BASKETBALL _WOMENS_ Rules _ Regulations by keara


									                                             BASKETBALL (WOMEN’S)
                                               Rules & Regulations
A. TSC basketball teams follow NAIA guidelines in regards to:
1. Number of contests - 30
2. Number of scrimmages or exhibitions - 2

A. The league schedule will be discussed and developed by the conference office with input from the coaches. It will be
released by January 1 of each yar.
The schedule is a home-and-home format. Each team will host every other conference institution once.
B. Conference games are scheduled on Friday’s and Saturday’s, beginning no earlier than December.
C. Scheduling will be based upon “travel partners.”
D. Institutions are not required to have doubleheaders, it is strictly optional.
E. The conference tournament will follow a Thursday, Friday, Saturday format all at the same predetermined site based
upon rotation.

A. The team with the best conference record is declared the regular season conference champion.
B. Tournament winner receives an automatic bid to the NAIA national tournament.
C. Seeding for post-season tournament is based on regular season finish.
D. If a tie exists, the following tie breaking system is used in this order to determine seeding:
1. Head to head competition
2. Record against conference opponents in descending order
3. Winning percentage among common opponents at comparable locations
4. Team overall winning percentage based upon entire season.
5. Coin toss by conference Commissioner

If more than two teams are tied, the following tie breaking system is used in this order:
1. Head to head record against all tied teams
2. Record against conference opponents in descending order
3. Winning percentage among common opponents at comparable locations
4. Coin toss by conference Commissioner

E. Post-season TSC tournament
1. Will include all TSC institutions. 7 Team Championship
2. 1st round: #1 vs. bye, #2 vs. #7, #3 vs. #6, and #4 vs. #5
3. Semifinal matchups - #1/#8 vs. #4/#5 and #2/#7 vs. #3/#6.
4. Traveling teams are responsible for their own travel costs.
5. Tournament host shall pay official fees for all tournament games, provide a meal function and t-shirts for the
6. Host is determined on a conference rotation as follows:
          2009-10:        Florida Memorial
          2010-11:        Warner University
          2011-12:        St. Thomas University
          2012-13:        Southeastern University
          2013-14:        Northwood University
          2014-15:        Webber International Univ.
          2015-16:        Edward Waters College
7. The Assigner of Officials will ballot the coaches with a ranking system to determine the tournament officials.

A. Officials assigned by Tony McDonald (Officially Officials).
1. Each conference institution is responsible for providing their schedule to the assignor.
2. Three officials will be assigned to all conference contests.
3. Officials fees will be determined by the conference contract.
B. Game times – Friday games will be played at 6 p.m.; Saturday games will be at 2 p.m.
C. Court Access – Visiting team must be allowed to take the court at least 90 minutes prior to game time. In the event of a
doubleheader, access time must be at least 30 minutes.
D. Visiting Pass List – The pass list is limited to 20 tickets per team
E. Home team is responsible for dubbing a game DVD for visiting team (visiting team should supply a blank DVD). DVD
must be given to the visiting team immediately following each game.
F. Scouting information on conference institutions should not be exchanged with non-conference institutions. Information
includes game films, or written or verbal scouting reports.
G. Game Stats: The home team must provide the visiting conference team with stats immediately after the game. Each
school’s SID must report their scores and stats to the conference and NAIA.
H. In case of a postponed contest, the game will be played on the first available (mutually acceptable) date and approval
of the Conference Office.
I. NCAA Scorebook must be used.
J. Pass list will following conference guideline.

1. All women’s basketball teams are required to use the Game Tape Exchange program.
2. Each team must upload all conference home games and 2 non-conference games (to be determined which games)
within 12 hours of completion of the game.
3. If game is not uploaded, commissioner will impose a lock on the system for the team that has not complied with this
4. Sect. IV, Item 3-E is still a guideline that must be followed.
5. All tapes should include audio and game clock should be shown throughout the contest.

On the Monday following the last regular season game, head coaches shall participate in a mandatory conference call at
a designated time to discuss and make nominations for: All-Conference Team (14 members, including Player of the
Year), Newcomer of the Year, Defensive Player of the Year, Freshmen of the Year and Coach of the Year.

This conference call can also include a representative from the Conference Office.

Each coach will receive a ballot with overall and conference statistics for each nominee via email from the Conference
Office by 5 p.m. on the day of the conference call. Ballots must be returned to the Conference Office via email by 12 p.m.
the following day (Tuesday).

Voting for All-Conference Team:
Points shall be awarded on a descending scale (highest vote getter receives 14 points, next highest 13, etc.).
Coaches may not vote for their own players.
If tie exists, more than 14 players may be named.

The player with the highest overall point total shall be named the Player of the Year.
The Player of the Year and the next six highest vote getters shall be named First Team.
The next seven highest vote getters (#8 through #14) shall be named Second Team.
In the event of a tie for 7 place, all tied players shall be named First Team, with no additional players added to the
Second Team. In the event of a tie for 14 place, all tied players shall be named Second Team.

Voting for Newcomer of the Year, Freshman of the Year and Defensive Player of the Year:
Coaches may not vote for their own players. Each coach shall be allowed to vote for three players for each award (1
                   nd                  rd
place – 3 points; 2 place – 2 points; 3 place – 1 point).

Newcomer of the Year: Each coach may nominate one player who has completed his first year of conference
eligibility. The player nominated could have attended a two or four-year institution after graduating from high school.
The player who receives the most votes will be named Newcomer of the Year.

Freshmen of the Year: Each coach may nominate one player who has completed his first year of intercollegiate
basketball eligibility. The player who receives the most votes will be named Freshmen of the Year.

Defensive Player of the Year: Each coach may nominate one player who has shown exceptional defensive skills.
The individual receiving the most votes from the coaches will be named Defensive Player of the Year.

Champion of Character Award: Each coach may nominate one player who best exemplifies the Champion of
Character core values. The criteria for candidates will include academics, community service, sportsmanship and on-
campus involvement.

Coach of the Year Award: Each coach will be placed on the ballot as a candidate for coach of the year. Coaches will
select the name of one coach to receive coach of the year honors.

All of the above awards shall be presented at the conference tournament banquet. The dress code for the banquet will be
business casual or better.

Regular season and tournament champion and runner up will receive trophies.
In the event of regular season co-champions, each team will receive championship trophy.
Regular season runner up and tournament runner up will receive a plaque.

There will be a breakfast held Friday, February 27, 2009 at 9:00 am so that all teams can attend. The banquet programs
need to include conference history: Previous Champions, Player of the year and Coach of the year. The dress code for
the banquet will be business casual or better. It is recommended that a qualified MC be part of the banquet should and if
possible info on all the all conference selections, special awards and season in-review done on a powerpoint or video.

Team championship and All-Tournament team awards will be distributed following the tournament championship game.
a. The All-Tournament team shall consist of five members plus a tournament MVP.
b. Host of tournament championship game is responsible to distribute awards after championship game in conjunction
with the conference office.
c. Awards will be supplied by the conference office and distributed to host of event.
d. Script for awards ceremony will be supplied to host institution by the conference office prior to event.


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