Sustainable development and information technology

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					                                      Sustainable development
                                      and information technology

    3rd International Forum TIC21
    October 30 and 31, 2007
    Le Phénix - Valenciennes
    Sustainable development
    and information technology
                                           • Democracy and participation • Energy efficiency
                                           and Environment • Innovation and economic changes
                                           • Innovation, new technologies and research • e-inclusion
                                           • Culture and education •
                                           400 participants, 100 renowned speakers
                                d          and international experts


                    Un ovate                Priority for 2007:
                     Inn ver
                                            Information and Communication Technology
                                            for energy efficiency and to fight climate change

                                                  Tel. : +33 (0) 490 07 53 26 •

Under the patronages of Viviane Reding, Member of the European Commission, responsible for Information Society
and Media (EU), and of Jean-Louis Borloo, Minister of Ecology and sustainable Planning and Development (France)
                             ate   d                                                                                            Sustainable development
                          eb rstan
                         D de                                                                                                   and information technology
                          Un vate

                                                                Sustainable development
                                                                and information technology

                                CO-OPERATION                    Cooperating, collaborating, co-producing… TIC 21 is based on the conviction that
                         N EW               S
                                                                new technologies and the information society have a major role to play in the respectful
                                                                development of human and natural resources.
        information                                             ICTs—Information and Communications Technologies—have high and as yet underused
           society                        Sustainable
                                         development            potential for developing and de-materialising exchanges, provided the ICTs are themselves part
                                                                of an ecologically efficient process. Because they nurture a knowledge-based society, ICTs are

                                                                the keys to a new type of governance—and a more responsible world.To support sustainable

                             New                                development, this networked world must remain accessible to all and continue to grow, while


                          technologies                          also dealing responsibly with its own environmental, health and cultural issues.


               AN                                 E
                                                                The international TIC 21 Forum, organised by ACIDD and its partners in France and across
                                                                Europe, provides a venue for encounters and intense exchanges of ideas and information. Its
                                                                goal is to bring together players in sustainable development, new technologies and the
                                                                information society in a network, so that together they can find new solutions and plan
                                                                future actions.
              « Our biggest challenge is to reorganise society before dwindling resources force us
             Jean-Louis Borloo,
                                   towards a society of restrictions »
             Minister of ecology, sustainable
             development and planning.                          Mr Borloo will honour us by opening the forum.
             Le Monde newspaper,
             28 September 2007.                                 Global warming and energy efficiency are the main themes of the 2007 edition
                                                                of the international TIC 21 Forum, which is being held at a time in history when new
                                                                policies certain to shape our future are being drawn up on a worldwide scale.
                                                                By bringing together companies, regional authorities, institutions, associations,
                                                                NGOs, the media, universities, scientists and analysts, TIC 21 creates a conver-
                                                                gence of players unlike any other in the world.
                                                                The main objective of the first two editions of the Forum was to bring the various networks
                                                                together. This third edition hopes to provide an opportunity to debate ideas, shed light on
                                                                existing technologies, share and implement best practices, further develop local, national
                                                                and international strategies and bring major decision-makers from institutions, govern-
                                                                ment, the private sector and the media together in a network.
                                                                This Forum is taking place against a very special background: a major nationwide debate
                                                                on France’s environmental policy – the first of its kind in Europe – will be held at the end
                                                                of October and the beginning of November. Much is expected of this debate, which is being
                                                                called the “Grenelle of the Environment” in reference to the 1968 Grenelle Agreement.
                                                                The fast-approaching French presidency of the European Union, from 1st July to 31
                                                                December 2008, will provide an opportunity to point out the clear convergence of sustai-
                                                                nable development and information technologies on the European (or even world) level
                                                                and engage in new strategies and actions.
                                                                Because research is of vital importance, TIC 21 will receive 15 delegations of scientists
                                                                from all over the world. For the same reason, TIC 21 will also be taking the initiative in
                                                                creating a multi-stakeholder European think tank.
                                                                Local authorities play a major role, so regional governance is also at the heart of the TIC 21
               ate   d                                                                                 Sustainable development
            eb rstan
           D de                                                                                        and information technology
            Un vate

                                    Programme                                         All plenary sessions and workshops will be
                                                                                      translated simultaneously in French and English

Tuesday 30 October
         Working together using information technology to act against climate change
         ½ Jean-Louis BORLOO, Minister for Ecology, Development and Sustainable Regional Planning
         ½ Daniel PERCHERON, President of the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region
         ½ Dominique RIQUET, Mayor of Valenciennes
         ½ Prof. Debdas BANERJEE, Institute of Development Studies Kolkata, Inde
         ½ Frans de BRUÏNE, Director of “ICT adressing Societal Challenges”, DG Information Society and Media, European Commission
         ½ Prof. Sudip K. RAKSHIT, Asian Institute of Technology, Thaïlande
         ½ Gilles BERHAULT, President of ACIDD, chairman of TIC21
          Focus group                      Focus group                Focus group Innovation         Focus group
          Democracy and society            Environment                and economic changes           Education and culture-sharing
          Participation and media          From negative impacts      Competitiveness,               Sustainable development and
          for the citizen                  to eco-design?             employment                     the information society,
                                                                      and innovation                 towards a common culture?
01:00 pm LUNCH (12:30-2:00 pm closed lunch meeting with research delegations, chaired by Frans de BRUÏNE, European Commission)
02:00 pm PLENARY CONFERENCE Information and Communication Technology for urban sustainability
         ½ Daniel KAPLAN, Manager Next Generation Internet Foundation (FING)
         ½ Philippe LEMOINE, Laser and FING Chairman
         ½ Charles SECRETT, London Development Agency
         ½ Véronique PRINET, Institute of Automation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences
          Focus group                      Focus group                Focus group Innovation         Focus group
          Democracy and society            Environment                and economic changes           Education and culture-sharing
          Adapting to climate              Building energy            The Knowledge Economy          Communication
          changes                          efficiency                                                of local authorities
05:30 pm Award ceremony of TIC21 for sustainable innovation
         ½ chaired by Pierre Mirabaud, interministerial delegate for regional planning and competitiveness
06:30 pm Introduction of the partner organisations of TIC21 on the Focus groups - COCKTAIL
07:30 pm The paradoxe of Erika, creation of the theatrical Compagny “La Tribouille” (French)
Wednesday 31 October
          Focus group Democracy and society Founding of a European Think-do-Tank network for TIC and Sustainable Development
          Pôle Environnement Organization and partnerships for the re-use of computers and telephones
          Focus group           Focus group                           Focus group Innovation         Focus group
          Democracy and society Environment                           and economic changes           Education and culture-sharing
          Common goods          Sustainable mobility                  Economy                        Raising awareness on
          Copyright                                                   and the regions                the information society
12:30 am LUNCH
01:30 pm CLOSING SESSION Evaluation of the workshops and working groups and
           e-Inclusion and sustainable development
           ½ Valérie PECRESSE, Minister of Higher Education & Research*
           ½ Catherine TRAUTMANN, Vice-chair of the ITRE Commission, European Commission
           ½ Susan BINNS, director, DG INFSO
           ½ Bettina LAVILLE, “Conseil d'Etat” Councillor, Chair of comité 21
           ½ Bekisisa Livingstone NKALA, Witwatersrand University, South Africa
           ½ Tony VETTER, International Institute for Sustainable Development, Canada                               * subject to change
           ate   d                                                                       Sustainable development
        eb rstan
       D de                                                                              and information technology
        Un vate

                               Confirmed Speakers

Philippe Aigrain, Sopinspace            Sarah Martin, ADEME                       Chistoph Oliver Stork,
                                                                                  Witwatersrand University,
Alain Anglade, ADEME                    Dominique Martin-Ferrari,
                                        Gaïa Network                              South Africa
Marie-France Barthet, DIACT
                                        Jean-Luc Martin-Lagardette,               Jouko Strand, Technopolis Ventures,
Gilles Berhault, ACIDD                  Agora Vox                                 Finlande
Martin Booth, Ncomputing                Dominique Mégard, CAPCOM,                 Ronan Uhel, Agence européenne
Jacques Bregeon, CHEEDD                 commnication publique et territoriale     de l'environnement
Bruno Cassette, Région                  Alain Mestre, Syndex
                                                                                  Guillaume Uster, Institut national
Basse-Normandie                         Karel Frits Mulder, Delft University      de recherche sur les transports
Alain Chauveau, journaliste             of technology, Netherlands                et leur sécurité

Hugues Cochard, Alternativ Channel      Luis Neves, GeSI
                                                                                  Raymond Van Ermen, European
                                        Pascal Nicolle, La suite dans les idées   partners for the environment
Richard Collin, ICCE
                                        Christian Ollivry, Alliance TICs          Magali Vergnet, Mairie de Paris
Thierry Demuyser, ACF/CSC
                                        Paulo Partidario, Institut national       Paul Vermeylen, Ramboll-
Pascal Dubois, Ville de Valenciennes
                                        d'ingénierie, Technologie de
Florence Durand-Tornare,                l'innovation, Portugal
Villes-internet                                                                   Tony Vetter, International Institute
                                        Dirk-Jan Peet, Delft University
Fabrice Flipo, INT                      of technology, Netherlands                for Sustainable Development, Canada

Monika Fossati, Ekwo                    Gilles Pennequin, DIACT (ex-Datar)        Stéphane Vincent, Cabinet
                                        Pierre Perez, Délégation aux usages       Proposition
Chekib Garbi, Digiport
                                        de l'internet
Michel Gyory, juriste                                                             Robert Vinet, Community Chest
                                        Jean-Paul Pinte, Université
Pierre Jarret, Adullact                 catholique de Lille                       Ioannis Vournas, Technical
                                                                                  University of Athens, Greece
László Kalmar, University of Miskolc,   Ludovic Piron-Palliser,
Hongrie                                 Association des maires des grandes        Raoul Weiler, Chapître européen
                                        villes de France                          du Club de Rome
Daniel Kaplan, FING
                                        Jean Pouly, Agence de Solidarité
Wolfgang H. Koch, University of         numérique
Science and Technology in Trondheim,
Norvège                                 Véronique Prinet, Institute
                                        of Automation of the Chinese
Helena Korolewska, University           Academy of Sciences
of Technology, Pologne
                                        Sudip K. Rakshit, Asian Institute
Stéphane Le Masson, France              of Technology, Thaïlande
                                        Hervé Rannou, Items International
Linda Lescuyer, CODDE,
expertise en éco-conception et          Charles Secrett , London
développement durable                   development agency
          ate   d                                                                   Sustainable development
       eb rstan
      D de                                                                          and information technology
       Un vate

                           Side Events

                           The TIC21 Awards for sustainable innovation
                           A unique occasion to award the initiators of innovating projects which contri-
                           bute to new initiatives in the fields of sustainable development: energy effi-
                           ciency, participation, environmental impacts, education,…
                           A single criterion – innovation serving sustainable development. Competition
                           open to all types of projects/achievements, public or private initiatives
                           To participate:- >

                           Research and sustainable development
                           15 European and International research delegations coming from Africa,
                           Germany, Bulgaria, China, Canada, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, the
                           Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Thailand... will be present in
                           Valenciennes to coordinate their actions and research agendas

                           Founding of a European Think-do-tank network “ICT
                           and sustainable development ”
                           Pursuant to the creation in 2006 of the French Think tank by the DIACT (a
                           French governmental body), a European network on “TIC, Sustainable
                           Development and Territories” is currently being established. The first meeting
                           shall take place in Valenciennes and be open to all participants attending the
                           TIC21 Forum.

                           The “Factory” : a special area entirely dedicated to the display of concrete tools
                           and equipment, existing good practices, innovative products and services that
                           contribute to the various fields of sustainable development.
                           During the two days of the Forum, you will be able to meet their initiators and
                           inventors and exchange your experiences, learn, discuss, debate…

TIC21 and the Media
Adds in Le Point, La Tribune, Le Point Etudiants, Terra economica, Citizen-e, Archimag, EKWO, Environnement
Magazine, Territoires numériques, Journal des communes, Acteurs publics, Veille Magazine...

22 spots on radio BFM (dealing with economical issues)
10 spots, daily debates, interviews with key figures and special broadcasts on France 24
Communication on several events : Cap’com, ICCE, Global Forum...

Communication of our media and networks partners (newsletters, websites, publications) : Caisse des
dépôts et consignation, Comité 21 – French committee for sustainable dévelopment, AFNET,Valenciennes
Métropole, ADEME, ETNO, Major mayors cities association, French Regions association, Ramboll-Management,
Villes Internet, GeSI, Eurocities, Committee of the Regions, EurActive,, DIACT,
DG INFSO of the European Commission, DG Research, DG Regional policy, United Nations,, European Trade Union Confederation…
… and other European partnerships being established well as several thousand contacts of Acidd and its partners                              * subject to change
          ate   d                                                            Sustainable development
       eb rstan
      D de                                                                   and information technology
       Un vate
                         The TIC21 programme
                         TIC21 is a think-do-tank run by the ACIDD association,
                         (Sustainable development Communication and Information Association).

TIC21 is:
                           An annual TIC21 Forum, a TIC21 flagship event organized by ACIDD
                           and its French and European partners

                           A monthly Think Tank in France with the DIACT (Delegation for
                           regional planning and competitiveness) (formerly DATAR) on "ICT,
                         sustainable development and regional issues"

                           The EuropeanTIC21 mini-forum, held in Brussels, with the
                           European Union Committee of the Regions

                           Meetings and working groups on topics concerning the role of
                           sustainable development in ICT training, practice and technologies

And also… (projects currently underway)
                           A European resource and best practice platform
                           A think-do-tank network
                           The TIC21 European Club
                           Raising awareness on information society among children
                           and teenagers

The ACIDD association
ACIDD – European association for sustainable development communication and information – is a non-
lucrative association formed under the French act of 1901, created in 2000 and is chaired by Gilles
Berhault. ACIDD runs three programmes:
- Communication and information for sustainable development,TIC21, and @ctivist! – raising awareness
among children on the information society.
ACIDD is the Administrator of Comité 21, the French committee for sustainable development,
Coordinator of the United Nations' Information Society World Summit 'sustainable development'
parliamentary wing (SMSI), Administrator of European Partners for the Environment, European
Commission expert and member of Adwiser.
           ate   d                                                                    Sustainable development
        eb rstan
       D de                                                                           and information technology
        Un vate

                                           TIC21 Verbatim

Michel Delebarre,                          “I will be extremely happy to see your project create or generate
President of the European Union            new networks that we could support and which would enable
Committee of the Regions                   initiatives to be multiplied and become widespread. Your proposals
                                           will provide us with ideas for our regions…”

Catherine Trautmann,                       “The three pillars of the future are ICT, sustainable development
European Deputy, Vice-chair                and research. To which we should add culture… We will act as
of the ITRE Commission                     relay for your work!”

Luis Neves,
Chairman of GeSI (Global                   “We want to work with other players to meet other sustainability
e-Sustainability Initiatives)              challenges…”

Hervé Leguyader,
Chairman of Eris@                          “The TIC21 initiative raises the issue of regional planning. The
                                           issues are global, we are in concordance with the Lisbon agenda.”
Jérôme Bindé,
Director of UNESCO's Division              “Sustainable development cannot be conceived without knowledge
of Foresight                               societies, the key to human development.”

                        Contacts Chairman and business partnerships: Gilles Berhault
                                      +33 613 60 49 44                
                                  TIC21 Project Manager: Solène Bourdais
                                       +33 686 17 59 18                
                                  International Research and Nord-Pas-de-Calais Coordinator
                                        AREE, Ingrid Jurriens +33 666 19 52 15
                                  European Coordinator: Frédérique Westhoff
                                       +33 683 624 080                 
                                  Factory and demo Coordinator: Marion Sifreu
                                        +33 611 73 27 76            
                                  Press relation in France: Fanny Mercier/Agence Verte
                                        +33 149 29 42 75               
                                  Media partnerships: Caroline Martin-Verdi/VD-Com
                                       +33 624 648 639                
           ate   d                                     Sustainable development
        eb rstan
       D de                                            and information technology
        Un vate

                        The active partners of TIC21

Major partners

Network Partners


Media Partners