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NEWSLETTER                          Issue 3, May 2009
Current situation                               By 2009, full stability had not yet returned
                                                to Nepal despite the signing of a
                                                                                               mortality rates, poverty reduction,
                                                                                               immunization, sanitation and access to
in Nepal                                        Comprehensive Peace Accord in 2006.
                                                The ten years of conflict worsened the
                                                                                               safe drinking water.

                                                situation for many vulnerable people –         Nepal’s population is 27,641,000 with
                                                child labor and trafficking increased.         over half of the population under the age
                                                Many of the social disparities among           of 18. Life expectancy has increased to
                                                castes and ethnicities that helped spark       age 63. 31% of Nepal’s population is
                                                the conflict remain today and women            below the poverty line and approximately
                                                continue to face discrimination and            7.5 million live in absolute poverty.
                                                chronic economic insecurity.                   (UNICEF 2004) Nepal rates 136 out of
                                                                                               177 countries in the Human
                                                In spite of the persistence of low quality     Development Index. (2005) Nepal has
                                                services, many indicators are now              more than 100 ethnic caste groups and
                                                beginning to improve, notably in child         92 languages spoken as mother tongue.

Itahari Hospital Project
Children’s Medical Aid Foundation has           3. Kirtipur Hospital, a 15 bed outreach
partnered with Phect-NEPAL to improve              hospital opened in 2006 specializing
the availability and quality of health care        in maternity service with an Out
for women, children and trauma victims             Patient Department and 24 hour
in Eastern Nepal. We are building a 50             emergency services.
bed hospital in Itahari to serve the needs
of the community and neighboring                In 2004 Children’s Medical Aid
districts. The hospital is in close proximity   Foundation (CMAF) gained its 501 c (3)
to the main East-West highway intersection      status to support the Model Hospital’s
to better serve automobile accident victims     Plastic Surgery Department and its
and trauma patients wit h immediate             outreach program. Each year, CMAF
care and transfer to a higher level medical     sponsors over 100 corrective surgeries
center when indicated.                          for children with congenital defects. Our
                                                association with Phect Nepal has been
Phect-NEPAL is a secular, non-political,        very rewarding and now we wish to do
not-for-profit, national level non-             more.
governmental organisation (NGO)
committed to health development that now        This hospital project aims to strengthen
operates 3 hospitals in Nepal. They will        quality services at the family and
staff, operate and maintain the Itahari         community level by providing the
Hospital as an independent facility with        following services:
Kathmandu Model Hospital performing as
its tertiary, referral center. The following       Reconstructive surgery for children
hospitals are managed by Phect-NEPAL:              with congenital defects such as cleft
1. Kathmandu Model Hospital, a 125                 Surgical repair of post burn
   bed hospital with secondary and                 contractures
   tertiary specialized services.                  Out Patient Department
2. Gauri Shankar General Hospital, a               OB/ GYN Services
   15 bed outreach hospital in Dolakha             Emergency Room/ Trauma Center
   providing Comprehensive Obstetric               for traffic accident victims
   Emergency Care.                                 Pediatric Services

                   Children’s Medical Aid Foundation
                   Post Office Box 301
                   Sonoma, California 95476
Kancha Tamang                                  Nanimaya Gautam
This intelligent man traveled 65 km to                                                      4 years old, Kotisur Border town
take his Masters Degree examination in
                                               Nanimaya and her father where                Nanimaya’s ordeal resulted in the
Kathmandu. Kancha taught English to
villagers and was involved with social         deserted by her mother when she              little girl being in a coma for 24 hours
work activities for the purpose of helping     was only 2 years old. Her devoted            followed by 14 days of care and
others while bettering himself.                father owns a tea stand in Kakarvitta,       supervision in the hospital. Now that
                                               which provides a living for them.            some time has passed and she has
He traveled to Kathmandu to take a test        Nanimaya is now 4 years old. One             recovered from the ordeal,
for his Masters Degree in English. He          day while playing with friends in front      Nanimaya will be taken to Kathmandu
was found on the street in Kathmandu           of the tea shop, two men passing             Model Hospital for repair of her lip
lying delirious, combative, and confused       through town, joined Nanimaya and            under the CMAF program. This
without identification. During this time his   her friends at play. A little while later,   procedure and all expenses relating
family was unable to locate him. A             Shiva, her father noticed Nanimaya           to transportation, lodging and hospital
nephew had visited several hospitals in        was missing. He found that she had           care will be covered by Children’s
search of his uncle before visiting the        been abducted and taken into a               Medical Aid Foundation. We have
ward where Kancha was found. He was            parked bus where she was brutally            been emotionally touched by this
in an unrecognizable condition due to          raped by one of the two men. Her             devoted father and his beautiful,
his overgrown beard and long hair,             bottom lip was bitten off by the rapist      funny and silly little girl and wish her
extreme weight loss of weight. After 6         during the episode.                          a happy and full life in the future.
weeks of bed rest he had developed
severe pressure ulcers. He was identified
purely by a mole on the back of his neck.
At that time Kancha was transferred to
Kathmandu Model Hospital, diagnosed
and treated for Tuberculin Meningitis,
malnourishment and pressure ulcers.

Being a beloved key person in his village,
each donated to help with the cost of his
care. The Red Cross Society donated Rp
60,000 and CMAF covered the cost of
his dicubitus ulcer care and treatment.
                                               Follow up pictures will be posted on our website.
Kancha is now happy to be back in his
village enjoying life.

    Chandrawati Chaudhary                                  Chandrawati is a 22 year old woman from Western Nepal. She had
                                                           been living with an open hole on the left side of her nose resulting
    22 year old woman                                      from a disease called Noma for many years. Noma is a disease that
                                                                                    usually affects children under the age of
                                                                                    12. Risk factors include severe protein
                                                                                    malnutrition and unsanitary conditions. The
                                                                                    World Health Organization estimates that
                                                                                    100,000 new cases are reported each
                                                                                    year with over half surviving with mutilating
                                                                                    defects of the face. The progression of the
                                                                                    disease can be halted with the use of
                                                                                    antibiotics and improved nutrition; however,
                                                                                    its physical effects are permanent and may
                                                                                    require reconstructive plastic surgery to
                                                                                    repair. In Chandrawati’s case her defect
                                                                                    was easily repaired under our program and
                                                                                    she will no longer have to live with her
                                                                                    noticeable deformity.
Bihani Sitaula                                                                                               despite their history, caste,
                                                                                                             religion, political beliefs or
                                                                                                                                                                                   blessed to have been
                                                                                                                                                                                   given the opportunity to
Bihani was combat trained in a Maoist                                                                        reason for injury. There are                                          help Bihani and ensure
Camp to use a rifle and take part in                                                                         many cases similar to                                                 she received medical
combat. She fought in 5 battles and killed                                                                   Bihani’s in Nepal, many of                                            care      that     was
others in the line of duty. During one of                                                                    which have gone untreated                                             appropriate for her
these battles, Bihani was injured with a                                                                     and left patients disabled                                            needs and without
gunshot wound to her leg. While she                                                                          and isolated. We feel                                                 persecution.
was unable to stand up, she fired her
gun and it exploded in her hand, injuring
the thumb of her right hand. She came
to Kathmandu Model Hospital for help
                                                                                                               Alisha Thapa                                Alisha is from a mountain village where
                                                                                                                                                           hospitals with the ability to correct her
                                                                                                               10 year old girl                            disfigurement do not exist. To receive the
when it became infected. She was
                                                                                                                                                                           benefit of plastic surgery, it
attended to by Dr. Kiran Nakarmi, a
                                                                                                                                                                           was necessary to travel to
Plastic Surgeon, specializing in hand
surgery and director of the Interplast                                                                                                                                     Kathmandu, a major city in
Surgical Outreach Program within Phect                                                                                                                                     Nepal. With corrective
NEPAL. Kiran is the only Hand Surgeon                                                                                                                                      surgery, she will gain more
in Nepal, a role which keeps him very                                                                                                                                      confidence, develop a
busy, with patients like Bihani.                                                                                                                                           sense of well being and be
                                                                                                                                                                           liberated from shame and
Patients like Bihani remind us of the                                                                                                                                      embarrassment.
importance of ensuring all patients                                                                            Follow up pictures will be posted on our website.
receive equal access to healthcare,

 Katmandu                                                                                                                                             Donation
                                                                                 12 & 13, 2009
                                                                                 11am to 5pm

 Fall Festival
                                                                                 Depot Park
                                                                                 in Sonoma
                                                                                 270 First St. West
                                                                                                               Just $200 will cover the cost of screening, transportation, housing and food.
 Nepalese Photo Exhibition
 and Documentary
 film showing
                                   Showcasing traditional food,
                                   music & dance of Nepal,
                                   Tibet and India
                                                                       Stroll through a marketplace
                                                                       with carpets, antiques, clothing
                                                                       and imported items
                                                                                                               This same $200 covers the cost of post operative care and therapy as well. You
                                                                                                               can change a child’s life. Please make this happen.

 $10         donation at
                                                                                                                Make your donation on line at:
                                                                                                                or fill out this form, write a check & mail to address below.
                                                                                                                If you have questions please contact:

                                                                                                                Donor              $500                     Children’s Medical Aid Foundation
                                                                                                                Patron             $1,000                           Post Office Box 301
                                                                                                                Other              .....................         Sonoma, California 95476
                                                                                                                Membership                                              707-938-1807
                                                                                                                Family         $75
       GRAND Raffle Tickets
                                                                                                                                                             Children’s Medical Aid is a 501(c) (3)
     $20 or 3/$50             (only 400 will be sold)
                                                                                                                Individual     $50
     1. One week in Kathmandu from “Himalayan High Treks"
     2. Sherpa Trek at Hanzel Vineyards
                                                                                                                Student/Senior $25
                                                                                                                                                               All donations are tax deductible.
     3. Sonoma Weekend Package
     4. Deluxe Spa Package

  all proceeds go to Children Medical Aid Foundation, a 501 c(3) organisation

 For more information Call: 707-938-1807 E-mail: Visit:

This event features exotic Nepalese food,                                                                       Address:
2 days of cultural performances, music,
arts, imported crafts, antiques and goods                                                                       Phone:
from Tibet, India and Nepal. Enjoy a                                                                            E-mail:
unique experience of, mingling, eating
and shopping while waves of music add
                                                                                                                In January of 2006 our 501(cO(3) status was granted and the project was
to the warm and welcoming ambiance                                                                              registered with Nepali government. CMAF has no paid employees and operates
of Nepal, one of the world’s great                                                                              with a volunteer staff. Funds are generated through private donations, fundraising
cultures. All proceeds benefit the                                                                              events and grants.
Children’s Medical Aid Foundation.