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					                Cheshire CVSs Training Project
          Free, short, participatory training sessions (2-3 hours)
    for staff, trustees and volunteers from voluntary organisations and
                     community groups across Cheshire.
               Training can be tailored for your organisation.
                    Have fun and learn at the same time!

Course Title              Course Content
Be More Assertive         Understanding assertiveness
                          Simple assertiveness techniques
                          Top tips to becoming assertive

Giving Talks To Groups    How to prepare and build your talk
                          Tips for giving talks to groups

Working Together          What motivates us
                          Understanding management styles
                          Working together as a team

Be a Better Listener      Qualities of a good listener
                          Barriers to effective listening
                          Characteristics of good listening
Tips for Trainers         Plan your own training programmes
                          Set aims & objectives
                          Use a variety of training methods, ice–breakers & warm-ups
                          Deal with difficult situations

Making Meetings Work      What makes a good meeting?
                          Understanding roles and responsibilities
                          Dealing with difficult situations
                          How to plan and run an effective meeting
Dealing with Aggression   Understand the different ways in which anger is released
                          Be aware of what is meant by ‘body language’ and its
                          importance in communication
                          Identify the warning signs of impending violent behaviour
                          Understand the three steps of ‘The Control Trilogy’
Course Title              Course Content
Motivating and            Understand what motivates and demotivates people
Retaining Volunteers      Be able to identify the signs of demotivation and consider
                          ways to overcome it
                          Discuss ways to recognise and retain volunteers

Grant Applications that   What makes a good application
Succeed                   Understanding the process
                          Tips for completing successful applications

Brush up on your          Know how to complete successful applications
Interview Skills          Be able to prepare for interview questions
                          Discuss ways to improve your interview skills

Event Makeover            Consider and discuss ways to plan and run a successful

Basic Finance for Small   Be able to prepare simple income and expenditure accounts
Groups                    Understand documentation and cross-referencing

Recruitment and           Implement a systematic and consistent approach to
Selection                 recruitment & selection
                          Have an understanding of what the law requires
                          Conduct effective interviews

Personal Safety           Consider situations in which you or your colleagues’ safety
Workshop                  may be at risk
                          Increase awareness of your own personal safety
                          Discuss ways to improve personal safety in your workplace

Volunteer Recruitment     Evaluate your methods and approaches to volunteer
                          Identify difficulties with recruitment
                          Discuss marketing strategies

Governance Workshop       Understand the role of trustees
                          Discuss the responsibilities of trustees
Course Title              Course Content
Supporting and            Discuss the benefits of support and supervision for both
Supervising Volunteers    the volunteer and the organisation
                          Consider the consequences of inadequate support and
                          Understand what makes a good supervision session
Induction – How           A workshop to consider an effective induction process
important is it?          An opportunity to design an induction checklist

Representing Your         Be able to represent your group effectively in meetings
Group                     Discuss ways to get the views of your group across
                          Consider the cost implications
Managing your Time        Examine work habits and consider ways to improve them
                          Consider the use of planning tools
                          Organise your workload effectively

Team Building             Complete ‘The Survival Game’ individually and as a team
                          Discuss findings
                          Understand what constitutes ‘blocks’ to teamwork
                          Consider effective ways to good team working
Management Committee      Consider the strengths and weaknesses of your
Skills                    management committee
                          Discuss ways to move forward

The Role of the           Understand the reasons why people volunteer
Volunteer                 Consider the qualities needed in a volunteer
                          Discuss rights & responsibilities
Contact Details: Maureen Fleet
                 Congleton District Voluntary Action
                 11 Hope Street
                 CW11 1BA
Telephone: 01270 763100

          This project is part funded by Cheshire County Council
eshire County Council