Festival for the Elderly Elderly Grandmother

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					Festival for the Elderly Elderly Granny

 respect for the elderly grandmother fruit orange

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 section of today's elderly, we need to do one thing for the elderly, and
you guess what I am doing good for the elderly, ha ha! Tell you, send
 beginning, I am still, how could not think of, and later heard that
fruit's health benefits to the elderly, they decided to buy fruit. But
what to buy fruit? Apple to buy it, Grandma bad teeth, bite fixed; buy
bananas right, Grandma would upset stomach eat. Hey, in the end buy what
is good? Suddenly, I thought the orange, it sweet and soft, her
grandmother liked to eat. Yes, on it! We bought oranges to Grandma. I
took out a big, yellow orange, carefully peel the skin out, I saw inside
The yellow orange capsule, really attractive. I think: This must be very
very sweet orange, Grandma likes to eat. So, I took out an orange into
the grandmother's mouth. Grandma gently chew a little, his face
immediately smiled and said: "This is really sweet orange, can be
 grandmother heard the words, my heart is also in a good mood.
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