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What is Multimedia?

The word MULTIMEDIA is made up from two words, MULTI meaning more
than one and MEDIA meaning a way of displaying or passing on information. So
we can say that MULTIMEDIA means:
            more than one way of passing on information.

What is Information?

Information is something which TELLS us or INFORMS us of a fact or facts.
Information comes in many forms :
• TEXT       - Such as books, newspapers, magazines etc.
• GRAPHICS - which can come in the form of photographs, drawings,
                 diagrams, charts and graphs.
• SOUND - Music, spoken words and sound effects can be recorded and
             played back in a multimedia document.
• VIDEO -Movies can be built in to a multimedia document.

What do we need?

To present Multimedia information the basic requirements are
•Computer System with the following features
      –Fast processor
      –Lots of memory
      –Enough hard disk space for the program and files
      –High quality monitor
      –CD Rom Drive
•Multimedia program e.g. PowerPoint
Additional Features

A good multimedia system would also include many or all of the following :-

•Input Devices
      –Digital stills camera
      –Video camera
•Output Devices
      –High quality colour printer
      –Large screen monitor
      –Digital projector
•Backing Storage
      –DVD Rom drive
      –Zip drive

      –Scanning software
      –Photo editing software
      –Drawing and Painting packages
      –Clip Art and Photo files
      –Movie, Video and Sound files

How does it all go together?

Just as you would do a project or a report by writing and drawing pictures on
pages in your jotter, multimedia uses pages called slides with areas for text,
pictures, movies and sound clips.

In your jotter the text cannot be moved around, but with multimedia each item
can be positioned, then moved and resized to fit in with the other items on the
slide. The multimedia slides can then be displayed on screen one after the other
as a Slide Show.
                        Review Questions
1. Explain what is meant by the term MULTIMEDIA.

2. State FOUR different types of information.

3. List FOUR HARDWARE features necessary for a computer system to

4. Name a SOFTWARE package suitable for MULTIMEDIA presentations.

5. A good multimedia system would include other HARDWARE
Name an additional        INPUT device
                          OUTPUT device
                          STORAGE device

6. List 3 items of SOFTWARE necessary to create a multimedia presentation.

7. Describe a multimedia SLIDE.

8. What advantages are there in creating a report using multimedia rather
   than writing it in your jotter?

9. What do you call a sequence of ‘pages’ in a multimedia presentation?
              Level 1 task - Instructions

1   Switch on computer and log on
2   Start up Powerpoint software package
3   Select a blank presentation
4   select the BOTTOM LEFT layout from the screen i.e.
5   Type your name into the title box
6   Click on the text box and type a description of a multimedia computer
    - a few lines will do
7   Double -click on the picture box to see a selection of clipart
    Select a suitable picture of a computer and double click to place it
    onto your slide
8   Save your page into your class folder and print a copy
9   Log off and shut down the computer correctly
       Level 2 task - Instructions

1    Switch on computer and log on
2    Start up Powerpoint software package
3    Select a NEW presentation design
4    Select the layout in the BOTTOM LEFT corner
5    Type your name into the title box
6    Click on the text box and type a short description of yourself
7    Insert a picture from the IMAGES folder which you feel
     helps to describe your personality
8    Insert a new page and describe a hobby or interest which you
     have (add a picture from the clipart section ).
9    Save your presentation
10   Run the slideshow presentation
11   Exit the program and shut down the computer correctly
       Level D - Instructions
    Level 3 tasktask - Instructions

1   Switch on computer and log on
2   Start up Powerpoint software package
3   Load your slideshow presentation
4   RUN the show
5   Insert some new pages (2 or 3 at least)with media
    (text or pictures ) from another source, such as a
    scanner or the internet.
    (You may have to transfer it onto a disk to move it from
    another computer to your computer)
6   Add a sound to your slideshow. It can be set to play
    continuously through your show as background music.
7   SAVE your slideshow and let your teacher see you run it.
8   Log off and shut down correctly.
                     Level task - Instructions
                    Level 4E task - Instructions

You are going to make a short slideshow about yourself.
It will consist of THREE pages - a title page, a details page and a
third pagewith a video clip and a soundtrack.

1    Switch on computer and log on
2    Start up Powerpoint software package
3    Create a NEW slideshow presentation
4    Choose a background and layout
5    Add your name into the title box
6    Type your class, age and address into the text box
5    Take a picture of yourself using the digital camera
6    Save it onto a floppy disk
7    Add a new page to your slideshow and insert your picture
8    Add another page and INSERT a VIDEO clip from the samples folder
9    Add a sound from the sound gallery
10   SAVE your slideshow
11   Run your presentation to check it works correctly then show your teacher
12   Log off and shut down correcly
                      Level 5 task - Instructions

•   You are going to produce a NEW slideshow presentation using the skills
    you have learned in the previous tasks.

•   Your presentation should be at least five slides long, including a title page

•   Decide on a topic for your presentation.
    It can be in the form of a project such as:
              Space travel
             Viking History
             Caring for pets
             Soap Gossip
             Music News
     ...or something else which you know a lot about.
    Perhaps you may be working on a project for another subject which you
    are researching just now.
    Remember, the idea is to present facts in an interesting way, so you will
    need to decide which facts you really want to get across.

•   Write down some ideas, decide if (and what) pictures may help your
    If you are well organised, you can bring in photographs (or use the digital
    camera) to include pictures in your presentation. You may also make a
    short video and do your own commentary.


•   Draw a plan of how you would like each page to look.

•   Once you have a plan, let your teacher see it, and they will advise you
    whether you are ready to proceed to using PowerPoint.
            Powerpoint Reference Guide
To start a new presentation:

•   Go to the FILE menu and select NEW
•   Select a Blank presentation OR:
•   Select a PRESENTATION DESIGN to choose from a number of
    background patterns

To add clipart (drawing or photo)
•   Go to INSERT menu
•   select PICTURE       CLIPART… and choose from CLIPART or
    IMAGES folder

To add a soundtrack (music)
•   Select MOVIES AND SOUNDS               FROM GALLERY

•   To view your slide (or slideshow)
•   Go to SLIDESHOW and select VIEW SHOW

To animate any object (a title, piece of text , clipart, photo etc.)
•   Go to SLIDESHOW menu and select CUSTOM ANIMATION
•   Click on TIMING
•   Click once on the name of the object you wish to work on
•   Click on ANIMATE
•   Click on EFFECTS
•   Choose an effect and a sound (if required) from the list below ( )

To add transition effects between slides
•   Select AUTOMATICALLY and a suitable time delay( a few seconds)
•   Select an effect and (if required ) a sound effect