Information Technology Enterprise Solutions-2 Services (ITES-2S)

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					           How to Use ITES-2S                                       ITES-2S Partners

   Access the it e-mart at
   Under the “Contracts” tab, you will see a link
   to the Contracts pages for each of the 16
   ITES-2S vendors. On each of the pages you
   will find:                                                                                                            Information Technology
          Government Ordering Guide                                                                                       Enterprise Solutions-2
          Labor Rates / Average Labor Rates
          Tutorial on posting RFPs on it e-mart                                                                             Services (ITES-2S)
          POCs / Contact information for
          Government and Vendor(s)
                                                     Contractor                               Contract Number
Task Order Process:
                                                    IBM Corporation                            W91QUZ-06-D-0010
   Technical POC and Ordering KO develop a             QSS Group, Inc.                         W91QUZ-06-D-0011
                                                    General Dynamics IT                        W91QUZ-06-D-0012
   SOW, SOO or PWS; IGCE; evaluation
                                                    Electronic Data Systems (EDS)              W91QUZ-06-D-0013
   criteria; funding document                       Apptis, Inc.                               W91QUZ-06-D-0014
   Post the SOW/SOO/PWS requirements                   STG, Inc.                               W91QUZ-06-D-0015
                                                    SAIC                                       W91QUZ-06-D-0016
   package on it e-mart via RFP link                Lockheed Martin Integrated Systems         W91QUZ-06-D-0017
   Select the due date for responses (default is    Computer Sciences Corp (CSC)               W91QUZ-06-D-0018
                                                    Booz Allen Hamilton, Inc.                  W91QUZ-06-D-0019
   10 days - adjust according to complexity of      CACI ISS, Inc.                             W91QUZ-06-D-0020
   task)                                            Harris                                     W91QUZ-07-D-0001
                                                       Pragmatics, Inc.                        W91QUZ-07-D-0002
   Technical POC and Ordering KO evaluate           BAE Systems IT                             W91QUZ-07-D-0003
   proposals received                               NCI Information Systems, Inc.              W91QUZ-07-D-0004          Office of the Project Director, CHESS
                                                    Northrop Grumman IT, Inc.                  W91QUZ-07-D-0005
   Ordering KO and selected vendor negotiate                                                                                        Attn: SFAE-PS-CH
   for better pricing                                                      - Small Business                                    Building 283, Squier Hall
   Ordering KO awards task order directly to                                                                                    Ft. Monmouth, NJ 07703
                                                                      CHESS ITES-2S POC
   winning prime, and notifies unsuccessful
                                                                           Marian Keitelman
                                                                                                                                Toll Free: 888.232.4405
                                                                            Product Leader
   Timeline for acquisition is determined by                           732-427-6792 (DSN: 987)

   ordering KO / Customer
                                                                          ITEC-4 POCs
                                                            Chris Daoulas                   Stacy Watson
                                                         Contracting Officer   Contracting Officer/Contract Specialist
                                                      703-325-4573 (DSN: 221)
                                                                                      703-325-3315 (DSN: 221)
                                                                                               November 2008
          ITES-2S Contract                                                                                       Primary Goods & Services

                    Overview                                                                            ITES-2S solutions are categorized by Task Areas,
                                                                                                        which are subdivided into sub-task areas that
The ITES-2S scope includes a full range of services                                                     further define the scope.
and solutions necessary for the Army to satisfy its
support of Army Net-centric goals with Information                                                      Task Areas include, but are not limited to the
Technology (IT) services worldwide.                                                                     following:

                                                                                                           Business Process Reengineering – Business
                                                                    Features                            Case Analysis, Gap Analysis, Risk
                   Advantages                           $20B Contract Value                                Information Systems Security – Computer
                                                        Performance-based ID/IQ                         Security Incident Response
The fundamental purpose of ITES-2S is to support        3 year base with 3, 2-year options                 Information Assurance – Disaster
the Army enterprise infrastructure and infostructure    No Government CHESS fee                         Recovery, Continuity of Operation,
with a full range of innovative, world class                                                            Contingency Planning, Security Architecture
                                                        Services contract, with incidental hardware/    Design
information technology support services and
                                                        software installation/integration included         Information Technology Services –
solutions at a reasonable price. ITES-2S solutions
                                                             Minor construction allowable               Biometrics, Configuration Management, Video
enhance Army Net-operations/Net-centric
                                                        Decentralized task order execution              Teleconferencing, Performance Benchmarking
capabilities and holistically support Army customers,
                                                                                                           Enterprise Design, Integration, and
by providing a common look and feel for Army            Expert DoD compliant architectures
                                                                                                        Consolidation – Information & Knowledge
applications at all levels of both the strategic and    Ordering open to Army, DoD and other            Engineering, Market Research & Prototyping,
tactical Army enterprise. The solutions are in          Federal Agencies                                Integrated Solutions Management
compliance with existing DoD and Department of          Period of Performance: 20 Dec 06 – 19 Dec 15       Network Support – Network &
Army standardization and interoperability policies,                                                     Telecommunications Infrastructure Support,
                                                        Contract types include:
                                                                                                        Office Automation Support, Seat
and enhance Army capabilities by supporting                  Firm Fixed Price                           Management/Asset Management
implementation and partnering in NETCOM’s                    Time and Materials                            Systems Operation and Maintenance –
Networthiness program.                                                                                  Help Desk Support, Computer Center Tech
                                                                                                        Support, Legacy Systems Maintenance
                                                        Labor Rates
                                                                                                           Program/Project Management – IT Policy
                                                             Competitively established – fully          and Planning, Change Management, IT
                                                             burdened rates                             Strategic Planning
                                                             Further discounted rates allowable for        Education/Training
                                                             each task order (negotiable with vendor)