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					                                       GRADE 4 SCIENCE
                                 Test Description for WEATHER
                                (Import File: 4.SC.Weather.0708)

                                                                             Number of Items
                 SOL Objectives
                                                             Total        Mastery             Partial Mastery
SOL 4.6a (PWC 4.5.1A,B)
                                                               7              6                       5
Weather measurements and meteorological tools
SOL 4.6b (PWC 4.5.1C)
                                                              11              9                       7
Weather phenomena
                                         TOTAL                18

                                   Test Description for WEATHER

 SOL Objective            Essential Knowledge and Skills                       Item Descriptions             Item #
SOL 4.6a          Compare and contrast the formation of different       Define humidity
(PWC 4.5.1A,B)    types of precipitation (rain, sleet, snow, hail).
Weather                                                                 Identify different types of
measurements      Analyze and report information about                  precipitation                           142
and               temperature and precipitation on weather maps.        Define air pressure
meteorological                                                                                                  143
tools (7)         Use a thermometer to compare air temperatures         Interpret weather conditions from
                  over a period of time.                                a weather map                           148

                  Measure wind speed using an anemometer.               Identify tool used to measure
                                                                        wind speed from graphic                 140
                  Measure precipitation with a rain gauge.
                                                                        Identify tool used to measure air
                  Analyze changes in air pressure occurring over        pressure                                141
                  time using a barometer and predict what the
                  changes mean in terms of changing weather             Identify tool to measure
                  patterns.                                             precipitation                           144

SOL 4.6b          Differentiate between the types of weather            Identify characteristics of an air
(PWC 4.5.1C)      associated with high and low pressure air masses.     mass                                    131
Weather                                                                 Associate weather conditions            134
phenomena         Illustrate and label high and low pressure masses     with fronts                             139
(11)              and warm and cold fronts.
                                                                        Identify front on a weather map         145
                  Recognize a variety of storm types; describe the      Identify conditions associated
                  weather conditions associated with each, and          with tornadoes
                  when they occur (thunderstorms, hurricanes, and       Recognize weather conditions
                  tornadoes).                                           that lead to the formation of           137
                  Differentiate between cloud types (cirrus, stratus,   Identify cloud types from graphic       146
                  cumulus, cumulo-nimbus clouds) and associated                                                 147
                  weather.                                              Identify cloud type from written
                  Predict what the changes in air pressure mean in      Associate type of clouds with
                  terms of changing weather patterns.                   type of precipitation
                                                                        Predict weather using example of
                                                                        air pressure change