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SEPTEMBER 2009 – e-mail/ WEB edition

Youth Network in Bosnia and Herzegovina is an informal group of non-partial organizations,
groups and individuals that fulfill the needs of young people in both entities, actively involving
them in building democratic values and strengthening of civil society. (Mission of hCa Youth
Network in Bosnia and Herzegovina, established on workshop from strategic planning in
Kulasi, 11-17 July, 1999.)Today Network has 106 member-organizations and 40 individuals
from 57 cities in B&H.

Dear friends,

This is the September edition of monthly informative bulletin of Youth Resource Centre
(ORC) Tuzla and Youth Network of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Bulletin is been published on
Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian and English language. It contains information about the activities
of Youth Resource Centre (ORC) Tuzla and Youth Network of Bosnia and Herzegovina,
information about monthly activities of youth organizations and groups-member groups of
this network, their plans for the coming period, and other useful information (about donors,
scholarships, stipends, invitations for attending seminars and conferences, etc.)

If you want to be on the mailing list for the next editions of the monthly informative bulletin or
if you have questions or suggestions, contact us. You can find the monthly informative
bulletin and archive of former editions on the web site of Youth Network of Bosnia and

Enjoy your reading!


During last month hCa/ORC Tuzla was working on regular activities - information processing
selection of interesting information for youth activism and distribution of the same to youth
organizations and to the members of Youth Network of Bosnia and Herzegovina mailing list,
and work and distribution of monthly bulletin of Bosnia and Herzegovina Youth Network, with
regular work and update of web site:

From September 7th-10th 2009 as part of project „You(th) are hope for BiH!", supported by
ministry of foreign affairs of Kingdom Netherlands, we have organized training for trainers
"Basic training for youth work and work in community". This training was for young people
(representatives of youth organizations, non formal groups of young people, individuals etc)
from regions: Podrinje (cities: Srebrenica, Bratunac, Vlasenica, Sekovici, Zvornik, Milici,
Sapna, Zivinice, Bijeljina, Kalesija, Ugljevik, Lopare, Teocak) and North Bosnia (cities: Teslic,
Brod, Derventa, Doboj, Tesanj, Maglaj, Modrica, Gradacac, Odzak, Brcko, Samac, Orasje,
Gracanica, Petrovo). After successful completion of training participants received certificates.

Some of the aims of training were:
Education and training of youth activists for their work on educating peers in local
Providing possibilities to young people from different environments, regions and nationalities
to understand need and advantage of mutual work as part of democratic struggle for
improvement of young people lives.
Promoting values of tolerance
Raising awareness about needs of young people in local communities in targeted regions
September 25th 2009 representative of hCa/ORC Tuzla Bosko Vlajic participated on training
"volunteer management for organizations", this training is part of program Local volunteer
service in year 2009. Training was in Tuzla, organizer of training was Association "Margina"
Tuzla. Training was for persons that are working in organizations and are dealing with
volunteers. This training was for them to improve their knowledge about important aspects of
managing volunteer work, up on their return to organization this will reflect on relation
volunteer-organization; volunteer-user of services. Topics on this training: drafting and
selection of volunteers, motivation of volunteers, preparation and education of volunteers,
monitoring and evaluation of volunteers work.

During September, we have been preparing for organizing of annual member meeting of the
network ALF in B&H. This first network members meeting is aiming beside acquaintance of
network members, promotion of ALF in B&H, defining different strategies and activities in
order to produce development and action plan of ALF in B&H. Report from this meeting and
all other information about ALF B&H will be in next bulletin. Until end of September in ALF
B&H network 32 organizations from B&H have enlisted. More about ALF B&H, possibilities of
membership and activities of the network can be found on


Continuation of work of hCa/ORC Tuzla on regular distribution of information to youth
organizations in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and work on arrange and distribution of monthly
bulletin of Bosnia and Herzegovina youth network.

During October as part of project „You(th) are hope for BiH!", supported by ministry of foreign
affairs of Kingdom Netherlands we will publish and distribute handbook for trainers. In
addition, we are starting with preparations for youth campaign, which is planned for end of
the October. We will send you more information through our mailing list

During October we are starting with preparations for implementing "Youth initiatives project
2009". Project is supported by „Norwegian People's Aid", and we are implementing it in
partnership with organizations from: Macedonia, Serbia, Kosovo, Croatia and B&H.


Central office Sarajevo
Address: Banjska 2, 71210 Ilidza / Sarajevo
Tel/Fax: 033 637 290

Organization KULT with its four offices, its activities and public engagement is trying to
create democratic environment in which authorities will be partners to NGO-s. Together we
will make life of citizen’s easier and better quality.

Spajalica promotion
In September many things are beginning, so we decided to repeat existing and introduce
some new things in Educational – recreational youth center SPAJALICA. This offer includes
variety of courses in center SPAJALICA.

Friendship school
Considering that this is the beginning of new school year, pupils are in phase of preparations
for new school year, new classes, and new school duties.
SPAJALICA is yet again gathering place of pupils from third and fourth grades of elementary
schools from municipality Ilidza. In our friendship school pupils are writing their homework
and fulfilling their free time with different educational activities. Currently we are again in
phase of promotion of our friendship school.

Project "Puna usta mladih"

Great news! House of peoples of FB&H parliament on its 24th assembly on September 15th
2009 has adopted Draft law on youth of FB&H. With this act all conditions are fulfilled for
making law proposal and continuation of adopting lawful solution for young people in FB&H.
Law proposal is its development phase and should be on agenda on some of following
assembly of house of representatives of parliament FB&H. KULT is planning in next period,
depending when will representatives have this law proposal in house of representatives, to
organize another media campaign. This campaign will bring public pressure to decision
makers in order to finally solve lawful regulative about young people from FB&H.

Youth counseling
Because of great interest for youth counseling, we had two youth counseling's this month on
September 6th and 27th. For individual counseling young people can arrange term through
our e-mail: Municipality Ilidza supports this project.

Preparation and conducting campaign and round tables as part of UMiD training
After the workshop "Managing project cycle" we have organized workshop "Preparation and
conducting campaign and round tables". Trainer was Dzenana Ibisevic. Participants had an
opportunity to learn about public campaign and advocacy, how to promote idea and gain
public support. In addition what are lobbying methods, how to make public appearance, how
to create plan and budget of campaign. Youth leaders are currently working on preparation of
two projects and six initiatives, which are to be conducted in their own communities in
cooperation with other organizations.

International day preserving ozone layer
Participants of training "Learn, think and act" conducted an action on international day of
preserving ozone layer. As part of action "Protect the ozone as it is protecting us" youth
leaders conducted three presentations about significance of ozone layer. These
presentations took place in elementary schools in municipality Ilidza and East Sarajevo.
350 pupils of fourth grades participated on these presentations. They learned about things
that are damaging ozone and how we can protect it. Aim of this action was to raise
awareness about importance of ozone and to encourage young people to take car of it.
During project we conducted art competition for pupils, theme was "Ozone and I". Three best
paintings received award 50KM.

September 16th volunteers of KULT and youth leaders organized action "Future???" in front
of fourth Gymnasium in Ilidza. Around 20 young people with some realistic make up of burns
were posing while media and citizens were looking them with great interest.
Some were simulating greetings, other were reading book, and some were trying to kiss, but
it was all difficult because of the masks, which we all are going to have if we damage our
climate. With this action volunteers showed how difficult is to live with damaged ozone.
This project is realized as part of Project of education of young people involved in social
processes financed by European Union.

EWOCA3 – Work Camp in Recklinghausen (Germany)
Aim of this work camp as part of project EWOCA3 was to build water park and meeting new
cultures. Participants worked for four hours every day on water camp during three weeks.
Aim was to build a pool deep half a meter and to dig stream 20 meters long. Language
animations were conducted on regular basis, all enjoyed them since they were presented in
interesting way. In their free time participants were gathering around fire and talk, play cards
and table football.
Last night was farewell night, all participants received mutual picture and were up until
morning. Participants left for Sarajevo on September 26th 2009. Next camp will be in
Hazburk, France

Plans for October 2009

We are dedicating month October to socializing with pupils. Completing homework's, creating
workshops, studying through game, all this will once again be activities of our friendship
school. In addition we will continue with promotion of friendship school among pupils.

On October 5th and 6th in our center SPAJLICA will be organized fourth planned game on
European Union and it will be on German language. One group of participants will be group
of young people that are going to come to B&H. Second group will be pupils from high school
from canton Sarajevo, those pupils have lived in Germany and they know how to speak
German language. We are hoping that pupils will play their roles as they did in previous
planned games. All these planned games have attracted large number of young people from
Serbia, Croatia and Monte Negro.

NVO MDD – Muslim charity society
Merhamet Doboj
Address: Kralja Aleksandra 17, 74000 Doboj
Tel/fax: 053 226 886

Implementation of projects
Humanitarian aid
Project "health care for uninsured persons"
Project "Starting small business" with loans
Project "Help for immobile persons who are living alone"

Ambulance of "Merhamet" was also working in September

Members of "Merhamet" participate on September 21st 2009 on fair "International day of
peace" in Derventa

Every day activities are:
Registering new members
Typing texts
Internet club
Providing information to members
Finding donors for humanitarian aid for social endangered categories, there is increased
number of these people and decreased aid for these people

Our plans for October are to continue with making new projects and implementing old ones.

Organization IPAK –
Address: Patriotske lige 10, 75000 Tuzla
Mobile:+387 (0) 35 257 474,
Fax +387 (0) 035 257 097

Presentation of work Regional youth network for local development
At the beginning of June in cooperation with other organizations from east Bosnia "IPAK"
started initiative for founding Regional youth network for local development. Aim of this
network is promotion of significance and activities of youth NGO, strengthening and
improving capacities and mechanisms for cooperation and coordination. In addition to
exchange information, experiences and good practices between members and lobbing for
conditions for sustainable NGO sector in B&H.

Network gathers large number of youth organization, non-formal groups and individuals from
municipalities of Kalesija, Sapna, Tuzla, Brcko, Vlasenica, Bratunac and Sekovici.

Organization "IPAK" in partnership with organization "KORAK" from Sapna, which is member
of ROM for LR, organized presentation of work in Sapna on September 25th 2009. In front of
mixed high school in Sapna there was a stand from 12.00 until 16.00 hours. On the sand
were promotion materials (flayers, posters, brochures), Five volunteers from organization
"OKO" distributed around 250 pieces of promotion materials.

This activity was the first activity of the network members with the aim of promotion of ROM
for LR in public. In October are going to be another three network promotion activities.
Following "street action" will be organized in municipality Bratunac at the beginning of
October, second and third activity will be in municipality Kalesija and Vlasenica.

Current members of ROM for LR are
Organization "IPAK –youth building future" (Tuzla), "AMOK" (Kalesija), "KORAK" (Sapna),
"ODISEJ" (Bratunac), "PRONI" (Brcko), "OSV" (Vlasenica), non formal group of young
people (Krizevici).
All interested organizations can be member of this network, as well as non-formal groups
and individuals who believe that with their work and engagement can contribute to achieve
goals of the network.

Address: Bosne Srebrene 16, 76100 Brcko
Tel/fax: 387 49 233 940, 387 49 217 695

Project in Bijeljina: "We all are born with equal rights let's respect them"
At the beginning of September as part of project "We all are born with equal rights lets
respect them" financed by municipality Bijeljina, "PRONI" organized training for young
people, high school pupils and students from Bijeljina. These participants are target group of
this project.
Training themes were:
Group work
Human rights
Conflict resolution
Project management

Trainings were intense during two-weekend duo to obligation of pupils and student. 15 young
people from municipality Bijeljina participated on these trainings. Trainers were employees of
"PRONI", people with great experience. All trainings took place in office of "PRONI" Bijeljina.
Participants were active on all trainings and are functioning well as a group. Although many
of them have not participated on these kinds of trainings. During training volunteers of
"PRONI" were helping us. They them selves participated on these kind of trainings, as part of
last year project, they provided great help to target group during organizing of the workshops.
Participants were divided in smaller groups in which they will organize their workshops. They
have assignment to complete 10 workshops with group of pupils from elementary schools.
They will represent their results on children right festival that will be organized as part of this
project on child day November 20th 2009. Festival is one of final activities of this project.
Young people participants of this project will have opportunity to present and show their
group accomplishments to citizens of Bijeljina. After festival we will organize round table with
presentation of project accomplishments as well as current state of human rights in
municipality Bijeljina.

Young people will work on following themes:
Creative workshops
Workshops with young Roma
Info centre
Drama workshops

These themes are selected by participants of the project, on their own they decided in which
groups they will be working. Currently they are working on mini project for these activities,
and they are searching for other young people who are interested to participate in these
Participants, volunteers and trainers carry with them nice memories from these trainings,
which are continuing. In addition, to participants of trainings employees of "PRONI" are
wishing nice socializing during workshops.

"PRONI" socializing with volunteers is continuing
"PRONI" center for youth development Brcko District B&H is continuing to organize
socializing with volunteers. Every 15 days "PRONI" is organizing fun night for volunteers in
offices of "PRONI" in the center of the city.
Volunteers of "PRONI" and volunteers from other organizations are invited to this gathering.
Last fun night was on September 17th 2009, 20 young people from Brcko were present.
Beside volunteers from "PRONI", there were also volunteers from "SVITAC" and "AMICA".
Volunteers had opportunity to meet and have fun with games of pantomime and presentation
or BHV education representatives. Through this organization young people from this region
can go to study abroad or to finish one year of high school while living on some family or in
some student dormitory.
Damir Pervanovic, volunteer at "PRONI" is at the same time coordinator of BHV for Brcko.
He presented to volunteers AU PAIR program for babysitting for families IN Europe and
Through socializing and meeting volunteers and youth workers came up with conclusion that
youth activists need additional education for their work with young people or on projects. This
conclusion was transformed in to activity, this activity was training "Workshop- its flow and
work with the group". Training was organized on September 27th 2009 in offices of "PRONI",
it lasted for five hours.
Volunteers were very active, they had many questions for trainers concerning practical work
in workshops. Some of them refreshed their memory and received some answers regarding
some flaws in their work with workshops.
Considering all this we can expect to organize training for them soon.

"Dark side of childhood"
Damir Pervanovic volunteer of "PRONI" recently finished his project, movie "dark side of
childhood". This is an amateur movie – short one, he did it specially film festival "OFF" in
Bihac. Festival is organized second time in a row, with the themes of violating human rights
in community. This film was made with the aim to break taboo and to encourage to think
about problems and violating of human right "far from us", instead in world around us. After
"OFF" festival movie will be shoed in Brcko. Beside Damir, five young people age 15-20 were
working on this movie. Shooting of this movie supported president of organization of people
with dystrophy Brcko with is own equipment.

Other activities in "PRONI"
Starting with new school year youth workers from "PRONI" are starting with workshops on
human rights, along with student councils from high schools. During this month we visited
schools, talked with pedagogues and directors. We are waiting for councils to be formed so
we can start with workshops.

Presentation of volunteer book
September 28th 2009 "PRONI" participated on presentation of volunteer book in youth center,
organized by red cross Brcko District and "Margine" from Tuzla.

Again this year "PRONI" is working on evaluation of 26 youth clubs in local communities.
This activity is part of project "OKRUZ" supported by government of Brcko District. Youth
workers of "PRONI" along with volunteers and president of local community will be
conducting this project.

Planned activities for October 2009
Implementation of youth projects in Bijeljina with topics: Creative workshops, Educative
workshops with young Roma, campaign for opening info center in Bijeljina, Drama workshop.
Continuation of "PRONI" socializing with young people every Thursday in "PRONI" offices.
Implementation of human rights project with student councils in high and elementary schools
in Brcko District.

Address: Priboj bb, 75 249 Priboj
Tel/fax: 065 538-494

September 22nd 2009 members of Eco coalition and partnership organizations had second
street activity in six cities of North East B&H. This activity is part of project "From public
participation to sustainable development". Aim was to ask for support from citizens and to
point out to mayor ecological problems. Slogan of this activity was: "Inform your self about air
quality! Air we bread is crucial for our health and quality of our lives".
Aim of this campaign on September 22nd was to encourage citizens to take part in decisions
concerning environment and in decisions concerning air quality. Street campaign was
organized by Center for ecology and energy Tuzla in partnership with "EKO Leonardo" Priboj
in six cities of Northeast B&H. Street action was conducted after completion of
questionnaires in cities which are directly under influence of the mine and power plant

It is important to know who are the polluters in our environment, what are those pollutions,
and in what amount are they released in environment (water, air, earth). Beside power plant
"Ugljevik" and the mine, there are also chimneys from private houses, and cars that are
European waste. All these factors are endangering our lives and are contributing to climate
change. Today brand is "green generation", with few eco prints on environment, and still we
are being polluted and we are not reacting to it.

In short period of time, two hours September 22nd 2009, and our activists tried to inform and
animate our citizens. We have support from media. Media attention (Radio "Skala", "Ugljevik"
and TV "Slobomir") are testimony to mutual connection of NGO sector and media.

There are few examples of good practices in region, but they are not recognized enough and
are not published as such. In addition, there is some concern when contractors of work are
paying for some job are not asking for everything they need and would have some sense.
Example is municipality Bijeljina. They hired technical institute Bijeljina to do some job for
them, but they are not publishing result in electronic form on their web page. We ask why are
they paying for those services and for who are they publishing reports about air quality it in
written form.

According to NGO sector and citizens who have signed petition we invited representatives of
polluters to presentation of study in Lopare, they did not came. We invited them in order to
express our views about this problem. Only with inter sector cooperation we can solve life
problems, especially those concerning life environment.

With petition on September 22nd 2009 we asked from local authorities, the mine and power
plant "Ugljevik" to put their information about air quality on their web pages and to send it to
other media. In order to provide basic human right concerning information about air quality.

51 participant from 15 organizations participated in this campaign. We gathered 816
signatures of citizens in two hours in six cities in B&H. There was great interest of media and
citizens for this campaign. In addition, we can consider this street campaign as good
argument when dealing with local authorities and polluters.

891 signed postcards, postcards went to municipality mayors and directors of power plant
"Ugljevik". With these postcards we are asking them to inform public.

Their response or lack of response will be our course for further actions.

"Nasa Djeca"
Address: Londza 126 , 72 000 Zenica
Tel/fax: 032 246 621

Members of organization "Nasa Djeca" Zenica realized during September following activities

Project "Youth club" "Nasa Djeca" Zenica
Music sections: piano, harmonica and guitar (young and advance group)
Literary section
Drama section
Eco sections
Art workshop in our office
Art workshop for sick children in pediatric section of canton hospital Zenica
Youth press:
Preparation and presentation of weekly radio shows "No limit" on Radio "Q" and "Pro-contra"
on Radio Zenica
Preparation and realization of TV show for young "Taboore" on TV Zenica
Sport – recreational activities: Taibo for members of organization

Project "Sexual education and HIV prevention in B&H"
As part of project activities we distributed manual for teachers "Sexual education and HIV
prevention in B&H". This manual was published by our organization with the aim of providing
support to educational workers on child education in elementary schools regarding sexual
health, humanization of relations between sexes and responsible parenting. With the manual
comes instruction for using manual issued by pedagogue department of Zenica. They our
partners in this project. In addition, there were two DVD with educative materials (movies,
video spots, workshops), about prevention of sexual health and communicational skills.
Video material was made by members of organization (children and young people). Material
was distributed in 59 elementary schools in Zenica-Doboj canton.
Beside mentioned as part of project "Sexual education and HIV prevention in B&H" we are
Razing awareness about need for prevention of sexual health by young population through
media: Radio shows and TV shows
Preparation of printed educative materials
Making analysis of accomplished project activities for children and teachers in elementary
schools for period 2006-2009.
Preparation of information for government and assembly of Zenica-Doboj canton. Degree of
implementation of project activities concerning B&H strategy on HIV prevention.

For October 2009 we are planning to realize activities in these two mentioned projects and
following activities:
Organizing cultural-fun program on child day and child week
For two weeks now our members are preparing performance for children for child week,
performance is about protection of child rights.
Section members are preparing gifts for children that are going to be distributed in Canton
hospital and in home for children without parents in Zenica.


Offer for advertising through Info youth centre

Association of students from Srebrenica is implementing project "Establishing youth info
centre". It is going to be unique service for providing service of informing and educating
young people from municipality Srebrenica. Aiming to improve quality of service in local
community and reducing level of exclusion of young people in society.
Info center for young people is for all young people age 15-29 and is for those who are
unable to explore information, and for those who are no satisfied with the existing ones
(young people from rural areas).
Task of info center is to provide to young people variety of information on one place and to
provide them with skills for acquiring new information.

Areas of information for youth are grouped as follows:
   - Education and computerization
   - Employment and entrepreneurship
   - Social policy for young people
   - Health care and reproductive health
   - Active participation of young people in society
   - Youth culture and free time
   - Mobility, informing and counseling

Info center will distribute and place information on several ways:
    - direct contact in Info center (former space of GIEC in culture building Srebrenica)
    - Through documented information (books, flayers, video presentations)
    - Through web link, e-mail and telephone
    - Through organizing theme workshops and lectures.

Considering that work of Info center for youth is based on cooperation with other
organizations, relevant departments, public institutions, expert individuals, and on
involvement of volunteers we are inviting you to regularly send us information which are
interesting for young people. Therefore, we could promptly place them to the target

You can send your information to: Asocijacija studenata Srebrenice, Srebrenickog odreda
bb, 75430 Srebrenica, e-mail:, tel: 056 440 402

In Tuzla are organized theatre days of Tuzla Youth – Welcome

In period from October 3rd – 10th 2009, in Tuzla will be held Theatre Day of Tuzla Youth 2009.

During seven days in Tuzla we will host 135 guests from region. In organization of this
manifestation is involved over 100 volunteers, children and young people. This year
manifestation is being organized with the aim of directing public attention to the fact that
Youth Theatre Tuzla deserves its place under the sun.
Daily program is for children and young people, and evening program is for citizens of TK.

Buying a ticket for some of performances you are directly supporting newly established
Children theatre in Tuzla.

Organizer of manifestation is Youth Theatre Tuzla; coo producer is Bosnian Culture Centre


Faculty of drama art Beograd, Serbia

Faculty of drama art Belgrade, Serbia
Children Culture Center Belgrade, Serbia
Association Singing Guitars Zagreb, Croatia
Creative center "CEKOM" Zrenjanin, Serbia
Home for abandoned children "SCUTARI", Albania
Home for abandoned children Tuzla, B&H
Theatre "KABARE" Tuzla, B&H

This manifestation is organized with the help of:
Municipality Tuzla
Tuzla Canton government (ministry of education, science, culture and sport)
 Bosnian Culture Center TK
Theatre "KABARE" Tuzla
Furniture "Lesnina" Tuzla
Hambi Food Tuzla
"Majevicki Studenac" Tuzla
"Turbo Limac", Tuzla
"Urban Republic"

Media sponzors:
Radio "Vesta" Tuzla
Radio "M" Sarajevo
Internet portal
Radio-Television of Tuzla Canton
Radio "BH1"

More information about manifestation and ticket reservation:
061 804 691
066 896 175
062 353 814

Theatre days of Tuzla Youth
03.10. – 10.10.2009.
Organizer: Youth Theatre Tuzla
Coproducing manifestation: Bosnian Culture Center TK

October 3rd 2009 - Saturday
12.00 hours – Press conference
Youth Theatre Tuzla and Bosnian Culture Center TK
Blue hall of BKC TK

October 4th 2009 Sunday
20.00 hours – "San ljetnje noći"
Faculty of drama art Belgrade, Serbia
BKC Scene

October 5th 2009 Monday
20.00 hours – "Macak u cizmama"
Drama studio Youth Theatre Tuzla, B&H
BKC Scene

October 6th 2009, Tuesday
13.00 hours – "Jednosmjerna ulica"
Drama studio Youth Theatre Tuzla, B&H
Theater "Kabare" Tuzla
20.00 hours – "Draga Jelena Sergejevn"
Art Faculty Pristina, Zvecan
BKC Scene

October 7th 2009 – Wednesday
20.00 hours – "Imitacija Zivota"
Youth Theatre Tuzla, B&H
BKC Scene

October 8th 2009 – Thursday
13.00 hours – "Alisa" 2009.
Children Culture Center Belgrade, Serbia
Theater "Kabare" Tuzla
16.00 hours - "Svi veliki su nekada bili djeca"
20.00 hours - "Svi veliki su nekada bili djeca"
This performance is realised as part of project cultural exchange between Italy, B&H and
Scene BKC

October 9th 2009 Friday
13.00 hours – "Trazim svoje mjesto pod suncem"
Creative center "Cekom" Zrenjanin, Serbia and Youth theatre Tuzla, B&H
Theatre "Kabare" Tuzla
20.00 hours– "Filoktet"
Theatre "Kabare" Tuzla
Theatre "Kabare" Tuzla

October 10th 2009 Saturday
13.00 hours – "Trazim svoje mjesto pod suncem"
Creative center "Cekom" Zrenjanin, Serbia and Youth theatre Tuzla, B&H
Theatre "Kabare" Tuzla
20.00 hours– "Filoktet"
Theatre "Kabare" Tuzla
Theatre "Kabare" Tuzla

National Agency Summary This Contact Making Seminar will bring together youth
organizations and local bodies working in the youth field wishing to cooperate and build new
partnership for future EVS projects.
Activity: date 2009-11-23 - 2009-11-28
Activity: type Contact making seminar Target group Project managers, Youth leaders, Youth
workers. For participants from ALL YOUTH IN ACTION PROGRAMME COUNTRIES,
Group size 25 Venue place, venue country Verona, Italy Details
The aim of the activity is to promote cooperation within the Youth in Action Program, focusing
on European Voluntary Service between Program Countries and South East European
The objectives are:
• To enhance sustainable partnership building;
• To strengthen organizations’ capacity building;
• To come up with concrete EVS projects ideas;
• Sharing experiences and best practices;
• To experience intercultural dimensions of an EVS project;
Costs: The sending National Agencies and SALTO SEE RC will cover the travel costs. The
Italian National Agency will cover board and lodging.
Working language English Organizer The Italian and the Hellenic National Agencies and
SALTO SEE RC Organizer's profile/framework of activity Deadline2009-10-22 Date of

Invitation for seminars "Presentation skills" and " Sale skills"

Presentation skills and Sale skills are two day seminars which are going to take place in
Sarajevo in near future, organizer is agency "Apriori" in B&H.

"Sale skills" will be on November 4th and 5th also in Sarajevo. Aim of this seminar is
improvement of sale and communication skills, efficient presentation of product, and
increased quality and services toward client. Participants of seminar will have opportunity to
learn about sale and communication skills in dynamic and active way.

Trainers are experienced practitioners in area of "soft" skills and sale skills. They have
extended experience in this field of work in B&H and neighbouring countries.

Program, application and additional information you can find through following contacts:

Josipa Terzic
Organization "Apriori" B&H
Project coordinator
Tel: 063 / 408 597
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Media competition for young journalists "Europe is MORE than you think"

Directorate of Communication of the Council of Europe has just launched, in partnership with
the European Youth Press, the "Europe is MORE than you think Award", a media
competition for young journalists from all over Europe.

The aim is to bring, to and through young journalists, a better understanding of what the
Council of Europe is and how wide, in the good sense, are the range of it\'s activities. There
are four categories in which to participate: written press, radio journalism, photography and
The Council of Europe already has a website dedicated to this Award: and our partners the European Youth Press and Youth media
(where participants can upload their entries online) also have dedicated web pages.

The award is open to residents of Council of Europe countries, with the most important rule
being that entrants must be aged between 18 and 27.
The closing date for submissions is 1 December 2009.

The top eight submissions will be announced in December 2009. The first prizewinners in
each of the four categories will receive a 4-day paid visit to Strasbourg, France, to attend and
report on the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, which takes place on 26-30
January 2010.

We are also sending this story out to press contacts (such as the EU Chronicle

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