Behavior Incident Report (BIR) Database Shell Directions

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					Behavior Incident Report (BIR) Database Shell Directions 8/3/06 Tips for setting up BIR database: 1. Re-save the original BIR shell under a new name so that you always have the “blank shell” for future use. 2. Click on the BIR icon to open and when the security pop-up box comes up, click yes. 3. Then click “open” 4. To set up database by program site, first go to “participants names menu” 5. Then go to “add staff names to drop down menu” 6. Type in names (Note: you will want to make sure that when staff completes the BIR forms that they use the same name each time. For instance, if they decide as a program to use the last name, then that is how you should set up the database.) 7. If you ever need to “edit staff names” remember that edits may also be needed on the previously completed BIR reports. Tips for entering, viewing, or editing data into BIR database: 1. Click on “behavior incident report” to enter data, edit data, view data, or filter data by child or teacher. 2. If you want to keep data anonymous, the program designee needs to create child ID numbers for each child in the program 3. Then you will input data into each blank, but see notes below: a. Child’s code – input only the ID number b. Date – put zeros in front of single digit months and days and 4 digits for the year c. Referring Staff – you will get a drop down menu when you hit the arrow down. If you do not see the name you are looking for in the drop down then you will need to enter the name in the “participants names menu”. d. Time of Occurrence – put zeros in front of single digit hours and then type AM or PM (will automatically capitalized). e. For Problem Behavior, Location of Incident, and Activity - use the drop down menu and click on the appropriate entry. f. Others involved – check off ALL marked items by clicking on the box g. Possible Motivation – use drop down and click on box h. Strategy/Consequence – click on ALL that apply i. Comments – type in comments j. ENTER REPORT NUMBER IN RED ON TOP RIGHT CORNER OF THE HARD COPY OF THE FORM SO THAT YOU CAN TRACK ENTRY IN THE FUTURE. This is important if you ever need to make future edits or to check for entry errors. k. Click on bottom “x” to close out (will automatically save entry) and then you will be back at the menu and you can start over to entry the next BIR. 4. To edit a BIR record, click on “behavior incident report” and then click on “edit BIR”. Enter desired “report number” that you recorded on the hard copy of the BIR form. Graphs Graphs can be displayed by month, location, behavior type, activity, staff, consequences, child, and/or motivator.