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									911 Calls Tell Story Of Love Gone Wrong
POSTED: 4:53 pm EST December 12, 2008
UPDATED: 6:37 pm EST December 12, 2008

WEST CHESTER, Ohio -- Carol Ditmyer was recovering Friday night after being shot several times by
her ex-boyfriend.
Ditmyer's ordeal started Thursday night when Ditmyer’s ex-boyfriend, Carl Runck, began following her to
Fairfield Township.
When he caught up with her, police said, he shot her at least four times in the chest and legs while she sat
in her car.

Immediately, 911 dispatchers started receiving a flood of calls.
“There’s gunshots outside of our house,” said one caller.
“The guy comes out of the white car and starts shooting into the windows of the white van,” said another
Ditmyer managed to drive about a mile away to the tattoo parlor where she had worked.
From there, another call to 911 was placed. When the dispatcher asked the caller who had shot Ditmyer,
the caller was heard asking someone, “Who shot you?”
Ditmyer’s voice can be heard in the background saying, “Carl Runck. He must hate me because we broke
Ditmyer was taken to University Hospital, where she was recovering Friday night.
Runck drove himself to West Chester after the shooting. It’s there that authorities said he committed
suicide, shooting himself once in the head. It's also where the final 911 calls were made.
“He kind of huddled up against the building for a minute. Then I heard a gunshot,” said another caller.
“He just dropped instantly.”
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