Personnel Management Issues

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					                           When dealing with employees…
                          1. Watch how you're standing
   Personnel Management        men versus women

           Issues         2. In your mind's eye, picture a spotlight
                              on anyone you're speaking to
                               keep your hands still

4.                        7. Avoid offering unsolicited advice in public
5. Subtly mirror              or in private
   people's gestures
   when you're speaking   8. Offer sincere flattery every day to work
   to them                    associates, clients and vendors

                    TIPS….                                        Personnel Disputes
Treat people as you would want to be treated             Solving these disputes
Don't try to manipulate people                           can be done a number of
  They quickly catch on to your game and lose respect,   ways
  motivation and the desire to contribute
                                                         Will vary according to
Look for people who are self-motivated to begin with     the situation

             Separately ????                                          Together????
Eliminates the risk of being caught in the middle of a   Sets the stage for their solving their own
verbal battle
Time-consuming and can actually create problems
Employees are likely to exaggerate or distort the        May be come an argument
issues                                                   Both individuals get their POV heard
Makes it easier for you to be swayed by manipulative
and persuasive tactics
The implication is that you are going to decide what
action will be taken

      Interview all disputants                                       Maintain Control
                                                          Listening tends to reignite anger
Find out how each disputant sees the problem
When disputants feel that they haven't been able to         Be prepared to control such outbursts
tell their stories fully, they are not likely to follow   Use your authority.
through on any resolution plan                              Make a formal appointment to meet with disputants
Avoid ?s that lead disputants into areas that you feel      Subtly but firmly convey the message, "I expect you to
are problems                                                cooperate by following my instructions." This message,
                                                            combined with the fact that you can enact negative
"What happened today?"                                      consequences, is very effective

                 Mediating Conflict
                                                                      Set ground rules
                                                          Begin with an explicit statement of what you
                                                          expect and what can be expected from you.
                                                            "I'm going to begin by finding out about the
                                                            problem. I will talk to you one at a time, about how
                                                            each of you sees the problem. I'll begin with Joe
                                                            and then I'll ask Sam how he sees it."

                                                          If you allow disputants to talk to each other,
                                                          they may start arguing.

            Use your body                                                Use gestures
                          Sit between the disputants     Used for controlling interruptions
                          so, if bickering breaks out,
                          you can quickly lean
                                                         Always avoid pointing or shaking your finger.
                          forward to block the             These gestures can antagonize.
                          disputant's view of one
                          another and redirect their
                          remarks back to you
                                                         A palm-down hand movement can be used without
                          You can stand up between
                                                         turning your head or interrupting the person you're
                          them and restate the ground    interviewing to communicate "Wait!" Or "Be quiet!"

Begin with a low level of force                           Keep disputants on the topic
Should be appropriate to the situation
If you make a strong display of force by                 Interrupt and bring the disputant back by
raising your voice, for example, it will be              summarizing what was said about how he/she
difficult to back down.                                  sees the px
As a rule of thumb, start with a gentle but firm         Maintain a here-and-now focus and stop
manner and escalate the degree of force in               lengthy historical accounts of previous
your voice, words, and gestures as needed to             conflicts
control disputants                                       Focus on one px, the most current one

          Remain impartial
It is vital
Do not say or imply your opinion
Your casual remarks could lead one or both
disputants to feel cornered or judged
Focusing on observable behavior
  What did the person do? Say? When and where did
  it occur?