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									            10                                                                                                                            June 2009 The Vineyard

               Port Colborne given Fair Trade status
                                                                                             fair trade. Education and sustaining                    me to start taking action in my own
                                                                                             a fair trade philosophy are crucial to                  community.” Katie Puckering, Grade
                                                                                             achieving Fair Trade Town designation.                  12 student at Lakeshore Catholic High
                                                                                             Towards this goal, Port Colborne’s                      School, Port Colborne, added, “fair
                                                                                             City Council passed a resolution on                     trade shows us that it is easy to make
                                                                                             February 23, 2009 to be a fair trade                    change.”
                                                                                             council. This means that only fair                          Pope John Paul II was clear in
                                                                                             trade sugar, coffee and tea will be used                his encyclical On Social Concern.
                                                                                             at city hall.                                           Solidarity “…is not a feeling of vague
                                                                                                  In February, Stacey Toews, co-                     compassion or shallow distress at the
                                                                                             founder of a 100% fair trade company,                   misfortunes of so many people, both
                                                                                             Level Ground Trading, gave a public                     near and far. On the contrary, it is a
                                                                                             evening lecture in Port Colborne,                       firm and persevering determination to
                                                                                             which he also presented at Niagara                      commit oneself to the common good;
                                                                                             College, Port Colborne High School,                     that is to say, to the good of all and of
                                                                                             Lakeshore Catholic High School and                      each individual, because we are all
                                                                                             Notre Dame College School.           His                really responsible for all.” (#38)
                                                                                             message was clear—our consumption                           We have the opportunity to bring
                                                                                             habits have a direct impact on farmer/                  about positive change in the economy.
In February 2009 Stacey Toews (standing) addressed residents of Port Colborne on achieving
                                                                                             producers. He emphasized that we                        Fair trade is exponentially increasing
the status of a Fair Trade Town. On May 13, 2009, Port Colborne was notified by Transfair
Canada that it had successfully achieved recognition as Ontario’s first Fair Trade Town.     vote with money, whether we know                        throughout the nation and region. Just
Congratulations Port Colborne!                                                               it or not. Each time we choose to                       by purchasing fair trade we are living
By LISA BOWERS-YOUNG                          without. Fair trade is an economic             purchase a product, we support the                      the values Jesus taught us. You can
                                              model that goes beyond the typical             system that it reflects. He asks that we                further help by asking local grocers
     For many, fair trade is a new                                                           support a system that is socially aware                 and restaurants to offer fair trade
concept, but in Port Colborne, Ontario,       consumer concern—purchase price.
                                                   While purchase price is important,        and responsible.                                        products.
the idea seems to be on everyone’s                                                                Bryn Crandles, Grade 9 student at                      Help raise awareness by making
mind. The city, usually known for             it only recognizes the final stage in a
                                              chain of relationships beginning with          Notre Dame College School, Welland,                     your community a Fair Trade Town.
being one of the busiest inland ports in                                                     said that Stacey’s “presentation helped                 Visit http://transfair.ca/en/fairtradetown
Canada, has recently become Ontario’s         the producer/farmer and ending with
                                              us. Buying a product that is certified         me to understand how the choices we                     or email portcolborne@villages.ca to
first Fair Trade Town.                                                                       make in our every day lives affect                      find out more about Port Colborne’s
     The Fair Trade Town movement             to be fair trade means that we know
                                              the producer/farmer has received a             others across the world. It encouraged                  continuing fair trade events.
began in 2000 with the UK town of
Garstang. Since then 100’s of European        fair price for the product. Most often
towns have successfully achieved Fair         the co-operatives that are committed to
Trade status while Scotland hopes to be       producing fair trade products reinvest
a Fair Trade Nation by the end of 2009.       their profits in education and health
In Canada, Wolfville, Nova Scotia, and        care.
                                                   Fair trade is not about charity, it is
La Pêche, Québec, are the only towns
                                              about justice. It transforms the lives
                                                                                                                      have you seen us lately?
that have achieved Fair Trade Town
status as designated by the national          of those who produce the goods. The
fair trade labeling organization,             social teachings of the church reinforce
Transfair Canada.                             the necessity to consider incorporating
     So, what is this phenomenon              more fair trade in daily spending.
sweeping the region, the nation and                We are further blessed to have
the world? How does it align with             prophets among us to show us the
the church’s social teachings and             way. The parish community of St.
the Catholic ethos? For the Catholic          Kevin, Welland, has given feet to the
believer Fair Trade is simply an              gospel and become a fair trade zone,
expression of who God calls us to be.         while Notre Dame College School,
     In Economic Justice For All, a           Welland, has had a thriving Fair Trade           subscribe today
pastoral letter written in 1986, the US       Club for the past three years. Together,         Fill in the coupon, clip out and mail.
Conference of Bishops asked Catholics         parish and school are educating and
to recognize that the “economy                evangelizing while providing easier                ■ YES! Please send me my 47 issues of The Catholic Register for just $40.70
should work for people, and not               access to fair trade products.                       or 94 issues (2 years) for just $74.30

the other way around.” They also                   Port Colborne is fertile ground for           ■ Senior/Students 47 issues (one year) $35.95 / 94 issues (2 years) $67.25
highlighted that “the dignity of the          the fair trade message. The presence
human person, realized in community           and success of Ten Thousand Villages,              ■ Gift Subscription         ■ New Subscriber

with others, is the criterion against         a non profit Fair Trade Organization               Name
which all aspects of economic life must       (FTO) and member of the International
be measured.” Fair Trade makes these          Fair Trade Association (IFAT) and                  Address
goals a living option.                        many other shops and restaurants
     Typically those in the Global            offering fair trade products, have                 City
South labour in unpredictable markets         greatly assisted the Fair Trade Town
to provide coffee, tea, sugar, bananas,       Steering Committee’s work.                         Province                                                  Postal Code

oranges, chocolate and other goods                 The committee was formed
that we simply can’t imagine living           September 2008 and since then it has               Phone
                                              been busy spreading the message of                 ■ Cheque/Money order enclosed              ■ Visa     ■ Mastercard      ■ Bill Me

                    The Environment                                                              Card #

                               by DENNIS MALONE                                                  Exp. date                                      Telephone

 Ten Commandments for the Environment                                                            Name of cardholder      (please print)

                                                                                                 Detach this coupon and mail it to:
                                                                                                    The Catholic Register, 1155 Yonge St., Ste. 401, Toronto, ON, M4T 1W2
 1. You shall show care and compassion to all God’s creatures.
                                                                                                       Web www.catholicregister.org or E-mail: circ@catholicregister.org
 2. You shall follow the three Rs—reduce, reuse, recycle.                                                  For Faster Service Fax it to 416-934-3409. For extra copies call 416-934-3410   07/NSC
 3. You shall only consume what you need.
 4. You shall not kill any creature for sport.
 5. You shall not pollute the rivers, lakes, and oceans.
                                                                                                                      Refugee Centres
                                                                                                                           within the
 6. You shall attempt to lower your consumption of fossil fuels.                                                        Diocese of St. Catharines
 7. You shall become an active conservationist.
 8. You shall avoid the use of petroleum-based products like plastics.                        Casa el Norte             Chez Marie Refuge St. Clare Refugee Centre
 9. You shall think global and act local.                                                    281 Central Avenue             16 Pelham Road                      309 Beatrice Street
 10. You shall strive to leave a livable planet for your children and grandchildren.           Fort Erie, Ont              St. Catharines, Ont                     Welland, Ont
                                                                                                905-871-4483                  905-682-5795                  905-892-2428 or 905-732-3950

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