HSE HR Circular No. 01B2008 - Health Service Executive - Request to by ebj19239


									  Health Service Executive - Request to Hire Form B – Replacement Posts – Revised January 2008
  This form is to be competed in all cases where the post to be filled is a replacement of an approved and funded post, other than posts in corporate and
               population health, posts affected by the transformation process and senior level posts prescribed for in HSE Circular 06/2007.
    Note: Please note the recruitment/filling process CANNOT be commenced until this form is duly authorised and forwarded to the appropriate
     recruitment function by Area HR. Please complete form in Block Capitals/Tick or complete appropriate boxes/ * delete as appropriate

HSE Area                                          Dublin North East//Dublin Mid Leinster //South //West *


Service Function:-
                                     Primary, Community and Continuing Care                            National Hospitals Office

Title of Post                                                                                         Cost Centre

Purpose of Post

                                                      Details of Vacant Post to be filled

Grade Code                                                          Position Number

Grade Description _____________________________________________ Salary Scale: ____________ to                                          ___________
Please confirm that the post has been reviewed by the appropriate service/line manager and by Finance/HR at local level and
it is deemed necessary for it to be filled to provide approved levels of service: Yes/No*

Signed Line Manager: _________________________________ Title: _________________________
Print Name          (                                )
Target date for it to be filled: __________________________ Source of funding ______________________________
Impact of filling - Whole Time Equivalent (WTE) Value: ___ + / neutral* Service/Business case: Attached/Not attached*
Current Employment Ceiling: _____________                   Last reported Census Figure: ________________ Date ______________

Contract Type
                          Permanent         Non Permanent – Fixed Term                       Fixed Purpose              Locum            Others
                          Others – explain:
Details of post
being replaced            Location: _________________ Cost Centre: _____________ Grade Code:
(Position Number
and Grade Code            Position Number                                                               Date Last Filled:      ______________
should be same as
above). If not,           WTE Value:       ______ Name of person last in post: _______________________________________
please explain.
                          Post is a replacement like-for-like Yes/No* If No, provide additional details re impact on pay budget.

Signed: ________________________________ Title: ______________________________ Date: __________________
Print name (                          )
Requesting Service Manager/Line Manager

Signed: ________________________________ Title: ______________________________ Date: __________________
Print name (                        )
LHM/Hospital Manager/Functional Manager

Signed: ________________________________ Title: ______________________________ Date: __________________
Print Name (                            )
Approved – Assistant National Director/Network Manager
When complete please forward to the Area HR Directorate for Area cross functional review and approval.
                                                 Approval to initiate Recruitment Process: Granted/Not Granted

                                                Signed: ____________________                       Date:       _______

                                               Stamped and dated Area HR Directorate

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