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How To Twitter For Your Business


How your business can benefit from using Twitter

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									How To Effectively Use Twitter For Your Business

Twitter has evolved from a texting site, where users tweeted random and meaningless messages, to
a platform for information and news. What this has done is to create a situation where you can make
good use of Twitter for your business.

With more and more Internet users opening Twitter accounts and looking to the 140-character
tweets for updates on everything from major news events to the latest menu items at their favorite
restaurant, Twitter has become a great vehicle for keeping your prospects and customers updated. A
look at how businesses use Twitter, reveals that those using it effectively are providing their
followers with the kind of information that they want, and building a relationship with them.

These businesses are sharing a mixture of interesting tidbits that relate to their followers, useful
information that helps their followers, and updates on new releases, products, and services. By
providing their followers with beneficial information, these businesses are retaining followers and
building a relationship with them.

Using Twitter for business is not difficult. It only requires some thought as to how followers will
receive the most benefit from following your business' Twitter activities. As with any marketing
strategies, you need to consider what's in it for your followers. What can you provide them that will
keep them reading your tweets?

Look at your target market and study the profile of your business' perfect prospects and customers.
Consider what they want from your business. Are they looking for advice on the latest fashions? Do
they want to know what the freshest catch at your seafood restaurant is? Will they be happy to get
updates on the unique artwork in your gallery? Do they want tips on keeping their computer
running at optimum performance?

To effectively use Twitter for your business, use it to communicate with your market. Not just
promote to them, but communicate with them by providing the information they want and need.
Step up your communication with your prospects and followers by turning it into a two-way street.
Listen and reply. Provide your follower with the information they are asking for.

By using Twitter and it's mini-blog model to become a provider of useful information to those in
your niche, you can make very effective use of this social network. Create a plan for your business
and follow it, to ensure you are consistently providing your followers with the information and
updates that will build a strong relationship, and lead to more sales and profits.

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