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 to buy flour, Yangpu District, Shanghai Qi a primary school 2 (c) Class
Guomeng Yu
 today, I was at home doing their homework, then, my father told me to go
to market to buy surface. Buy a six-pound father said face, bought two
kilos, preparing dumplings. I went to vegetable market, the boss is a
middle-aged women, I said to her: "madame, I want to buy a six-pound
face, to buy two kilos." She gave me the noodles! I just repeated the
words, she gave me wonton skin! I just repeated the words, she gave me
cake! I can not exactly explain how. Female boss said: "Do not you rice
cakes, noodles, wonton skin should not, and consequently do not. You want
to what?" I can not tell, she did not understand. I feel very
embarrassed, had to go home and ask my father. Back home, I told the
father. Dad said: "We called the area north to the flour, while
southerners are to do all the food with flour, are called side. Because
of this difference, so do not understand madame. We need to use flour
dumplings, you should be to say to buy flour. "" Oh, I see. "I Mo Zhetou,
I am sorry to say. I had went to a grocer, told the madame, I want to buy
flour. This thing on my strong feelings, it seems we need to increase
general knowledge, to carefully observe the life, or will make many

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