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									Ali Zeeshan Khan
Web Address:
Qtr #.9, Near Medina Masjid, Qasba Colony, Mangopeer Road, Orangi Town .Karachi 75800.
Cell: 0300-2296223                                    E-mail:

               Looking for an excellent and challenging job as IT Systems Engineer, Network
Administrator, Software and Web Developer in the fields of Computing Engineering and
Information Technology. Where my abilities, talent and certifications can be fully utilized.
Summary of Qualification:
     Network      Administration: Ethernet    network installation, configuration, and
      administration… Microsoft Windows Nt4…Windows2000 Server…Windows2000
      Advanced Server … Windows2003 Enterprise Server…..Microsoft Exchanger Server…Microsoft ISA Server
      2000….Microsoft ISA Server 2004 Directory tree design…Web Server installation.
     Project Coordination: Setting and maintaining Computer Labs, Internet cafés. Internet Cable nets for LAN
      and Wan on Wireless access points as well as remote access possibilities using DDP, DSL, ISDN, leased
      lines and TV channels on LAN using single TV Tuner card consistently Meeting project deadlines.
     System Analyst and Software Developer: Managing, Designing and Maintaining the various kinds
      Network Based Database Management Systems and Online Centralized Database Management System for
      view around the world globally using Different and latest software technologies.
Working Experience:
     Now Working as Project Manager and Team Leader in “Overseas Pvt. Limited (US Based)” since
      November 2005 to till.
             o   Job Responsibilities:
                        Managing and Designing complete layout for Web Development and E-Commerce Projects.
                        Designing and approving all printing material related to the Desktop Publishing Projects.
                        Responsible for the Team Operations and Development Testing on Local Server as well
                         online servers.
                        Responsible for Critical Database Backup for Database Management Systems and Web
                         Development FTP.
     Worked as Asst. Manager (Systems Engineer & Network Administrator) under MIS / I T Departments in
      “Pakistan Synthetics Limited” since September 2003 to November 2005.
             o   Job Responsibilities:
                        Managing and Designing complete Network, Hardware and Software Infra-structure of the
                         company with globally access from around the world including live transmission of the plant
                         camera plus specialized Security through implementation of Microsoft Windows 2000
                         Server/2003 with Domain (Users and Group Policies) Enterprise Server/ISA Server
                        Installing and Maintaining YokoGawa Cs3000 System. (DCS) Distributed Control System
                         and Mitsubishi / Trilogy (PLC) Pregnable Logic Controller.
                        Designing, Analyzing and Deploying the Online Centralized Database Management System
                         (Including Online Log Events, Accounts Management System, Inventory Control System,
                         Attendance Pay Roll System, Human Resource System, Research and Development
                         System) of Whole Plant on Network and as well as on Internet for Management and
                         Officials using Windows 2003 Network Infrastructure, SQL Server Database Services,
                         Visual Basic and ASP Front End.
                        Maintaining the CAD-CAM System with Plotting & Printing for PRD Division (Planning,
                         Research & Development Departments).
                        Responsible for Critical Database Backup for DCS and Centralized Database Management
             o   Achievements and Promotions:
                            Promoted after two months to Systems Engineer & Network Administrator from
                             Technical Officer (IT Department).
                            Special Increment after 6 months of appointment.
                            Promoted to Asst. Manager of IT Department directly report to General Manager.
                              Project Leader for Installing the Domain Server and Centralized Database Management
                              Junior Project Leader for Installing the Jenbacher Generators connected with Local
                               Area Network Server.
    Worked as Project Leader Specialist (Web Development & Desktop Publishing / Graphics Designer) in
     “Pakistani Clicks Pvt. Limited” Since January 2003 to August 2003.
            o   Achievements and Promotions:
                          Promoted after Six months to Project Leader from a Web Developer who lead the
                           Coordinators and Subordinators for Web Development and Desktop Publishing Section.
    Proficient in Making Graphical Web Pages and Database Management Systems and all IT Solutions; and
     still working on Projects.
                                             Online Database Systems                         
                                                 Websites Projects                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               
                                          Database Management Systems
    The Shahi Iqra Academy (Fees, Salary Statement,          The Shahi Computer          Institute   (Fees,   Salary
    Expenses)                                                Statement, Expenses)
    Ruknuddin Institute of Management & Information
                                                             Bright Carrier School (Database Software).
    Technology (Database Software).
    Inventory Control System RAJA Shipping.                  Accounts System of Bilal Blocks.
    Inventory Control and Store Management System of         Accounts    Management      System      for   Pakistan
    Pakistan Synthetics Limited.                             Synthetics Limited.
    Desktop Publishing / Graphics Designing
    All Printing Material of JAMA Masjid Shahi Madarsa &     All Printing Material of RIMIT (Broachers, Letter Heads,
    Trust (Broachers, Letter Heads, Templates, Visiting      Admission Forms, Templates, Visiting Cards, Sign
    Cards, Sign Boards, etc)                                 Boards, etc.)
                                                             All Printing Material of Bright Carrier School
    All Printing Material of Al hafza School System
                                                             (Broachers,     Letter    Heads,    Admission     Forms,
    (Broachers, Letter Heads, Admission Forms, Templates,
                                                             Templates, Visiting Cards, Fee Receipts, Report Cards,
    Visiting Cards, Fee Receipts, Reports Cards, etc)
                                                Networking Projects
                                                             Web Server, Internet Firewall Server, Domain Server of
    Web Server of Fariya Networks.
                                                             Pakistan Synthetics Limited.

Academic Qualification:
    Applied for B.S (Information Systems Engineering) from PIMSAT in 2004.
    Cleared the Intermediate (F. Sc) Examination in Pre-Engineering from Karachi Board of Intermediate in
    Cleared the Matriculation (T.S.C) in Electronics from Sindh Board of Technical Education in 2000.
Technical Qualification:
    Diploma in Associate Engineering (Electronics) from Sindh Board of Technical Education in 2003.
    Diploma in Information Technology (D.I.T) from Sindh Board of Technical Education in and Skills
     Development Council in 2003.
Technical Skills:
I have sound knowledge of given below Applications, Packages and Languages.

                                          Computer Applications
     Operating Systems                        :   DOS, Windows 9x, Win NT, UNIX
     Word Processor                           :   Word Star, Word Perfect.
     Spread Sheet                             :   Lotus 123, Peachtree
     Ms Office                                    Ms Word, Ms Excel, Ms Power Point, Ms Publisher, Ms Front
     Macromedia Family                            Macromedia Dream Weaver, Macromedia Flash, Macromedia
                                              :   Freehand, Macromedia Director, Macromedia Icon Maker,
                                                  Macromedia Cold Fusion.
     Adobe Packages                               Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Page Maker, Adobe Image Ready,
                                                  Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premier.
     Graphics Utilities                           Corel Draw, Corel Photo Paint, Inpage (Urdu), Freehand,
                                              :   Printing Techniques, Scanning, Magazine Layout Designing,
                                                  Logo Making.
     Client Side Scripts                      :   JAVA Script, VB Script.
     Server Side Scripts                      :   ASP, PHP, Cold Fusion MX, Pearl CGI, JSP.
     Databases                                :   MS SQL Server, Ms Access, FoxPro, Oracle SQL *.
                                      System Hardware & Networking
     Computer Hardware                            System Assembling, Hard Disk Partition, Driver & Software
                                              :   Installation and Operating System Installation, Trouble
                                                  Shooting, System Maintenance.
     Networking                               :   Local Area Networking (LAN)
                                                            Administration and Maintenance of Network (Windows
                                                             2000 Server and 95/98 Clients).
                                                            Managing the User Accounts and their rights with
                                                             network security.
                                                            Understanding of Network Cabling Concepts and
                                                             Preparation of Various Networking Cables like cross
                                                             over and straight through etc.
                                                            Working Experience of Cabling, Installation of LAN
                                                             Devices HUB and Switches.
                                                            Installation, trouble shooting and Network Designing
                                                             using WIN NT Operating System and their clients.
                                                  Wide Area Networking (WAN)
                                                            Can Configure Server on the www.
                                                            Configure IIS (Internet Information System) on WAN.
                                                            Can run and programmed online Database
                                                             Management System on Internet.
                                                            Connecting Network to Network by using Telephone
                                                             Lines and Communicate the Database Management
     Computing Engineering                    :   Auto Cad 2000/2D & 3 D Home Architecture and 3 D Studio
                                                  Max, Primavera and MS Project for Planning Developing and
                                                  Implementing the R & D (Research and Development).
                                   Electronics and Industrial Controlling
     PLC                                      :   Software and Simulators:
                                                  Having good knowledge of Interfacing Trilogy, Mitsubishi and
                                                  Omron PLCs to System Network, Ladder Programming and
                                                  Hardware Interconnection.
                                                  Hardware and Controlling
                                                  Panel Designing, Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Electro Pneumatic
                                                  Controls and Inverter Driven Equipments.
     Electro-Mechanics                        :   Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Electro Pneumatic, Inverters, Micro
                                                  Controllers and Processors.
     DCS                                      :   YOKOGAWA CS 3000 both FCS Nest and Nodes
                                                  Communication with HIS Software.

    One year Certificate in English Language from “The American Language Center”.
    One month Certificate in Business Communication from “The Institute of Business Communication”.
Online Certifications:
    MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional).
    MCIW (Microsoft Certified of Internet Web Mastering).
Technical Trainings:
    Network Training of DATA NET SOLUTIONS (CCNA, MCSE, Red Hat Linux, OCP) from “Onwire Network
     Training Center”.
    Technical Training of PLC, Electro-Pneumatic, Hydraulic and Pneumatic Controls (Omron, Mitsubishi) from
     “Pak Swiss Training Center”.
    Technical Training of PLC Software (Siemens S7 400) model PLC with Simulation and Hardware
Extra Skills:
    Having knowledge about PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) and Ladder – STL Programming.
    Having knowledge of DCS (Distributed Control System) and their Software Applications.
    Network Data Transfer system using Automation Commander from DCS, PLC and SCADA based system to
     Personal Computer System.
    Well versed in English Speaking.
Typing Speed:
    Approximately 30 wpm.
    Creative Web Development, Software Programming, Graphics Designing and Desktop Publishing.
    Playing Cricket, Reading Books and Body Building.
Personal Information:
    Full Name                       :         Ali Zeeshan Khan
    Father Name                     :         Zafar ullah Khan
    Date of Birth                   :         3 January 1984.
    Place of Birth                  :         Karachi.
    NIC No.                         :         42501-1537316-9
    Passport No.                    :         -
    Domicile / PRC                  :         Karachi / Sindh
    Marital Status                  :         Single
    Religion                        :         Islam
    Nationality                     :         Pakistani
    Phone (Home)                    :         92 (021) 6665491
    Cellular No.                    :         0300-2296223
    Address                         :         Qtr # 9, Near Madina Masjid, Qasba Colony, Mangopeer
                                               Road, Orangi Town.Karachi.75800.
    Mr. Iqbal Hadi Zaidi, Ex Business and Manpower Advisor, Pakistan Embassy, Kuwait.

       Tel + Fax 3715102 Mobile 6229897 Email

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