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									Grandmother's story of grandmother watermelon

 grandmother story watermelon eel

 grandmother's story

 grandmother's story
 Wuhan City, Hubei Province, Wuhan City Wuchang District, 1000 Street
Primary School 1 (5) classes He Manni
 My grandmother is a retired secondary school teacher, her long Hunan
lotus seeds, and fat. Every day she did the housework and play mahjong,
watch TV, walk, can be relaxed it!

 once, and grandmother thirsty, and take us to buy watermelon. Watermelon
to share, grandmother left pat, right-knock, and then raised a watermelon
shouted: "Come on! I'll teach you choose watermelon. Buy watermelon shot
up to buy another ring, pick-up, heavy watermelon." She raised the
watermelon, take us back home happily. Back home, we are waiting for
meal, and grandmother to cut watermelon, Hey, how is the health of it?

 another time, and grandmother in the kitchen to kill the eel, for a
while, she yelled: "Come and see Yeah, eel blood!" We ran to look, alas,
eel not kill, and grandmother's hand had been cut!

 My grandmother was a cheerful person, she loves me, I love her!

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