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Language and Culture in Sync Teaching the Pragmatics of by pop14118


									Language and Culture in Sync:
Teaching the Pragmatics of a Second Language
July 26–30, 2010

A truly daunting challenge for second language learners is to
adjust their language use so it is appropriate for a variety of
socio-cultural contexts. How, for example, are learners supposed
to address strangers, close friends, or people of higher social
status in that culture? While acquiring culturally appropriate
discourse practices can take learners many years, research
has shown that the process can be facilitated through explicit

This institute provides practical insights for teachers on how
to enhance the learning of pragmatics. Participants will have
                                                                                                        Noriko Ishihara
hands-on opportunities to develop activities and materials for
the classroom.

                                                                      During this institute, you will:
      Program Schedule (9 a.m.–4 p.m.)
  Day 1     • Terms and Definitions                                   y     Review and discuss socio-cultural
            • Teachers’ Beliefs about the Learning                          aspects of the learning, use, and
              and Teaching of Pragmatics                                    teaching of a second language;
            • Recording and Studying Pragmatic
              Use of Language                                         y     Examine learners’ pragmatic use and
            • Bridging Research and Pedagogy:                               potential causes of pragmatic failure;
              The Structure of Speech Acts
  Day 2     • Learners’ Pragmatic Use of                              y     Become familiar with current
              Language                                                      approaches to teaching pragmatics;
            • Second Language Acquisition Theories
              and Instructional Pragmatics                            y     Develop a pragmatics-focused lesson
            • Modeling the Teaching of                                      plan by incorporating research-based
              Pragmatics	                          	                        information; and
  Day 3     • Classroom Assessment of Pragmatics
            • Exploring Instructional Resources                       y     Gain a deeper awareness of your own
            • Students’ Strategies for Learning
                                                                            instructional practice with regard to
              and Performing Speech Acts
  Day 4     • Developing Lesson Plans
                                                                            the teaching of pragmatics.
            • Textbook Analysis and Adaptation
            • Incorporating Technology into the
              Teaching of Pragmatics                                   “This institute provides an excellent
  Day 5     • Lesson Plan Presentations
                                                                       opportunity to improve your language
            • Goal-Setting for the Future
                                                                       teaching (no matter what level) and
                                                                       meet and discuss important issues
                                                                       with like-minded colleagues.”
                                                                                           –Pragmatics Institute Participant

Noriko Ishihara, Ph.D., is an assistant professor of English as a Foreign Language at Hosei University, Japan. She has
designed and researched pragmatics-focused instruction and classroom-based assessment in ESL, EFL, and Japanese.
She has recently written about instructional pragmatics in TESOL Quarterly and Language Awareness, and co-
authored a teachers’ guide with Andrew D. Cohen, Teaching and Learning Pragmatics: Where Language and
Culture Meet, to be published in 2010 by Pearson/Longman.

     This institute is designed for K-16 ESL and foreign language teachers, material developers, curriculum coordinators, teacher
     educators, administrators, and researchers.

                                                                                                     Summer Institutes p. 11

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