Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures by ebj19239


									     Modern Languages,
Literatures and Cultures
  Career Options

  Bilingual Educator              Flight Attendant
  Consular Assistant              Foreign Correspondent         Professor
  Cultural Advisor                Foreign Service Officer       TESL/ESL Teacher
  Culture Teacher                 Historian                     Tour Guide
  Customs Inspector               Immigration Officer           Trade Policy Analyst
  Diplomatic Service Agent        Interpreter                   Translator
  Educational Administrator       Journalist                    Travel Agent
  ESL Teacher                     Language Researcher           UNESCO Official

                                                            Degree Specific Skills

Ability to Place Events in      Edit/Proofreading Materials    Understanding the Customs
Cultural, Social & Historical   Evaluating Translations and    & Traditions of Communities
Context                         Original Texts                 Understanding the
Articulate & Apply              Observation Skills &           Structure of the Language
Grammatical & Syntactic         Attention to Detail            Understanding the
Rules                           Oral & Written                 Relationship Between
Critical Thinking & Analysis    Communication Skills           Historical & Current Events
Development &                   Reading for Corrections &
Presentation of Arguments       Structure

                                         Business and Employer Directories

 Canadian Business Directory                     Industry Canada      

 Canadian Yellow Pages Directory                 Maclean Magazine                              Top 100 Employers
 211 Community Connection                               Red Toronto
 Information Niagara –
 The Orange Book                                 The Niagara Directory            
Professional Associations
      Association of Translators and Interpreters of Ontario
      Canadian Associations and Affiliates
      Canadian Association of Applied Linguistics
      Canadian Association of Second Language Teachers
      German-Canadian Association Links
      Literary Translators’ Association of Canada
      Modern Language Association
      Ontario Modern Language Teachers’ Association
      TESL Canada

                                   Internships, Exchanges & Volunteering
     Campus Access
     Career Edge                   
                                             Ontario Internship Program
     Charity Village               
                                             The BIG Guide to Living and
     Exchanges Canada                        Working Overseas           

     Global Experiences                      Volunteer Canada     

 Further Education and Training
                                            Kaplan Test Prep and Admissions

   Canadian Universities and Colleges       School Finder  

   Graduate Schools                         Peterson’s Educational Planner        

                                        Career and Job Search Resources

     Brock University Career Services           Job Futures             

     Career Cruising                            The Vault           

     Cultural Careers Council of Ontario        Workopolis             

     Joint Centre for Bioethics                 Wow Jobs              

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