Information Security - Vulnerability Assessment

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					             Information Security
                                Vulnerability Assessment
Assess - Vulnerability Assessment to                                Vulnerability Assessment
analyze the current security posture,
perform vulnerability scans, and publish
findings and recommendations                       Current State   Desired State
                                                                                                                Internal       External
                                                                                              Gap Analysis    Vulnerability   Vulnerability
                                                   Assessment         Vision
                                                                                                                 Scan            Scan

Define - Business Plan to determine the
                                                                                   Business Plan
people, pr o c e s s , a n d t e c h n o l o g y
requirements; budget; and timeline to
deploy security recommendations                       People         Process                   Technology                        Project
                                                                                                             Project Budget
                                                   Requirements    Requirements               Requirements                      Timeline

                                                                       Implementation Guide

Design - Implement people, processes,
and technology requirements to meet                                                  Test Plan
the Business Plan including training

                                                                               Training Guide


                                                                                   Assess           lderm a n
                                                                                   C o n s u ltin g , L L C