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Four Seasons Four Seasons Four Seasons class


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									Four Seasons Four Seasons Four Seasons class

 seasonal class everywhere hope

 mention of the classroom, we usually think of the campus classroom. In
fact, nature, seasons in the classroom is everywhere, everywhere is full
of mysterious. Do you want to believe, and with me see it.
, Spring hope
 spring revival of all things, flowers Zhengyan. Zhu Zhu is also a grass,
such as one by one naughty child, rushed out poked a small head, would
like to see things in the world of beautiful scenery. Really have to
thank the members of the Drafting brother who Colombian grass, if it is
not your appearance, how Tang Xiong, "Run as crisp days of street light
rain, very thick grass near Quewu. "This wonderful poem? Look, with your
inspired, it also has a little green willow branches. I believe soon, the
new green glow in the wind in the willow will be fluttering in the
breeze. Meier also agreed to a butterfly, dancing, bee fairy is busy
gathering nectar and is too busy. "At the spring", spring, and hope that
there will be a Lord!
, Summer bustling
 summer, trees lush, lush. Look at that pool, the white Dutch, although
only Guduo children, has long been more a matter of dragonfly
embellishment on it. Once again seen the "Little Lotus Just Buds, stand
on top of already dragonfly. "Live version. As night fell, the field frog
one, out of a moving symphony orchestra. On this beautiful night, I read
a busy summer.
, Autumn determination.
 gangbusters! See, pieces of leaves in the bleak autumn, reluctantly left
his home, then fly aimlessly in between heaven and earth. Poor children
are the trees, of all ages, light clothes are being blown to receive the
baptism of the autumn wind.
, however, there are strong fighters, in the bitter autumn wind, and cold
autumn and doing pull off the struggle. Look! It wears a military uniform
and cypresses, as if teams of guards, stand straight in the mountains.
Giant body, the World Wide Interpretation: This is the determination!
, Winter opportunity
 winter cold synonymous.
 look fieldwork vast expanse of whiteness. Day is, the way is the day,
the world is all as one. See this scene, you may a bit upset. Speak, it
is a chaotic and lifeless.
 Wait and see the branches, with youth already germinating. Apart from
surprise, smart you will immediately smell a Shelley's classic "If winter
comes, can spring be far behind? "
 yes ah, the opportunities come, success be far behind ... ...
 saying goes, life everywhere knowledge, the knowledge of the Department
to the classroom. Let us help your eye to wider world, seeking the
mystery of it in the classroom.
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