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                     INTERNATIONAL DAY FOR
                        SEPTEMBER 16, 2007


American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) -Kuwait Chapter is
pleased to announce the commemoration of International Day for the
Preservation of Ozone Layer. The ASSE, Kuwait Chapter has been in
the forefront for the past many years in promoting environmental
protection in the state of Kuwait.

To strengthen the activities, ASSE Kuwait Chapter has formed various
committees     consisting   of   Health,   Safety   &    Environmental
professionals. The Chapter is recognizing many global environmental
issues and addressing it locally to make presence of Kuwait in the
international arena. It is marching towards excellence by promoting
and creating awareness on environment among the citizens of Kuwait.
On this day, it has planned to organize quiz and other awareness
programs for its members and their families.

Life started to develop significantly on our planet only after the ozone
layer was in place in the stratosphere to filter out harmful levels of
Ultraviolet radiation from the sun. But increased human needs i.e use
of Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and Hydrochlorofluorcarbons (HCFCs)
have brought significant impact by depleting the Ozone layer.
However, the early detection of its depletion has made the progressing
countries to act and make a vision to protect the mother earth. The
Montreal protocol is a significant agreement among 191 countries to
reduce the use of CFC and halons. It is one of the most successful
international environmental treaties and has resulted so far in the
global phase-out of the production and consumption of over 95
percent of ozone-depleting substances world wide. Scientists have
determined that the rate of decline in ozone has been reduced.

New research, published in March this year by Dutch and American
scientists shows that the CFC phase-out has assisted in combating
climate change.

Indeed if governments adopt accelerated action on HCFCs, we can
look forward to not only a faster recovery of the ozone layer, but a
further important contribution to the climate change challenge.

Benefits would include a reduction in skin cancer, cataracts, and harm
to the human immune system alongside reduced damage to
agricultural and natural ecosystems.

The Montreal Protocol Treaty has been signed by many countries in
the year 1987 and developed the strategies for preservation of the
Ozone Layer. United Nations observes the International Day for the
preservation of the Ozone Layer on every September 16 to promote
the awareness and focus on the global efforts to protect the Ozone
Layer. This year's theme of the International Day for the Preservation
of the Ozone Layer is”Celebrating 20 years of progress in 2007”.
Mr. Siva Prasad, Head of Occupational Health & Environment
Committee announced that, ASSE Kuwait chapter is conducting quiz
competition for its members and their families as part of the
commemoration to encourage awareness and play their part in
protecting the ozone layer. All members are requested to visit the
chapter website or contact by phone: 6846040 or
by e-mail: for more information on the quiz
program. He also advised the general public to obtain more
information on Ozone Layer protection from the United Nations
Environment Program website and contribute as
your part in this global effort.