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									            Irish Dance Teachers Association
                   Mid-Atlantic Region
            Fedelmia Davis, ADCRG             Karen Petri, ADCRG               Joan McNiff Cass, ADCRG
               Regional Director                 Treasurer                      Corresponding Secretary

              James Early, ADCRG               Lisa Petri, ADCRG                 Karen Conway, TCRG
              Vice Regional Director           Recording Secretary                Sergeant-At--Arms

                             ADJUDICATION INVITATION for the 2010 OIREACHTAS

It is with great pleasure that the Mid-Atlantic Region extends this invitation to all eligible ADCRG members
worldwide to adjudicate the 2010 Mid-Atlantic Oireachtas. The Oireachtas will be held on November 26, 27, & 28,
2010 at the Downtown Philadelphia Marriott in Philadelphia, PA.

Please carefully read the attached contract adopted by the Mid-Atlantic Region. This contract also includes all
criteria and conditions that have been passed by An Coimisiun. Please take special note of items #27 & 28.
Adjudicators that are selected must not have judged the Mid-Atlantic Oireachtas in either 2007, 2008, or 2009.

Adjudicators who are in compliance with the directives and are interested in putting their name forward for
consideration should complete and submit the following form to be received by mail or email no later than
September 1, 2009. The adjudication panel will be voted on by the Mid-Atlantic membership at its next scheduled
meeting which will be held on September 20, 2009.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Eileen Henry, ADCRG
Mid-Atlantic Oireachtas Co-chair

NAME _________________________________                    EMAIL: _______________________________________

ADDRESS ______________________________                    PHONE: ______________________________________

CITY: __________________________________                  STATE/PROVINCE _____________________________

REGION/ASSOCIATION: __________________                    COUNTRY ____________________________________

I, ____________________________, agree to abide by all the criteria for adjudication at the 2010 Mid-Atlantic
Regional Oireachtas and wish to submit my name for selection. I agree to fully comply with the current An
Coimisiun directive regarding Criteria for Adjudication, and any future directives issued prior to the Oireachtas.

Signed: ____________________________________ Date: ________________________

Return by E-MAIL to:
Return by Mail to: Eileen Henry, ADCRG, 1617 Dogwood Road, Flourtown, PA 19031 USA
If replying by email, please include ALL information requested above. Email MUST be sent from your email
address as listed in the current An Coimisiun Liosta Oifigiuil.
                 Mid Atlantic Regional Oireachtas
                         Philadelphia, PA

1   Adjudicators will be paid a flat fee of $1,000.00, payable in US dollars, for the full weekend
    work. This flat fee will cover any and all overtime that may be encountered during the
    weekend; therefore, overtime pay will not be calculated into the final payment for each
    individual adjudicator. A food subsidy of US $40 per working day will be paid for dinner.
    Breakfast and lunch will be provided by the committee.

2   Every effort will be made to make payment in cash USD, unless a check is requested.

3   All individuals will be required to sign for receipt of remuneration. The MAR will provide the
    requisite paperwork to be completed.

4   The Mid Atlantic Region agrees to cover only the following expenses:
    a) The cost of economy air travel from your departure airport to Philadelphia International
       Airport, Philadelphia, PA.
    b) Hotel accommodations at the Philadelphia Downtown Marriott.
    c) All travel arrangements will be as agreed upon by the MAR. Any variations to same will
       be at your own expense.
    d) Meal allowances for the days of travel – breakfast - $15; lunch - $20; and dinner $40.
    e) Parking, and/or ground transportation to and from the airport.

5   Due to the possibility of inclement weather, which could delay arrivals, all international
    adjudicators and any domestic adjudicators coming cross country are asked to arrive at the
    Philadelphia Downtown Marriott on Wednesday, November 24, 2010. Other domestic
    adjudicators should arrive no later then Thursday, November 25, 2010.

6   Adjudicators must be available to judge from the start of the Oireachtas on Friday, November
    26, 2010 until their services are no longer required on Sunday, November 28, 2010. We do
    ask that all adjudicators depart on Monday, November 29, 2010. However, if there is an
    available flight on Sunday, November 28, 2010, the following two items must be in place and
    the decision must be agreed upon by the MAR Executive Board and the MAR Oireachtas
    (1) The flight must leave from Philadelphia International Airport.
    (2) The departure time must be after 10pm.

7   The adjudicators have the option of departing on Monday, November 29, 2010 from
    Philadelphia International Airport, Newark International Airport, JFK International Airport, or
    LaGuardia Airport.

8   Adjudicators are required to be present for breakfast each morning for a brief meeting for
    any last minute instructions from the tabulation team and/or last minute instructions for the
    competition day. Adjudicators will also be given their panel and competition assignment for
    the competition day.

9   MAR will NOT pay for any personal expenses incurred by the adjudicator (e.g. travel
    insurance, excess baggage expense, telephone calls, room service charges etc.)
10   MAR will NOT be responsible for any costs incurred by a spouse or other guest who
     accompanies the adjudicator, including (but not limited to) hotel expenses, airfare, ground
     transportation costs, meals, telephone calls, or any other personal expenses. The demeanour
     and conduct of the adjudicator’s guest must at all times be appropriate to the event.

11   The MAR will assist the adjudicator in making arrangements to extend his/her stay in
     Philadelphia prior to, or after, the Oireachtas, with the understanding that all costs involved
     are the responsibility of the adjudicator.

12   An adjudicator who accepts, agrees and represents, that they have not participated in any
     workshops in the Eastern US region for a period of Five (5) years prior to the 2010 Mid
     Atlantic Oireachtas.

13   An Adjudicator who accepts agrees and represents, that they have not participated in a Mid-
     Atlantic Oireachtas in the previous three (3) years. In order to be selected for the 2010
     MARO this would mean the years 2007, 2008, and 2009.

14   Attire, demeanour, condition, and conduct of adjudicators must at all times be appropriate to
     the event.

15   The Oireachtas will entail three days of almost continuous work and close concentration by
     the adjudicators. Therefore, while they are entitled to and deserve an opportunity to relax
     following a day’s work, adjudicators must not socialise to very late hours so that they may be
     able to function at their maximum capability the following day.

16   Adjudicators must be present and ready to judge each competition to which they are
     assigned thirty minutes before the time scheduled for the competition unless instructed
     otherwise by a Stage Manager or one of the 2010 MAR Oireachtas committee or one of the
     MAR board member.

17   Adjudicators must not consult or communicate directly with each other on any matter during
     a competition or even give the impression of doing so. Should necessity for contact between
     adjudicators arise in the course of a competition this will be established via the Stage

18   Each adjudicator, in accepting the engagement, agrees to comply in full with any instructions
     that may be issued in advance of or during the Oireachtas as to:
     a) What is, or is not acceptable, in céilí or figure-dancing competitions and undertake to
        judge accordingly;
     b) How they should proceed in the event of falls or other mishaps that may occur in team or
        solo dancing competitions;
     c) What matters (apart from judging) are the responsibilities of the adjudicators and what
        are the responsibilities of the stage officials in the running of a competition;
     d) What systems of marking, determination of recalls and finalization of results that must be

19   Each adjudicator must ensure that he or she has a detailed knowledge of each of the céilí
     dances on the Oireachtas syllabus and refresh that knowledge in advance of the Oireachtas.

20   It is the responsibility of adjudicators (and not of the stage officials) to ensure that dances
     performed in a competition are those prescribed in the syllabus. Adjudicators must also
     ensure that movements of céilí dances are danced in the order in ‘Ár Rincí Foirne’ and
     otherwise performed in accordance with that book except where instructions issued in
     advance may otherwise direct.

21   The adjudicators on any competition until the result of that event has been formally
     announced must not either:
     (a) Discuss their results with, or reveal them to each other;
      (b) Discuss the competition with, or reveal their own results or, if known to them
      inadvertently, those of any colleague, to any other person.
**A breach of this provision, if proven, will result in the removal of the adjudicator

22    Adjudicators must not discuss in advance any competition or dancers taking part in it with
      any of their fellow Oireachtas adjudicators.

23    Adjudicators, when not judging, may of course associate freely with their fellow teachers and
      adjudicators. The adjudicator must always remain in compliance with point #21.

24    The only papers, books, or documents adjudicators may have on their tables will be those
      provided by the Oireachtas officials.

25    Adjudicators’ mobile phone or other forms of personal communication will not be permitted in
      the judging area or halls while adjudicators are engaged in competitions. The duration of a
      championship is deemed to be from the scheduled starting time until all results have been
      surrendered and adjudicators released by tabulation. Emergency contact numbers will be
      provided on request.

26    Adjudicators are not permitted to arrange exchanges between themselves in their judging
      assignments. Any changes made in the allotted schedules will be decided by the authorized
      Oireachtas officials and then only for good reason.

27    An adjudicator is not eligible to judge at the Oireachtas if in any competition the competitors
      (a) The adjudicator’s son or daughter, niece or nephew or first cousin either as a solo or team
      (b) A dancer or a team taught by the adjudicator’s husband or wife, son or daughter, father
          or mother, brother or sister, mother-in-law or father-in-law, brother-in-law or sister-in-
          law, or by a person acting on behalf of any of the relatives listed;
      (c) Any dancer (solo or team) who the adjudicator, or a person acting on his or her behalf,
          has in the previous two years taught or coached (either in person or by video or other
          means) other than a workshop open to all classes and organised by An Coimisiún or by
          one of its subsidiary bodies;
      (d) Pupils (solo dancers or teams) of a teacher who either himself or herself or a person
          acting on his or her behalf, has in the previous two years taught or coached (either in
          person or by video or other means) pupils, either solo dancers or teams, of the
      (e) Pupils of a class whose members the adjudicator has in the previous two years assessed
          (either in person or by video) other than at an official Dancer’s Certificate examination of
          An Coimisiún.
      (f) Any dancer (solo or team) who the adjudicator himself or herself has taught in the
          previous two years. This is to include all dancers who are no longer being taught by the
          adjudicator for whatever reason. Any dancer who has served a six month ban from
          competition is exempt from this ruling.
      (g) Any dancer (solo or team) whose teacher has in the previous two years assessed (either
          in person or by video) pupils of the adjudicator other than at an official Dancer’s
          Certificate examination of An Coimisiún.
      (h) Any pupil of a school where the adjudicator forms part of a partnership, regardless of
          whether or not the adjudicator has at any time provided tuition to that dancer.
      (i) Any pupil of a dance class attended by the adjudicator’s son/daughter while he/she is
          attending that class or for two years after the son/daughter has left the said class.

      NOTE: In the case of (i) the opposite also applies i.e. an adjudicator who teaches the
      children of another registered teacher/adjudicator will not be permitted to adjudicate the
      dancers of that adjudicator.
28   Please note new directives passed by An Coimisiun:
     1. Any person, whether registered with An Coimisiún or not, who gives a workshop,
        in any form, to a class, should be regarded as being associated with that class
        and any other dancing school in which they have an involvement, whether
        directly or indirectly. All classes associated with such a person should be
        regarded as being connected by association.
     2. (a) The association rule will not apply to shows, which include: cabarets,
        cultural tours and folk festivals. (b) Any ADCRG involved in a show including
        cabaret, cultural tours, and folk festivals may not adjudicate any dancer involved
        in the same show.

29   All adjudicators engaged for the Oireachtas must be free to judge ALL events on the syllabus.

30   An adjudicator that has agreed to adjudicate the 2010 Mid Atlantic Regional Oireachtas is
     permitted to judge competitions held in the Mid Atlantic Region prior to the Oireachtas.

31   An emergency meeting of the executive board of the Mid Atlantic Region has the authority to
     remove an adjudicator from a competition and from judging any further competitions at the

32   Any adjudicator engaged at this event should be able to carry out his/her judging role with
     the freedom of expression and opinion based on their professional standing within An
     Coimisiún Le Rincí Gaelacha. In the event of any approach or overt behaviour, made to an
     adjudicator and deemed to be unscrupulous, intimidating or otherwise aimed at gaining
     favour or other effect, such matter must be reported to the executive board of the Mid
     Atlantic Region and confirmed in writing. In these circumstances action will be taken against
     the perpetrator, which may include a report to An Coimisiún.

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