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					Mergers & Acquisitions
Growth is essential to the well-being of a company. It allows companies to compete for the best
managerial talent by offering speedy promotions, extensive responsibilities and an improved
career path in general. Without leading executives, a company is likely to struggle.

Mergers and acquisitions are one strategy for achieving growth. This tutorial provides a broad
overview of mergers and acquisitions looks at what’s involved in the merger, and examines the
potential motives for engaging in a merger.

On completion of this tutorial you will be able to:
       Define the different types of merger and describe the tactics that can be adopted to
        prevent them if necessary
       List the stages involved in the merger process
       Understand the benefits and drawbacks of combining businesses

Programme Content
Mergers & Acquisitions

Target Audience
Financial non-specialists who require a solid grounding in finance to complement their managerial

Corporate Finance – An Introduction

Estimated Completion Time

Programme Level               Introductory
Advanced Preparation          None required
Delivery Method               Self-study
Field of Study                Specialised Knowledge and Applications