courses,
nobody is born                                                                  structure, admission requirements, applica-
as a native speaker                                                             tion procedures and tuition fees, please
of Standard                                                                     check our website:
                                                                                Programme Co-ordinator
                                                                                Drs. E.M.T. Poolman
                                                                                + 31 (0)71 527 21 85

“My field of specialisation as a researcher is dialectology and formal          Student Information Centre (Dutch students)
linguistics, and in Leiden I will be heading a research group focusing          Kaiserstraat 25
on Italian dialects and linguistic variation. The Italian linguistic sce-       PO Box 439
nario is extremely rich. This is partly because of the central location         2300 AK Leiden
of Italy within the Mediterranean and partly because of the late Ital-          The Netherlands
ian linguistic unification. In fact, Italian only became the official           + 31 (0)71 527 80 11
language at a relatively late stage with respect to other European    
official languages. As a result, linguistic fragmentation in Italy is the
most significant among European countries, and even today nobody                Admissions Office (international students)
is born as a native speaker of Standard Italian. We are all speakers of a       PO Box 9500
regional variety of Italian that can show different degrees of similar-         2300 RA Leiden
ity with the local dialect (which is, like all dialects, a sister language      The Netherlands
of Italian, not derived from it). Dialects, that encode our culture and         + 31 (0)71 527 72 87
tradition, are fast disappearing, particularly under the influence of 
television. Note that dialects are generally not written and that the
last-remaining speakers are dying because of old age. Therefore, if we
don’t document these dialects immediately, they will soon disappear,
                                                                                Although this brochure has been compiled with the
and with them a piece of European culture. Observe furthermore
                                                                                utmost care, Leiden University accepts no liability for
that, as I said, these dialects are sister languages of Italian, and they       any consequences arising from errors contained therein.
derive directly from Latin. Hence, they are fully-fledged Romance
languages, and constitute a vast set of additional data that offer an
important testing ground for linguistic theories on Romance.                                                                              Faculty of Humanities
I have studied and worked in many different countries, such as Finland,
Germany, Canada, the U.S.A. and England. Leiden is a very good
university for a linguist because there are linguists here working on
many languages and with different approaches, which I find both
stimulating and enriching. The University Library also has a truly
impressive collection of works.”

                                                                                                                        Leiden University. The university to discover.
                                                               4 Reasons to Choose Italian Language
Italian Language and Culture                                   and Culture in Leiden                                                         Career Prospects

                   Degree MA in Italian Language and                                                                                         Graduates find work with publishers of books and periodicals
                          Culture                                                                                                            (in management or as literary translator), translation companies,
                                                                                                                                             commercial language institutes, the diplomatic service, Italian
       Type of Programme Full-time                                                                                                           companies in their own countries, the tourism industry, adult
                                                                                                                                             education, ministries (for example as policy adviser or public
                 Duration 1 year
                                                                                                                                             relations officer), newspapers, banking and consultancy. Some
                Start Date September, February                                                                                               of them find work at a university. A growing number of graduates
                                                                                                                                             go to Italy to work, mostly in the commercial sector.
                 Language Italian

       Entry Requirements BA degree (or equivalent) in Ital-
                          ian Language and Culture from        1 The programme is offered in           3 Students have access to a
                          Leiden University, the University      collaboration with the Univer-          unique and very wide-ranging        Specialisations
                          of Amsterdam or the University         sity of Amsterdam and the               collection in the University
                          of Utrecht. Thorough proficiency       University of Utrecht. This             Library. The library holds a
                          in Italian: CEFR; listening: C1;       regional co-operation has led           large collection of books, peri-    Italian Linguistics
                          reading: C1; oral interaction: B2;     to the universities being able          odicals and other material          Within the linguistics specialisation, special attention is devoted to
                          oral production: B2; writing: B2.      to offer a wide range of com-           such as early printed editions      theoretical and applied linguistics, to the study of language use, and
                          For detailed entry requirements        plementary courses. Students            and manuscripts, and provides       to aspects such as language change and argumentation structures.
                          see             are required to take courses at         excellent access to electronic
                                                                 Leiden University and at the            media.
                Admission Graduates with a bachelor’s            universities in Utrecht or                                                  Italian Literature
                          degree that is not in Italian          Amsterdam.                            4 The department is located close     In addition to comparative literary studies, the literature track is
                          Language and Culture from                                                      to the University Library and at    directed particularly at the study of Italian literature from the Middle
                          Leiden University need to apply      2 The programme is character-             a short distance from other         Ages up to the present day. The literary products are studied to the
                          for admission. Students with           ised by a high degree of per-           important university facilities.    greatest possible extent in the cultural context in which they came
                          Dutch nationality and a Dutch          sonal contact with teachers             Additionally, it is just a few      into being.
                          bachelor’s degree can file their       and fellow students. The                minutes walk from the railway
                          application form at the Student        department is relatively small,         station. Trains leave for Utrecht
                                                                                                                                             Italian Literature and Linguistics
                          Information Centre. Interna-           which allows for frequent and           and Amsterdam at least once
                          tional students and/or students        inspirational contacts between          every half hour, providing a        Students interested in both literature and linguistics may opt for the
                          with an international diploma          students and researchers work-          good connection between the         combined track and choose courses from both tracks.
                          should contact the Admissions          ing in fields of expertise closely      collaborating universities.
                          Office. Application forms can          related to the students’ interests.
                          be obtained from                       Teaching is in small groups.
                          International students can
                          apply on-line.

                   master of arts                                                                                                         master of arts
                                                                                                                                                                    master of philosophy

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