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Step-By-Step Instructions miniDV → DVD


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									      Step-By-Step Instructions: miniDV → DVD
                                   STATION 4

How to Capture Footage from miniDV → DVD
    1. It is best to use the miniDV > DVD dual deck on stations 2 or 6. If those stations are
       occupied, use the instructions to dub directly from miniDV to DVD.
    2. You do not need to use the computer at all in this function, but you must make sure of
       the appropriate connections between the peripheral machines.
             a. Connect the Sony VHS/DVD dual deck to the JVC miniDV/VHS dual deck
                 with the following cables:
                       i. One RCA A/V cable from OUT in the back of the miniDV/VHS dual
                          deck to LINE 1 IN on the back of the Sony VHS/DVD dual deck.
                      ii. Plug another RCA A/V cable from LINE OUT on the back of the
                          VHS/DVD dual deck to VIDEO 1 IN on the back of the TV.
    3. Turn on the JVC miniDV/VHS, the Sony VHS/DVD dual deck and the TV monitor.
       You should see a live connection. If not, make sure the TV is on VIDEO 1 input by
       pressing TV/VIDEO on the remote control. Also, make sure the DV light is
       illuminated on the front of the JVC miniDV/VHS dual deck.
    4. Press INPUT on the VHS/DVD remote control repeatedly until you see Line 1 appear
       on the TV along with your video.
    5. Press REC MODE repeatedly on the VHS/DVD dual deck to select the total recording
       length of the DVD. Note that as recording time increases, quality decreases. A
       standard DVD-R, offers the following recording modes:

                   Mode       Recording Time (min)
                    HQ          60 (highest quality)
                   HSP                   90
                    SP         120 (standard mode)
                   LSP                  150
                   ESP                  180
                    LP                  240
                    EP                  360
                   SLP        480 (longest duration)

    6. Load a blank DVD disc into the DVD deck.
    7. Load your miniDV into the miniDV deck. The TV monitor should be displaying a live
        connection—you should see your video on the TV monitor.
    8. Locate the point on the miniDV tape where you want to start dubbing and press
        pause or stop to cue it to that point.
    9. On the VHS/DVD dual deck, press REC. Immediately after, press PLAY on the
        miniDV dual deck. While the miniDV tape is being dubbed to DVD, the counter on
        the VHS/DVD dual deck will begin, indicating how much has been recorded.
    10. When you are done recording, press STOP on the VHS/DVD dual deck. It may take
        a few seconds before the deck becomes responsive again.
    11. If you want to record more clips on to the same DVD, continue from step 7. If you are
        finished, continue to the next section.
        Step-By-Step Instructions: miniDV → DVD
                                     STATION 4

      1. In order to be playable on standard DVD players, the disc needs to be finalized. This
          will make it read-only and further editing will not be possible.
      2. Before finalization, play back your DVD and make sure everything was recorded
      3. On the remote control, press DVD to operate the DVD recorder.
      4. Press STOP () to stop playback then press SYSTEM MENU on the remote.
      5. Press Disc Setting by scrolling down with the remote control and press ENTER
      6. Select Disc Finalize and press ENTER
      7. In the confirmation screen, select Finalize and press ENTER
      8. Select OK and press ENTER to start finalizing the disc.
      9. Once it is done finalizing, eject the disc.
      10. Test your DVD on another player or computer station to ensure it works correctly.

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