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									To: USMC Class 38th OCC/BC 3-66
From: Terry Cox,
Have you ever wondered what happened to your Marine classmates that you went through
Quantico with? What type of experiences did they have in Vietnam or what type of experiences
did they have when they came home from Vietnam? Some of our classmates received some
pretty impressive medals, wouldn’t you like to know who and for what reason? Some of us
stayed in the Corps while others left and did other things with our lives. Wouldn’t you like to
know if some of your classmates had similar experience as you did or held similar jobs or
worked with companies that you have been involved with at sometime or other in your life?

I have attended two reunions now and wished I had had some pre-information available to be
about my classmates before I got to the reunion. I would like to have had better conversations
with my classmates but I spent the majority of my time questioning everyone just to find out
what they had been doing over these past 40 years or so. With pre-information on our classmates
we can now approach them with more of a reason of interest and this should make the
conversation a lot more rewarding.

To accomplish this I will need each of you to supply us with as much information about yourself
and what you have been doing since Quantico ’66 as you feel comfortable in sharing with us.
Below you will find a Questionnaire Profile (along with an attached sample) that I am asking you
to fill out and email back to me (Terry Cox,, so we can have this on file. We
will share this information with all of you, hopefully before the reunion on our Web Site, but if
not we will have copies for you at the reunion so you can look at it while you are there. The
profile is pretty straight forward. You only have to fill out those questions that best pertain to
you. If you feel uncomfortable about any of the questions or don’t know the answer just leave
them blank. Some of the questions may not give you enough space to say everything you want to
say, so please feel free to add more below (please show the number of the question you are
referring to). We would love to hear as much about you as we can. You can always add or take
away any information on your profile at anytime.

Also, if you have a recent picture of yourself (your wife and kids maybe include if you like) and
can email it to me I will process them and add them to your portfolio. This portfolio process will
take sometime to put together so the faster you can get me this information the better.


For those of you that fill out the Profile Questionnaire and attend the reunion you will receive a
FREE DVD of our last reunion in San Diego. If you do not plan on attending the reunion (shame
on you), have turned in your profile questionnaire and would like to receive one of these DVD’s
I will be happy to send you a copy for $5.00 (to cover the cost of shipping and handling)…just
let me know when you return the “Profile Questionnaire”.
Type in your answers next to the information requested. Use the down arrow to go to the
             next number. You can add as much information as you wish.
                       (Return email to Terry Cox,

  1. Date:

  2. Name:

  3. Nick name:

  4. Wife’s name:

  5. Kids Name(s) and Age(s):

  6. Address:

  7. Phone Number(s):

  8. Email address:

  9. Company & Platoon at OCS:

  10. Company & Platoon at TBS:

  11. MOS

  12. Rank

  13. What did you do after leaving Quantico (before being sent to Vietnam)?

  14. If you went to Vietnam:

        a. What years were you there?

        b. Who were you attached to?

        c. What were your jobs?

        d. What areas (location) did you participate in?

        e. What operations were you involved in?

  15. What were some of your best experiences?
   16. What were some of your worst experience?

   17. Did you receive any medals other than National Defense Service, Vietnamese
       Service & Vietnamese Campaign medals?

   18. If you did not go to Vietnam:

          a. Who were you attached to & locations?
          b. What were your jobs:

   19. If you stayed in the Service:

                 a. What rank did you achieve?

                 b. What jobs and locations?

                 c. What other medals did you receive?

                 d. What have been some of your most favorable memories that have
                    happened to you while in the service?

   20. If you did not stay in the Service:

                 a. What did you end up doing (jobs, positions, marriages, etc.)?

                 b. What have been some of your most favorable memories that have
                    happened to you since leaving the service?

Is there anything else you would like to share with us?

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