MASS SCHEDULE                                           MEMORIAL GIFTS
MONDAY, December 1                                  Altar Bread & Wine-- In memory of
6:30 am Intentions of the Celebrant                 Jean Conte donated by AI & Lila Mazzarella
NOON Josephine, Louis, Vincent, &
        Dorothy Galati                              Altar Candles- For the Intentions of Jacques
TUESDAY, December 2                                 Cesaire donated by Nathalie Cesaire
6:30 am Catherine Hanley
 NOON William J. King
WEDNESDAY, December 3                                    FROM THE PASTOR'S DESK
6:30 am In Thanksgiving to God
NOON Deceased of the Conti Family                   Dear Parishioners:
THURSDAY, December 4
6:30am Intentions of the Celebrant                  Wait for the Lord, be strong, and let your
NOON Marie Dawson                                   heart take courage; wait for the Lord
FRIDAY, December 5                                  (Psalm 27:14)
6:30am Intentions of the Celebrant
NOON Gaetano & Rose Patrizio                        Certain words are employed so often during
SATURDAY, December 6                                our liturgical season that they can easily be
8:30am Intentions of Mary & William                 ignored due to overuse. Waiting is one of
        Curran (A)                                  those words. It may also be difficult for us to
5:30pm Brandon Modeste                              sense how ,the people of old waited for a
SUNDAY, December 7                                  savior. It's quite another thing; though, if we
8:00am Elisa O'Neill                                are in the midst of a struggle or a situation
10:15am Purgatorial Society                         where we are currently waiting for something
12:30pm Emily White                                 painful to change.
5:30pm People of the Parish
                                                    I know many people who are waiting. Some
            REMEMBER IN YOUR                        have cancer, and are waiting to die. There's
          THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS                      a family waiting to be healed of the pain they
       The Sick: Father Thomas J. Lyons, Fa­        all experienced when one of their little girls
       ther James D'Amato, Genevieve Rogus,         was abused by an uncle. Another person is
       James Jackson, Guy Fury, Maryjo              anxiously waiting to hear if he has the job for
Famiglietti, Ellen M. Lehane, Anne Delaney,         which he was recently interviewed. Yet an­
Rita Saraniti, Joseph Callaghan,     Theresa        other waits to know if she will have to move
Stokes, Eunice Quashie, Florence Flynn, Rita        away from her home in which she has lived
Tammaro, Eda Giglio, Mary Dodson, Concetta          for almost 30 years. A couple waits for the
Chietera, Joseph Murphy                             birth of their first grandchild.
A Time Die: Eugene Barbuzza                         What does this waiting have to do with long­
                                                    ing for God's coming? When we wait in
Those in the Armed Services
                                                    tough times, we are in a special God mo­
                                                    ment. We know we can't "go it alone". The
Help us keep our sick list current. Please notify
                                                    One who came into this world is our peace­
the Rectory Office (718-253-4404) when
                                                    bringer.As we wait, we turn to our God and
changes occur. We enjoy hearing the good
news of recovery.                                   cry out for peace to come and enfold us.
                                                    Much peace!
                                                    Rev. Fr. Thomas V. Doyle

Pagel                                    Saint Thomas Aquinas
                              THE TWO PARTS OF ADVENT

Monday, December 8th is the Solemnity of the       Part 1: Up until December 16th
Immaculate Conception and is always a holy         While most liturgical seasons have the gospel
day of obligation. Please note that the evening    as their main focus, during the first weeks of Ad­
Mass on Sunday, December 7th is the Second         vent, the Church gives us daily readings from
Sunday of Advent. Masses for the holyday day       the prophet Isaiah. With the eyes of faith, these
are as follows:                                    foretell the coming of the Messiah. Rather than
       Monday, December 8th at 6:30am              a continuous gospel narrative familiar to us for
        Monday, December 8th at Noon               most of the year, this part of Advent offers a
                                                   wide variety of gospel readings that support the
            ADVENT WREATH                          first reading of the day.
"Customarily the Advent Wreath is constructed
of a circle of evergreen branches on top which     After almost two weeks of Isaiah readings, we
are inserted four candles. According to tradi­     hear the foretelling of a Messiah from other
tion, three of the candles are violet and the      prophets from the Hebrew scriptures-in
fourth is rose. However, four violet or white      Sarach, Numbers, Zephaniah and returning to
candles may also be used" (Book of Blessings,      Isaiah. With each passing week, the prophets
                                                   speak more clearly of the coming of a Savior.
The rose candle is lit the Third Sunday of Ad­
                                                   So, in readi,ng the first reading, for the first part
vent, for this color anticipates and symbolizes
                                                   of Advent, we listen to the anticipation, expecta­
the Christmas joy announced in the first words
of the Entrance Antiphon: Rejoice! For this        tion, hope and promise. In listening to the sec­
reason the T~lird Sunday is also called Gaudete    ond reading, we listen for the fulfillment or con­
Sunday, and rose color vestments are permit­       nection with the gospel.
                                                   Part 2: December 17th to December 24th

The Advent Wreath represents the long time         In these last eight days before Christmas, the

when people lived in spiritual darkness, waiting   relationship between the readings changes.

for the coming of the Messiah, the Light of the    Now the gospel brings us to our celebration of

world. Each year in Advent people wait once        Christmas. The gospels are taken from the in­

again in darkness for the coming of the Lord.      fancy narratives of Matthew and Luke.

His historical coming in the mystery of Bethle­
hem. His final coming at the end of time, and      Each of these days, the first reading is taken
His special coming in every moment of grace.       form the Hebrew scriptures, and chosen to
                                                   match the gospel. In many cases we can imag­
During Advent, family and friends can gather       ine Matthew or Luke having the first reading
around the Advent Wreath lighting the appropri­    open on their desks while they wrote the gospel.
ate candle(s), read from the daily Advent me­      So, we can read the gospel first and then read
diation and sing songs.                            the first reading. The sense of anticipation and
                                                   fulfillment builds as we read the story of the
                      preparation for Jesus' first coming into this world
             FOR ADVENT
                           for us.
Around the Church today you will find an Ad­

vent mediation booklet from the Diocese of

Saginaw, Michigan, called The Little Blue Book.

Please take one and use it this Advent season

as we prepare together for Christmas.

                                         November 30, 2008                                      Page 3
      PUT ADVENT PRAYER TIMES                               PRESERVING THE VISION

      ON YOUR CALENDAR-NOW!                               CATHOLIC EDUCATION IN THE

 Advent, the season which calls us to quiet                 DIOCESE OF BROOKLYN

 preparation, patient waiting, and reflective         In February 2005 when the announcement was

 prayer, readying ourselves to celebrate the joy      made to close both Saint Thomas Aquinas and

 of Christmas, comes in the midst of what is          Our Lady Help of Christians Schools, it was felt

 probably the busiest, most hectic and pressure­      that that decision would greatly enhance our

 filled time of the year! How might we hear and       ability to strengthen and improve Catholic edu­

 tend to gentle Advent invitations to "prepare the    cation in this area of Brooklyn. It was also our

 way of the Lord"?                                    hope and prayer that the parishes of Saint Tho­

                                                      mas Aquinas, Our Lady Help of Christians and

 Advent Prayer Times                                  Sf. Brendan could work together to provide a

 at the Parish include:                               superior Catholic elementary school, building

 Daily Mass          6:30am and Noon                  upon the strong history of our three parish com­

                                                      munities. Each of the parishes also made a

 Saturday evening 5:30pm
                                                      yearly financial commitment to the Academy.
 Sunday masses       8:00am; 10:15am;
                     12:30pm and 5:30pm               Over the past few years Midwood Catholic
 Rosary              Daily at 11 :30am                Academy has done just that-providing good,
 Adoration of the                                     quality Catholic education to the youth of our
 Blessed Sacrament Fridays following the              area.
                     Noon Mass
 Faith Sharing       Tuesdays following               What is in store for the future? As has been
                     the Noon Mass                    shared in the past, it is hoped that Midwood
 Day of Prayer       Saturday, 12/6/08                Catholic Academy will have a new home as of
                     1:OOpm to 4:00pm                 July-~ 2009. With the termination of the lease
 Sacrament of                                         with the Brooklyn Amity School, Midwood
 Reconciliation      Saturdays from                   Catholic Academy will have a new home for
                     4:00pm to 5:00pm                 September 1, 2009 here at Saint Thomas Aqui­
     SO, MARK YOUR CALENDARS NOW!                     nas, a facility that can provide space for an in­
                                                      creasing number of students.

                                                                 PARISH PROJECTS
                        1.	 As some have been able to observe, work is
                             being done on 2000 Flatbush Avenue (The
Ten years ago, the Servants of the Lord and
              Brother's House) - new windows have been
the Virgin of Matera found a home here at Saint
          installed, as well as a new roof. The base­
Thomas Aquinas-and for these past 10 years
               ment, first and second floors have been
the Sisters have continued to pray for us. On
            painted and four meeting spaces have been
Wednesday, December 17th ,Bishop Octavio
                 made. Meetings should begin in that build­
Cisneros, Auxiliary Bishop of Brooklyn, will be
          ing in January 2009.
present to celebrate this significant anniversary.
   2.	 Atter discussions with the Building and Prop­
                                                          erty Office of the Diocese of Brooklyn a pro­
 Continue to remember the Sisters in your                 tective walkway will be placed over the front
 prayers.                                                 door of the Rectory. Extensive work must
                                                          be done on the Rectory (pointing) come the
                                                          spring, and the protective walkway is being
                                                          done as a precaution.

Page 4	                                  First Sunday ofAdvent
   THE HOLIDAYS ARE COMING!!!                               CHRISTMAS IN HEAVEN

Again this year our Christmas project, along                A CHRISTMAS MUSICAL

with the Folk Group, will be purohasing phone      The Glen Mohr Chorale will present, Christmas
cards for our servicemen and servicewomen          in Heaven, A Christmas Musical from a Heavenly
who are serving our country throughout the         Perspective on Sunday, December 14th, 2008 at
world-we will send these cards to a group of       4:00pm at Immaculate Conception Center, 7200
soldiers serving in Iraq. Each card is pur­        Douglaston Parkway, Douglaston, NY 11362.
chased for $15.00-please place whatever do­        Tickets are $20.00 per adult and children under
nation you wish in an envelope marked              12 are $12.00 per person. Purchased at the
"Calling Card" and drop it in the weekly collec­   door while supplies last.
tion basket.
                                                                MASS BOOK 2009
We know that many of you face financial uncer­     Anyone wishing to make arrangements to have a
tainties right now, but if you are able to pur­    mass celebrated for a deceased loved one or the
chase a gift card of any size and drop it off at   intentions of a friend or family member is asked
the rectory office it would be greatly appreci­    to come to the Rectory during office hours. The
ated. We will try to supply all requests for       Mass Book has mass openings for the months of
Thanksgiving and if we have any left over we       January through March for weekend masses and
will hold them until Christmas-for there will be   January through June for weekday masses.
a need as well at that time of year.
                                                           AN ADVENT SERVICE OF
           ROSARY SOCIETY                                  lESSONS AND CAROLS
          ATLANTIC CITY TRIP                       Cathedral Seminary Residence of the Immacu­
The Rosary Society is sponsoring a trip to         late Conception presents An Advent Service of
Bally's Hotel in Atlantic City on Thursday, De­    Lessons & Carols featuring the Schola-Choir of
cember 4th 2008. The bus leaves from in front      Cathedral Seminary, the Choir of Our Lady of
of the church at 8:30 am. For reservations and     Snows Church, and the Bell Choir of St. Thomas
information please call 718-253-9058. All are      Aquinas on Sunday, December 7th, 2008 at
welcome.                                           7:00pm. This service will be at Immaculate Con­
                                                   ception Center, 7200 Douglaston Parkway,
         HOLY NAME SOCIETY                         Douglaston, NY 11362. Come and enjoy the
         ATLANTIC CITY TRIP                        wonderful music and prepare for the coming of
The Holy Name Society is sponsoring a bus trip     our Lord!
to Atlantic City on December 16, 2008 to
SHOWBOAT. The bus leaves from in front of            2008 ANNUAL CATHOLIC APPEAL
the Church at 8:30am. For more information         From 228 Donors, representing 30.89% of 738
and reservations please call Bill or Dorothy at    Active Members, we have received pledges in
718-377-4061. All are welcome.                     the amount of $70,860.00, which represents
                                                   110.19% of our parish goal of $52,900.00. To
          VOCATION AWARENESS                       date we have received $66,770.00, of which ap­
During this Advent season, let us renew our        proximately $11,000.00 has been returned to the
intent to listen for God's gentle direction in     parish to support our mission and projects.
our lives. It will lead us to the vocation for
which we were created. If you think its pos­       To all who have contributed, thank you and there
                                                   is still time to make a pledge to this annual ap­
sible God may be calling you to a vocation
in the Church, please call the Vocation Of­
fice of the Diocese of Brooklyn at 718-827­

                                        Saint Thomas Aquinas                                 PageS

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