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                  Program # 71050 - Enterprise Services-Database, Crystal, Remedy                      Version 4/25/2005 s
Priority:           Accountability                              Lead Agency:          County Business
Program Offer Type: Support                                     Program Contact:      Dave Boyer
Related Programs:   71003A, 71047A, 71048, 71049, 71052, 71053, 71054, 71055, 71056, 71057, 71058

Executive Summary
Database support and administration is provided to Enterprise and Department specific applications that use databases
to store data. Databases are an essential part of all applications and they store the data that is entered into applications.
 Crystal Enterprise is a reporting tool used Countywide for operational and management reporting from both Enterprise
and Department specific applications. Remedy is the County's work request and problem management tool.

Program Description
Database support and administration includes backup and recovery of data, database development and performance
tuning, data modeling, monitoring and installing upgrades. Database services are delivered centrally to support all
County applications in a more efficient and cost effective manner and are linked directly to all Enterprise and Department
applications.Crystal Enterprise provides reporting and ad hoc query and analysis. Remedy is a tool used to manage and
prioritize work requests and track resolutions to problems. Administration of Crystal Enterprise and Remedy applications
includes access, assistance, consulting, training, license management, upgrades, patches, system performance,
strategic planning, customization (functionality and reports) and supporting users.

Program Justification
Databases and the ability to report on data stored in databases are critical and essential functions of all applications.
Database support and administration supports all Enterprise and Department applications. A centralized approach to
storing and managing data is more cost efficient and effective. Crystal Enterprise provides a common framework for
delivering information from the County's Enterprise and Department applications. The use of Remedy in the County
provides increased ability to manage and prioritize work requests, collects data for management reporting, and builds a
common knowledge base on how problems are resolved. County software and hardware for databases, Crystal
Enterprise and Remedy is used and shared Countywide.

Performance Measures
Applications are available 24 hours, 7 days a week, year round 99% of the time.
Ratings of satisfactory or above are achieved on an annual Customer Satisfaction Survey.

Summary of last year's program results and this year's expected results
FY 04/05: Implemented SAP Business Warehouse application for Facilities. Consolidated single SQL database servers
to a centralized SQL Cluster to improve reliability and reduce cost. Evaluated Crystal Enterprise architecture and support
to meet customer business needs. Implemented move, add, and change (MAC) process in Remedy to provide more
efficient employee movement due to new hires, moves, and terminations.
FY 05/06: Implement comprehensive monitoring software and processes on the SQL Cluster by July 2005 to ensure 24
days, 7 days a week availability of database applications. Complete consolidation of single SQL database servers to a
centralized SQL Cluster by June 2006 to improve reliability and reduce cost. Re-architect Crystal Enterprise
environment and provide additional support by August 2005 to increase reliability of the application. Develop a strategic
direction for Remedy as an Enterprise application by November 2005 to maximize the County's investment and meet
business needs.
                  Program Mandate: 4Program and Funding Level Choice

                  Revenue/Expense Detail

                                              Proposed General        Proposed Other          Proposed General        Proposed Other
                                              Fund                    Funds                   Fund                    Funds

                     Program Expenses                        2005                      2005                  2006                      2006

                     Personnel                                   $0            $1,122,992                        $0            $1,048,418

                     Contracts                                   $0                      $0                      $0               $10,000

                     Materials & Supplies                        $0              $132,365                        $0              $200,301

                     Internal Services                   $866,989                 $66,686                        $0               $60,712

                     Subtotal: Direct Exps:              $866,989              $1,322,043                        $0            $1,319,431

                     Administration                              $0                      $0                      $0               $19,083

                     Program Support                             $0                      $0                      $0                      $0

                     Subtotal: Other Exps:                       $0                      $0                      $0               $19,083

                     Total GF/non-GF:                    $866,989              $1,322,043                        $0            $1,338,514

                     Program Total:                         $2,189,032                                      $1,338,514

                     Program FTE                             0.00                      0.00                  0.00                      9.00

                     Program Revenues

                     Fees, Permits &                             $0                      $0                      $0              $358,474
                     Program Revenue for                         $0                     $0                       $0               $19,083

                     Total Revenue:                              $0                     $0                       $0              $377,557

Explanation of Revenues
Information Technology has determined the full cost of our operational programs.
These costs have been assigned to our customers and reimbursed through internal service charges for IT. This
assignment was based on service unit quantities at the current service level. Examples include: # of help desk calls, # of
PC’s, # of phone lines, etc. We provide telephone and wide area network service to a limited number of non profit and
other governmental agencies; we recover these costs via sales revenue.

                 Significant Program Changes

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