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					                                                                   STPB 2007(01)
                    Modernising Medical Careers:
                Specialty Training Project Board papers
                           FIRST MEETING
                       MONDAY 29 OCTOBER 2007


Item No    Topic                                                        Paper No

1          Welcome and Introductions                                    -

2          Remit and Relationship to                                    STPB 2007(02)
           the Selection and Recruitment Delivery Board                 STPB 2007(03)

3          Outcome of UK Coordinating Group                             Oral Report

4          Proposals for Recruitment and Selection in Scotland          STPB 2007(04)
           in 2008

5          Competitive Allocation from Core Programmes into             STB 2007(05)
           ST3 (medicine) and ST4 (psychiatry)                          (To Follow)

6          Selection and Recruitment in 2008:                           STPB 2007(06)
           Project Plan and Risk Assessment                             STPB 2007(07)

7          Managing Unplaced Doctors as at 31 October 2007              STPB 2007(08)

8          Any Other Business                                           -

9          Meetings Schedule:                                           -

           Thursday 22 November 2007: 2 to 4.30pm, Conference Room B,
           St Andrew’s House

           Tuesday 11 December 2007: 9 to 11am, Media Suite 2, St
           Andrew’s House

           Monday 28 January 2008: 9 to 11am, Conference Room A, St
           Andrew’s House
                                                                      STPB 2007(02)






1. To establish a Scottish governance for framework developing policy on, and
defining, directing, managing and monitoring the effective implementation of,
selection and recruitment to junior doctors’ postgraduate Speciality Training in
Scotland in 2008, as part of a coordinated UK approach to selection and recruitment.
UK Governance arrangements are shown at Annex A.


2. The Scottish Government Directorate General for Health and Wellbeing,
represented jointly by Dr Harry Burns (Chief Medical Officer) and Paul Martin (Chief
Nursing Officer and Interim Director of Health Workforce) who will sign off jointly all
policy, and key operational decisions relating to the project.

3. Dr Harry Burns, accompanied by others are necessary, will represent the Scottish
Government at the MMC UK Coordinating Group and at related
meetings/discussions between the Scottish Government and the other

4. The customer/sponsor will meet weekly with Malcolm Wright (Chief Executive,
NES) and others as appropriate to review progress.

5. The customer/sponsor will be supported, and advised by 2 Boards:

Speciality Training Programme Board (STPB)


To determine overall policy and objectives for the selection and recruitment to
postgraduate medical Speciality Training in 2008 and beyond, taking into account
wider Scottish policy drivers and the relationship between the implementation of
selection and recruitment in Scotland and the UK; to agree Scotland’s input to UK
governance arrangements and policy development; to approve the project definition,
and project plan for 2008, and any deviations from or modifications to them; to agree
any necessary central financial provision; to give direction to, and make timely
decisions in response to recommendations from, the Selection and Recruitment
Delivery Board; to resolve any conflicts arising from the implementation of the project
that cannot be resolved by the Selection and Recruitment Delivery Board; and to
advise, inform and, where necessary, seek steers from the Cabinet Secretary for
Health and Wellbeing.

To determine policy on any residual matters from selection and recruitment to
postgraduate medical Speciality Training in 2007.

Members      Harry Burns, co-chair
             Paul Martin, co-chair
             Co-chairs of the Selection and Recruitment Delivery Board
             Academy of Royal Medical Colleges
             Representatives of the Scottish Government Health Directorates

Selection and Recruitment Delivery Board (SRDB)


Reporting to the Speciality Training Programme Board (STPB) to:produce a project
definition, project plan and risk register for Speciality Training selection and
recruitment in 2008; to implement Speciality Training selection and recruitment in
2008 in accordance with the agreed project plan; to devise and implement necessary
processes for selection and recruitment, including arrangements for host Boards,
application form design, short listing and interviewing, offers/allocation to
programmes and other HR related matters; to agree, with the Scottish Government,
relevant workforce numbers; to manage overall communications; to manage the
relationship with regional workforce planners, Speciality Boards and Scottish
Deaneries; to liaise with wider stakeholders; and to establish relevant sub-groups.

Members      Malcolm Wright, co-chair
             Georeg Brechin, co-chair (tbc)
             Other members tbc but to include those (from NHS Scotland, NES and
             the Scottish Government) with operational responsibility for delivery of
             selection and recruitment in 2008

It is expected that the Selection and Recruitment Delivery Board will establish sub-
groups on Human Resources and on Communications.
                                                                           ANNEX A


1. There is a continuing need for UK-ownership of the evolving agenda for
   postgraduate medical education, informed by close liaison with key stakeholders.
   There is also a need for each of the UK Health Departments to be responsive to
   their constituencies, with Ministers ultimately responsible for decision-making in
   each country.

2. To accommodate these different pressures, the governance structure shown at
   Appendix 1 is proposed. This shows single country Programme Boards (or
   equivalent) reporting directly to Ministers in each country. Membership of each
   Board will be a single country issue.

3. Programme Boards themselves will be advised by working groups comprising
   key stakeholders to advise on specific issues.

4. To ensure co-ordination of action across the UK, the Programme Boards (or
   equivalents) will link to the MMC UK Co-ordinating Group (MMC UKCG). The
   purpose of the MMC UKCG will be to ensure excellent communication between
   Departments of Health; to identify commonalities; and to recognise and manage
   any proposed divergence in policy or implementation by Programme Boards.
   Each Programme Board (or equivalent) will defer engagement with their
   respective Ministers until the impact of any proposed policy or operational issue
   by them has been considered by the UKCG.


   Deputy CMO England                       Martin Marshall
   CMO N Ireland                            Michael McBride
   CMO Scotland                             Harry Burns
   CMO Wales                                Tony Jewell

   Officials from:-

   DH                                       Liz Bowsher/Andrew Matthewman
   Scotland                                 Alastair Cook/ Roddy Angus
   Wales                                    Howard Young
   N Ireland                                Paddy Woods

   To be confirmed:

   Royal Colleges
                                                        Appendix 1

               MMC – UK GOVERNANCE

 Ministers     Ministers       Ministers    Ministers

 England       N Ireland     Scotland        Wales
Programme     Programme     Programme      Programme
   Board         Board         Board          Board

                     Working Groups

                                                                                                                                              STPB 2007(02)

                                               (MMC Scotland: Postgraduate Medical Education
                                                Roles, Responsibilities and Key Functions
                                                              for 2007/2008 in:
                           Workforce Planning, Selection and Recruitment, Managing Delivery and Communication

                Scottish                                                                   NHS
                                          NHS Education for Scotland                                         Royal                          Universities       Timeline
               Government                                                                Scotland                          BMA
             • Specialty          • NES Board                                          • MSG               • Academy of                    • Board for
               Training                                                                                      Medical                         Academic
Governance     Programme          • Medical Department Executive Team (MDET)           • SAMD                Royal                           Medicine
                                                                                                             Colleges in
               Board (STPB)
               “Scotland                                                               • Regional WF
                                                                                                             Scotland                      • Scottish
                                                                                         Planning                                            Clinical
                                                                                         Groups                                              Research
               Board”                                                                                                                        Excellence
                                                                                       • Working with
             • Selection &                                                                                                                   (SCREDS)
                                                                                         SDRB HR
               Recruitment                         Specialty and                         sub-group
               Delivery Board        Central        Foundation          Deaneries
               (SRDB) with 2                          Boards
               o HR
               o Communicat
             • Sets overall       • Advises       Recommend:          • Advise         • Advise Scottish   • Advise        • Advise        • Advise Scottish
               numbers across       Scottish      • provision &         Specialty        Government &        Scottish        Scottish        Government &
               Scotland for         Government      structure of        Boards           Specialty           Government      Government      Specialty
               Foundation           Selection &     training          • Develop          Boards              & Specialty     & Specialty     Boards
Workforce                                           programmes          arrangements   • Determines          Boards          Boards
               Training and for     Recruitment                                                                                                                By DEC 1
planning                                          • Nos of training     with local       service-funded
               each specialty       Delivery                            Regional WF      training posts
                                    Board           their               Planning         with Regional
             • Provides                             distribution        Groups           WF Planning
               direction on the   • Confirms        across                               Groups
                    Scottish                                                                            NHS
                                                   NHS Education for Scotland                                             Royal                          Universities     Timeline
                   Government                                                                         Scotland                          BMA
                   distribution of        Programmes          Scotland and
                   numbers across         and funded          their priority
                   Scotland               placements          (academic &
                                          within each         sub-specialty)
                                                            • Nos of
                                                              vacancies for
                                                              each program
                 • Monitors policy      • Oversees          • Lead support in   • Provide and       • Provide and      • Advise        • Advise         Advise
                   and good               recruitment         delivering the      manage              manage             Specialty       Specialty      • Scottish
                   practice               process             programme for       infrastructure      infrastructure     Boards          Boards           Government
                                                              S&R                 for S&R in          for S&R in                                                          Begin
                                                                                  partnership         partnership                                       • Specialty       Short
                                                            • Advise on           with service        with deaneries                                      Boards          listing
                                                              selection                                                                                                   MID JAN
                                        • Oversees            methodologies                         • Introduce
Selection                                 allocation                                                  “Lead Board”                                                        Interview
and                                       and offers        • Lead                                    arrangements
                                                                                                                                                                          1 FEB – 17
recruitment                                                   provisions for
(S & R)                                                       training                              • Operationalise
                                                              selection                               through:
                                                              panels                                  o 4 HR teams                                                        Make
                                                                                                         to manage                                                        Offers
                                                                                                         S & R1                                                           from
                                                                                                      o Health                                                            26 MARCH
                                                                                                         Boards 2 to
                 • Monitors policy      • Oversees          Advise on:          • Core              • Introduce        • Advise and    • Advise local   • Advise and
                   and good               delivery          • Curriculum          responsibility      “Lead Board”       work with       deaneries        work with and
                   practice               through             assessment &                            arrangements       and through                      through local
Managing                                                      development       • Appoints                               local                            deaneries
                                          MDET                                                                                                                            On-going
delivery                                                                          Training                               deanery
                                                            • Support for         Programme
                                                              academic and        Directors

           4 HR teams each responsible for specific specialty programmes across Scotland working in an association with deaneries.
           Employment contracts issued by Health Boards or lead Health Boards.
               Scottish                                                                         NHS
                                             NHS Education for Scotland                                          Royal                             Universities   Timeline
              Government                                                                      Scotland                         BMA

                                                      • Training

            • Responsible for      • Responsible      • Advise on        • Provide          • Identify         • Provide         • Take part in
              drafting/issuing       for creating       responses to       information to     member of the      person            the Delivery
              Ministerial policy     and                specialty          and answer         recruitment        specification     Board
              statements and         implementing       specific           queries from       team (and a        s as part of      Communic-
                                                        questions from     locally-based      deputy) to         application       ations Group
              responses to           strategic          stakeholders,      consultants        respond to         process
              media and other        communic-          particularly                          queries from                       • Provide
              enquiries to the       ations             from junior                           applicants       • Provide           advice and
              Scottish               strategy           doctors                                                  examples of       information
              Government on        • Manage the                                             • Take part in       potential         to applicants
              MMC in Scotland        Delivery                                                 Delivery Board     career path       via own
                                     Board                                                    Communicatio       within            communica-
Communic-                                                                                     ns Group           specialty         tions
                                     Communic-                                                                                                                    On-going
ation                                                                                                                              mechanism
                                     ations Group

                                   • Responsible
                                     for ensuring
                                     that there is
                                     regular and
                                     flow to a wide
                                     range of
 Scottish                                             NHS
                       NHS Education for Scotland               Royal               Universities   Timeline
Government                                          Scotland                  BMA

             • Responsible
               for ensuring
               that there is a
               rapid and
               in place to
               queries from
                                                                      STPB 2007(04)






1. In light of decisions by programme Board in England that they do not want to have
a national IT system and limits on applications for 2008 Scotland requires a
recruitment and selection process that is stand-alone. There will be a broadly
specified national timetable in England and given the UK wide nature of the
workforce it would make some sense to work to a similar timetable in Scotland.


2. The MMC Scotland website hosted by NES will be the main source of information
on programmes and posts available in Scotland. Potential candidates will be advised
by adverts in national press [DN – BMJ, anywhere else?] to access the MMC
Scotland site and register for regular e-updates that will be issued as changes occur.

3. As programme vacancy numbers are confirmed [DN – can we give a date for
this – sometime in December if at all possible] these will be made available on
the site along with information on how to apply including person specifications,
application forms and guidance on how to complete.


4. Application for Specialty Training 2008 will open on *January 2008. Closing date
for applications will be ** January 2008.

5. Application will be by a structured application form. Forms are currently being
designed by specialty Boards with advice and input from SGHD. The majority of the
form will be generic and will comply with best practice and current employment law.
It will also include specialty specific questions as requested by Specialty Training
Boards. Guidance will require to be issued to candidates indicating how different
questions relate to aspects of the person specification and giving indications of how
those questions will be assessed and contribute to scores.

6. Candidates to Scotland will make a single application for each specialty declaring
which Deaneries they would want to be considered in which order of preference.

7. Candidates will be limited to application to four different specialties within
8. Application forms will be made available on/signposted from the MMC Scotland
website and applicants will be asked to e-mail their applications to NES at a single
address. Applicants will be offered option of sending hard copy of application if e-
mail not available.

9. Applications will be entered onto database NES are currently building and the
information for shortlisting only will be passed to lead deaneries for the specialties.


10. If a decision is taken to implement guidance on assessing UK/EEA applicant
suitability first then only UK/EEA applicants will be assessed for shortlisting initially.

11. Lead Deaneries for each specialty will run a national shortlisting process. This
may differ between specialties due to different requirements and numbers involved.
All shortlisting will be conducted by allocating a score to application form against the
person specification. The methods each specialty will use for shortlisting are to be
confirmed by end of November 2007.

12. Specialties will have to make decisions on numbers to shortlist based on their
understanding of competition ratios for the particular posts they are recruiting. If only
UK/EEA applicants are considered initially this should allow a higher proportion of
eligible applicants to be offered interviews. Specialties should also determine a cut-
off point below which they would not consider candidates for appointment. These two
scores may be quite different depending on competition ratios.


13. These will be determined by each specialty but will comply with PMETB
requirements and also fit with best practice and employment law [DN – do we want
to restate the PMETB requirements].

14. Decisions on interview methods and provisional dates for first interviews to be
determined by end of November 2007. First interviews in specialty to be completed
by 7th March 2008 to allow unfilled posts to be allocated in further interviews.

15. Candidates will be ranked using score from interview/selection process and
score for application form. The relative weighting given to each of these will be
determined by each specialty.


16. Successful candidates will be offered posts and asked to confirm acceptance
within 48 hours. Candidates will be asked to sign a declaration that in accepting the
offered post they agree to withdraw from any other applications they have made for
training posts in other parts of the UK. [DN – can we do this? Also, can we say we
would keep open option for them to improve their regional preference within
Scotland if a space appears?]

17. If there are vacancies in a specialty after offers have been cascaded through all
appointable candidates interviewed in Round 1 a further series of interviews will be
arranged. Any UK/EEA nationals not shortlisted in round 1 but above the cut-off
should be considered next. If there are insufficient such candidates then non
UK/EEA nationals would be shortlisted and considered in round 2.

18. The shortlisting and interviews for round 2 are to be completed by end of April
2008 to allow time for clearing and HR processes to take place for August start.


Risk: No agreement to or further legal challenge against the implementation of
HSMP guidance.

19. Action: the total number of applications may not change very much if this
happens but all applications would have to be included for shortlisting. This could
result in huge amount of extra work for shortlisters at stage 1. We will know by early
November whether this is going to happen or not. If so we will need to allow
additional time for shortlisting and extend the first round of interviews, delaying
offers. If this happens there will be no need for further shortlisting as we enter any
subsequent rounds so second and possibly third tranches of interviews could be
booked earlier to allow the whole process to complete on time.

Risk: Failure of electronic application – website fails or unable to accept e-mail

20. Action: Candidates would be informed and would have to contact lead deanery
for specialty to request copy of application form and return completed form to them.
Closing date might have to be extended to allow for this if happened late in process.

Risk: Volume of applications for shortlisting hugely exceeds posts.

21. Action – this is less likely if HSMP guidance implemented but still possible –
particularly at higher levels in popular specialties where we might be offering posts in
small numbers. Shortlisting would have to take place for all eligible candidates.
Timescale for this may have to be extended in same way as if HSMP guidance not
implemented but we will not have the same notice. We should try and anticipate
specialties likely to have extreme competition ratios and monitor application rates
closely through the application period.
                                                                     STPB 2007(05)




   1. Trainees appointed to ST2 level in Core Medical Training programmes and
      ST3 in core Psychiatry programmes have been given educational contracts
      that run through to CCT but will need to undergo a process of selection into
      specialties for August 2008

   2. It is our intention to appoint some additional candidates at these higher entry
      levels as part of the selection and recruitment process in 2008.

   3. It is therefore proposed that the competitive allocation of current run-through
      trainees into specialty of their choice should run in tandem with the
      appointment of new Specialty registrars at those levels.

Proposed outline of mechanism for allocation

   4. Current trainees in ST2 (CMT) and ST3 (CPT) will be asked to complete
      application forms for the specialties of their choice at ST3/4 level. Their
      number of specialties will be limited in same way as fresh ST 3 / 4 applicants
      and they will rank geographic preferences in same way. The significant
      difference is that they will be guaranteed an interview and an offer at the end
      of the process.

   5. Current trainees will complete the same selection process as new applicants
      and will be scored accordingly.

   6. Option 1 : A matching process will then take place with current run-thorough
      candidates and successful new applicants considered on an equal footing for
      specialty placement.. This mechanism will be dependent on specialties
      agreeing a generic scoring system and interview process that will allow
      transferability within Scotland.

   7. Option 2 : A matching process will then take place for those holding run-
      through NTNs. Any remaining places will then be matched to suitable
      applicants in the specialties with remaining vacancies.

   8. In either case matching will be based on candidate preferences for specialty
      and/or geography in order of their ranking. Candidates will receive their “best
      available” offer. Run-through trainees who reject such an offer would not be
      made a further offer and would lose any right to continuation of their run-
      through contract. Those who accept an offer may be offered an “upgrade” if a
      higher preference post is rejected by another candidate.
  9. Option 1 offers the best opportunities for new joiners to be considered for the
     specialty of their choice but the complexity increases as the number of
     specialties involved rises. Without transferable scores or joint interviewing the
     only realistic option is option 2.

  10. It seems likely that option 1 might be achievable in Psychiatry with a smaller
      number of specialties but with the larger number of specialties in Medicine the
      complexity will be such that option 2 will probably need to be applied.
      Specialty Training Boards should be asked to confirm this.


  11. That the Specialty Training Programme Board agree this outline mechanism
      for competitive allocation to specialties and ask the relevant Specialty Training
      Boards to determine which methodology is most suitable for their specialties.
MMC 2007/2008 Milestones Plan

                                  Selection &
Calendar          Programme       Recruitment   2007/2008 Recruitment & Selection   Workstream Milestones
                  Board           Board         Milestones


Mon 1 – 8
    9 - 14
    15 -21
    22 – 28                                     Policy Querys collated for PB       (Awaiting HR workstream info from
                                                                                    meeting on 23rd)
                                                                                    -Local teams /central team remits
                                                                                    -Applications – forms receipt/handling
                                                                                        • Longlisting
                                                                                        • Shortlisting
                                                                                        • Interviews – Venues /
                                                                                             BookingAppointments / format
                                                                                        • Lay involvement – if reqd
                                                                                        • UK perspective / timesclales
                                                                                        • Terms & conditions
                                                                                        • Links with Health Boards
                                                                                    -Process      for    updating    database
                                                                                    (scores/ranking etc)
                                                                                    -Agree timescales
                                                                                    -Prepare training plan for local/central
                                                                                    -Overall milestone timescales

    29 – Wed 31   Mon 29th - PB
                                Selection &
Calendar        Programme       Recruitment       2007/2008 Recruitment & Selection                       Workstream Milestones
                Board           Board             Milestones


Thurs 1 - 4                                                                                               IT/Process        workstream        –
                                                                                                          Recommendation on Application system
                                                                                                          Process / resource commitment etc for
                                                                                                          S&R next week
Mon 5 – 11                      Thurs 8th – S&R

     12 - 18                                      (tbc)Fri 16th Nov – Final report for Specialty Boards   Specialty Boards
                                                  from Fiona Patterson to go to S&R then PB next          Approve Final Application form layout and
                                                  week :                                                  selection process recommendations from
                                                      • Application layout/                               Fiona Patterson.
                                                      • Selection Process
     19 – 25    Wed 22nd - PB   Mon 19th – S&R                                                            Communications workstream
                                                                                                          Collate/test MMC website updates for Dec
                                                                                                              • Application form layout
                                                                                                              • Timescales
                                                                                                              • Process Info
                                                                                                              • Helplines/mailboxes/contacts etc

                                                                                                          IT/Process workstream
                                                                                                          Agreed    application    form     /process
                                                                                                          developed into system for testing end Nov
                                                                                                          & week 1 Dec
  26 – Fri 30                                                                                             IT/Process
                                                                                                            • Test system
                                  Selection &
Calendar         Programme        Recruitment      2007/2008 Recruitment & Selection                  Workstream Milestones
                 Board            Board            Milestones
                                                                                                       •   Prepare training documentation


Sat 1 - 9                         1 wk < PB(tbc)   Tues 4th Dec (1month before applications open) –   IT/Process
                                                   update MMC website :                                 • Test system
                                                      • Application form layout                         • Prepare training documentation
                                                      • Timescales
                                                      • Process Info
                                                      • Helplines/mailboxes/contacts etc

    10 - 16      Tues 11th - PB                                                                       IT/Process
                                                                                                        • Train relevant teams on application

   17 - 23
   24 – Mon 31
(Xmas & New


Tues 1 - 6                                         Friday 4th January
                                                     • Applications Open (2weeks)
Mon 7 – 13

    14 - 20                                        Friday 18th January
                                                     • Applications Close
                                     Selection &
Calendar             Programme       Recruitment      2007/2008 Recruitment & Selection                  Workstream Milestones
                     Board           Board            Milestones
                                                       •   Longlisting commences (2weeks)
                                     1 wk < PB(tbc)
     21 -27
                     Mon 28th - PB
     28 – Thurs 31


Fri 1 - 3                                             Friday 1st February
                                                          • Longlisting complete.
                                                          • Shortlisting/Interviewing commences( for 7

Mon 4 - 10
   11 - 17
   18 – 24

     25 – Fri 29

MARCH 2008

Sat 1 - 2
Mon 3 - 9
    10 - 16
    17– 23                                            Mon 17th March
                                                          • Interviews complete
(Good Friday 21st/
Easter    Monday                                      Thurs 20th March
24th)                                                     • Applications system fully updated with
                               Selection &
Calendar           Programme   Recruitment   2007/2008 Recruitment & Selection                    Workstream Milestones
                   Board       Board         Milestones
                                                      ranking information
    24 – 30                                  Tues 25th March
                                                 • Prepare allocations to be sent out on Wed
                                             Wed 26 March
                                                 • All allocation offers out – allow 5 days for
                                                      Accept/Reject response
                                             Sun 30th March
                                                 • All offers accepted or rejected

APRIL 2008

Mon 31/3 – 6                                 Mon 31/3 & Tues 1st April
                                                  • Update database with Accept/Rejects
                                             Wed 2nd April
                                                  • Commence re-allocations
      7 - 13                                 Fri 11th April

                                                 •    Complete re-allocations – database
                                                      updated with accepts and rejects.
                                                 • Re-open allocations for 2nd round (2 weeks)
     14 - 20                                 Sun 20th April
                                                • Close 2nd round applications

     21 - 27                                 Mon 21st - May
                                                • Complete allocations and pass info to
                                                    Boards by Fri 27th April
    27 – 28
    29 – Tues 30
                             Selection &
Calendar         Programme   Recruitment   2007/2008 Recruitment & Selection                  Workstream Milestones
                 Board       Board         Milestones
MAY 2008

Wed 1 - 4                                  Throughout May/June/July Boards recruit to posts
Mon 5 - 11
   12 - 18
   19 - 25
   26 – Sat 31
                                             STPB 2007(08)



                                                   STPB 2007 (09)


Dr Harry Burns CMO (Chair)
Neil Douglas (Academy)
Dr Mike Watson (NES)
Jean Allan (NES)
Caroline Lamb (NES)
Brian Cowan (NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde)
Katie MacLaren (SJDC)
Dr Alastair Cook
Ricky Verrall
Jo Gillies
Roddy Angus (Secretariat)

1. Welcome and introductions

1.1 The CMO welcomed everyone to the first meeting of the Speciality Training
Programme Board (STPB). Apologies were noted from Paul Martin (co-chair),
Malcolm Wright (co-chair of the Selection and Recruitment Delivery Board), Peter
Terry (BMA) and Frances Elliot (Brian Cowan was representing SAMD). CMO noted
that a second co-chair for the Selection and Recruitment Delivery Board, who would
automatically have a seat at the Programme Board, had not yet been nominated by
NHSScotland Chief Executives but that it was vital for the Service to be fully engaged
in both Boards.

2. Remit and relationship to the Selection and Recruitment Delivery Board:
Papers STPB 2007(02) and STPB 2007(03)

2.1 The CMO introduced these papers. It was noted that although the current focus
was very much on process and procedures for 2008, the STPB had a wider remit in
considering residual issues from 2007 and future policy direction arising from, for
example, the Tooke Review.

2.2 In response to a suggestion form Neil Douglas, it was agreed that a representative
of the College Junior membership should join the Selection and Recruitment Delivery
Board (SRDB). Brian Cowan said that, subject to views for the NHSScotland Chief
executives’ group, he would be willing to co-chair the SRDB.

Action 1:     The Academy to nominate a junior doctor representative for the
              SRDB to NES.

Action 2:     CMO to speak to Fiona Mackenzie about the co-chair of SRDB.
3. Outcome of UK Coordinating Group (UKCG)

3.1 CMO noted that the UKCG had met on 24 October. As a co-ordinating body, the
UKCG was seeking to maintain alignment on MMC across the 4 administrations and
to agree UK-wide approaches where this was in the collective best interests of the
administrations. However, each administration was now responsible for taking its own
decisions on future delivery of ST training in its respective territory. The key issue for
the UKCG on 24 October had been what offer to make to ST1 and ST2 applicants in
2008 and whether this would involve decoupling.

3.2 In discussion the following points were made:

   •   Alastair Cook reported that England were looking at a mixed economy of run-
       through and decoupled offers. He suggested that in some specialties it would
       be helpful to offer core training that would count towards CCT but would not
       attract an NTN. It was reported that PMETB are content with such a proposal
       but confirmation of this would be required.

   •   Neil Douglas informed members that England were planning to offer 2 year
       programmes but had taken no final decision on de-coupling. Alastair Cook
       asked whether, if we have complete un-coupling, it would be reasonable to
       have a few more core training posts than speciality training posts available
       down the line. CMO asked whether we should carry on as last year and offer
       run through posts. Decoupling was a major step which needed to be fully
       discussed and agreed.

   •   If Scotland were to offer run through contracts and England did not then there
       was a risk that Scotland could be swamped by applicants

   •   It would be necessary to build in some cross recognition of training and
       transferable competencies

   •   Specialties should be able to recognise competencies gained in other

   •   The CMO suggested that if there were changes for 2008 it would be highly
       desirable that there would be no surprises. More discussion was also required
       on transferable competencies.

   •   Further discussion was needed on whether there was a need to expand the
       number of ST posts. The capacity to train expanded numbers should also be a
       factor when setting requirements for ST posts.

   •   there was an issue about whether FTSTA 3 and 4 posts should be converted
       into ST posts which would result in fewer short term contracts. It was
       suggested that creating FTSTA 1 posts and loading the higher levels into ST
       posts would be a step in the direction of Tooke. Concern was expressed that
       FTSTA 1 and core training might replicate the previous “lost tribe” problem
       The effect of de-coupling and 2 year contracts was also discussed. It was
       suggested that there should be a generic FTSTA 1 course but it was decided
       that there was no need for that at this stage.

3.3 It was agreed that the STPB should consider these issues further in due course,
following future discussion at the UKCG. In the meantime discussion should be held
with workforce planners about the potential impacts of de-coupling and expanding the
number of ST posts as FTSTAs are moved out of the system.

Action 3:     Alastair Cook and Jo Gillies to liaise with workforce planners.

4 Proposals for selection and recruitment in Scotland in 2008; (paper STPB

4.1 CMO introduced paper STPB 2007(04) which was broadly agreed subject to the
following comments:

   •   Mike Watson confirmed that the NES website was ready to go and that they
       had a system which would allow individuals to register for updates. Jo Gillies
       indicated that numbers of training places should be available by end
       November. The plan is for the website to open for applications on 4 January

   •   There was a discussion about the photocopying of applications and the
       administrative burdens this placed on selection boards. Similarly there was a
       discussion about what form the receipt for the application should take and
       when it should be issued. It was agreed that this issue was a matter for the

   •   There was a discussion about whether there was a need to restrict the number
       of applications that can be made. It was suggested that this was not much of an
       issue in Scotland with very few applicants applying for 4 specialties, however
       there might be a problem with surgical specialties. It was agreed that no limit
       should be placed on applications but that guidance should be issued pointing
       out that multiple applications could lead to clashes of interview timings and
       that it would be up to individual applicants to decide on which interviews to

   •   The CMO emphasised the importance of the SRDB coming to early decisions
       on short listing criteria and the first interview process. A possible requirement
       for applicants to accept offers within 48 hours was discussed. While it was
       agreed that while such a restriction could not used in the case of English
       offers, acceptance of a Scottish offer would result in the applicant’s name
       being removed from other Scottish interview lists
4.2 There was a discussion about how many recruitment rounds there should be in
2008. In England they were proposing 3 rounds but CMO suggested an alternative of
2 rounds. It was agreed that the option should be given to speciality boards for them
to decide. Jean Allan mentioned that multiple recruitment rounds may cause
problems within HR teams due to the additional workload.

4.3 STPB 2007(04) will be amended as necessary and passed to the SRDB for action,

Action 4:     NES to issue guidance on the possible consequences of multiple

Action 5:     NES to ensure that that SRDB comes to early decisions on short
              listing criteria and the first interview process

Action 6:     NES to advise Speciality Boards that it is for those Boards to
              decide on the number of recruitment rounds in Scotland

Action 7:     STPB 2007(04) to be amended

5. Competitive allocation from core programmes into ST3 (medicine) and ST4
(psychiatry): (Paper STPB 2007(05)

5.1 Alastair Cook introduced the paper. CMO was concerned with option 2 as option
1 seemed to be fairer. Neil Douglas queried how option 1 would work across 29
specialties and Mike Watson questioned whether the STs should take precedence with
the FTSTAs taking the headroom jobs. It was agreed that FTSTAs should go in at the
level their competencies deserved.

5.2 The CMO indicated that, due to the tight spending review settlement, there was
little likelihood of the Government funding more training places and that better use
will have to be made of the posts that are already in existence.

5.3 CMO raised the issue of a UK recruitment system for small specialties e.g. less
that 25 posts and indicate that in order to avoid surprises a decision on handling
needed to be made soon. National recruitment would mean that harmonisation would
be required and therefore the UK Coordination Group would need to make a decision
on who is taking the lead.

5.4 Concerns were raised that the English Programme Board may make decisions on
an England only basis which might have a knock on effect on the other devolved
administrations. Any decisions affecting more than England must be signed off by
the UK Coordination Group.

Action 8:     Board agreed that the process described in STPB 2007(05) should
              be followed as an outline but that each Specialty Board should
              consider the options and come to a view, by the end of November
              2007, on which to follow and how to implement. NES to follow up
              with Speciality Boards.
Action 9:     Alastair Cook to email DH, copied to Wales and Northern Ireland,
              asking that the UK Coordination Group consult before deciding on
              lead deaneries.

Action 10:    CMO to speak to Martin Marshall about decisions taken by
              England but affecting the UK to be signed off by the UKCG.

6. Selection and recruitment in 2008: project plan and risk assessment: (paper
STPB 2007(06) and STPB 2007 (07))

6.1 Jean Allen spoke to papers STPB 2007(06) and (07). Caroline Lamb asked if it
would be possible to add the likelihood and impact of risk to STPB 2007(07).

6.2 The SRDB is due to meet on 8 and 19 November and a revised risk report, which
addresses many of the work in progress/still unknown factors highlighted, will be
available to the next meeting of the STPB on 22 November.

6.3 Jean Allan asked if GPRs would be treated the same as other specialties and what
the timeline would be for their appointment process. Concern was expressed that
some junior doctors had not been offered GP training positions because GP had not
been their first choice speciality.

Action 11:    NES to include likelihood of risk in STPD 2007 (07).

Action 12:    NES to prepare updated project pan and risk assessment for the
              STPB on 22 November.

Action 13:    CMO to speak to Martin Marshall about fairness in GP selection.

7. Managing unplaced doctors as at 31 October 2007: (paper STPB 2007(08))

As the paper constitutes advice to ministers the discussion that followed is
deemed as being not suitable for publication and therefore covered by exemption
under FOI.

8. Any other business

8.1 CMO mentioned that Sir John Tooke was visiting the Department on 19
November. Board members had been invited to meet with him.

9. Date of next meeting

Thursday 22 November 2007: 2.00 pm to 4.30 pm, conference room B St Andrew’s

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