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									       LESSON OVERVIEW
                                                                                                                                 LESSON 3: Environmental
    LESSON 1: Setting the Scene                     Resources           LESSON 2: How to get coal?          Resource                                                   Resource
                                                                                                                                    Impacts of mining
Brainstorm the key question ‘Is there a                                 Investigate the ways of mining        Resource         Environmental impact of mining        Work Sheet
future for coal?’                                                       with class                           book      Sci                                           ‘An
                                                                                                             Mining - How                                            environmental
                                                                                                              are rocks &      Activity 1: Interpreting diagram      activity’
Activity 1: Create a concept map                                        Activity 1:Brainstorming activity      minerals        and listing environmental impacts     http://learningpla
Future of coal through predicted future                                 Refer to resource book,                 formed                                               ce.com.au/delive
energy demands                                                          Resource 11: What do you know                          Activity 2: Power point               r/content.asp?pid
                                                                                                            http://learningp                                         =39322
                                                   Fact sheet
                                                                        (Student brain storming activity)
Activity 2: Read the fact sheet called                                                                      lace.com.au/up
                                                   ‘Energy Demand’                                          loads/suborgim                                           Power point
‘Energy demand, security and                       http://learningpla   Activity 2: Practical activity      ages/579/The                                             ‘Enviro
technology’ Student highlight and copy             ce.com.au/delive     Refer to resource book,             %20Science%                                              management’
down key figures.                                  r/content.asp?pid    Resource 12: Biscuit mining         20of%20Minin       Rehabilitation of land                Resource Book
                                                   =39322                                                   g%20ch%202.                                              ‘Sci Mining- How
                                                                                                            pdf                                                      does mining
Activity 3: Analyse the graph on the               Fact Sheet
                                                                        For further information                                Activity 3: Teacher/ student          affect
predicts future energy demands                     Graph                Resource 13: Open cut mining                           reading activity see resource         communities?’
                                                   ‘World Primary       Resource 15: Under ground mining                       book, Resource 7: Environmental
Link the concept of increase in steel
                                                   Energy …’            Resource 17: Dredge mining                                                                   http://learningpla
production to increase in population                                                                                           management
                                                                        Resource 18: Leach mining                                                                    ce.com.au/delive
and infrastructure.                                                                                                                                                  r/content.asp?pid
                                                                                                                               Activity 4: Practical                 =39322
Activity 4: Brainstorm answer to the                                                                                           See resource book, Resource 8:
question                                           Brainstorming                                                               Ice cream container mining and
                                                   Blank paper
‘What other products of coal will also             A3 paper
be in higher demand as the population              Glue
grows?                                             Scissors
They should make links in increase in
infrastructure therefore increase requirement of

Brainstorm uses of coal                             ‘What is coal
Activity 5: On blank paper students                used for?
are to write their ideas and then cut              http://learningpla
them out glue onto A3 paper and                    ce.com.au/delive
displayed in room                                  r/content.asp?pid

                                                                                                                               LESSON 6: Alternative
        LESSON 4: Electricity                        Resource              LESSON 5: Clean Coal             Resource                                                   Resource
                                                                                                                               Energies (Wind)
Activity 1: Watch vodcast for coal                 Vodcast              Activity 1: Create an               Power point        Activity 1: Brainstorm various        Power point
process ‘What happens to coal after                ‘What happens to     information poster on Climate       ‘Senior Energy’    alternative energies as a class       ‘Energy’
                                                   coal after mining’                                       http://learningp                                         http://learningpla
mining’                                                                 change using information from       lace.com.au/de                                           ce.com.au/delive
                                                   Link                 fact sheet ‘Climate Change’         liver/content.as   Activity 2: Preview point ‘Energy’    r/content.asp?pid
Activity 2: Student to receive diagram             Diagram                                                  p?pid=39322        (middle school)                       =39322
with explanation of coal to electricity            ‘Stanwell power      Activity 2: Review clean coal
                                                   station’                                                 Fact Sheet
process                                                                 methods on power point ‘Senior      ‘Climate
                                                                                                                               Activity 3: Practical ‘How windy is   Practical
                                                                                                                                                                     ‘Make an
                                                   Download             Energy’                             Change’            it? Make an anemometer to             anemometer to
Activity 3: Students review their                  Interactive                                              http://learningp   measure the wind’                     measure the

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