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									Summative                 Canadian & World Issues Scrapbook Assignment


       Due to the development of technology and worldwide communication networks, we have access
       to information about political, environmental, economic and social events that influence Canadian
       and World Issues. This "Canadian and World Issues Scrapbook Assignment” will help you
       develop your research, observation and reporting skills. The analysis portion of this project will
       develop your critiquing and communication skills. You will also discover that the media will only
       focus on a specific event or issue for a period of time due to the short attention span of the
       general media consumers and advertisers. For issues that are ongoing such as famine, AIDS,
       child soldiers, deforestation, ozone layer depletion, global warming and water pollution you may
       have to research Internet web sites to find current data if newspapers don't mention these issues.

       This assignment consists of these 2 tasks: (1) Issues Scrapbook and (2) Issues Presentation.
       The assignment and related documents are available online (www.mcigeo.com).

Task #1: Issues Scrapbook (50%)

   1. Every day for the month of April, scan newspapers, magazines, journals, news databases and
       web sites for Canadian and World Issues, events, discoveries, disasters or problems.
   2. Collect ten (10) articles (2 for Canadian Issues and 8 World Issues) and mount each of them onto
       a separate page. You may cut the article into strips so that the text and photo fit on the page(s).
       You may also use two (2) television news reports or documentaries. Make jot notes about the
       program, including the date, channel, program name and television network in your summary.
   3. For each issue, use the Issues Summary Template to record the Title, Source and Date of each
       article. Also, include a Summary of the article/issue and propose a feasible Solution to the issue.
   4. Purchase or create a scrapbook or duotang folder with at least 20 pages. Create a title page that
       reads "Canadian and World Issues Scrapbook" and includes your name plus your teacher's
   5. Due Date: Monday May 3, 2010 (or before but not later).

Task #2: Issues Presentation (50%)

   1. Prepare a short presentation (10-15 minutes) on one issue from your scrapbook and approved by
       your teacher. Each student will present a different issue to the class.
   2. Start Date: Wednesday May 5, 2010. Presentation date to be arranged with teacher.
Media Sources:

      A number of media sources are provided to help you with your research. You can access the
      hyperlinked sources from the www.mcigeo.com web site.


      Canada          Macleans Magazine
      United States   National Geographic


      Africa        Independent News from South Africa
                    The Post from Zambia Africa
                    Somalia News
                    Find newspapers for other countries in this region here.
      Asia          Afghanistan Newspapers
                    India Newspapers
                    Find newspapers for other countries in this region here.
      Australia         All of Australia's Newspapers
                    Post Newspaper from Perth
                    The Sydney Morning Herald
      Canada            All of Canada's Newspapers
                    The Globe and Mail from Toronto
                    The National Post from Toronto, Ontario
                    Nunatsiaq News from Iqaluit, Nunavut
                    Ottawa Citizen from Ottawa, Ontario
                    The Toronto Star from Toronto, Ontario
                    The Vancouver Sun from Vancouver, British Columbia
      Caribbean     Jamaica Observer
                    Daily Gleaner from Jamaica
                    Find newspapers for other countries in this region here.
      Europe        England Newspapers
                    Norway Newspapers
                    Russia Newspapers
                    Scotland Newspapers
                    Turkey Newspapers
                    Ukraine Newspapers
                    Find newspapers for other countries in this region here.
      Japan             All of Japan's Newspapers
                    Asahi Newspaper from Tokyo, Japan
      South America Brazil Newspapers
                    Chile Newspapers
                    Venezuela Newspapers
                    Find newspapers for other countries in this region here.
      South Pacific Fiji Live
                    Find newspapers for other countries in this region here.
      Middle East   Egypt Newspapers
                    Israel Newspapers
                    Palestine Newspapers
                    Saudi Arabia Newspapers
                    Find newspapers for other countries in this region here.
      United States     All of United States' Newspapers
                    The Dallas Observer
                      The Los Angeles Times
                      The New York Times
                      The Seattle Times
                      The Tampa Tribune

Environment News Internet Portals

                      CNN: Cable News Network
                      Deforestation Causes
                      Deforestation in the Brazilian Rainforest
                      Ecology News
                      Environment Canada Green Lane
                      Federation of Ontario Naturalists
                      FEMA: Emergency Management News for the United States
                      FEMA: Flood Watch for the United States
                      Hurricane News
                      International Hurricane Center in Florida
                      Nature Conservancy International
                      Nature Conservancy of Canada
                      Nature News
                      Nuclear Waste
                      Polar Ice Cap News
                      Renewable Energy
                      Sierra Club
                      Volcanoes of Canada
                      Volcanoes in Alaska
                      Volcanoes this Week
                      Volcano Watch from the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory
                      Volcano Watch Satellite Images
                      Weather Around the World
                      Weather Channel
                      Weather in Great Britain
                      World Wildlife Fund
              Issues Summary Template



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