PhD Consortium by keara


									               CEMS Doctoral Consortium

       “Enterprise Networks and ICT”

                      (Rosas) Barcelona, Spain

                        October 12th-14th 2005

Call for submissions
The doctoral consortium on “Enterprise Networks and ICT” has been
designed to bring together Ph.D. candidates and faculty in order to facilitate
focused and in-depths discussions. The consortium will cover areas such as
    ICT use in teams, groups, virtual communities, virtual organizations;
    Electronic Business in networked environments (value webs, etc.);
    Inter-organisational systems and business networks;
    ICT impact on a sectorial and national level.

The consortium will be facilitated by the Community of European
Management Schools ( However, participation is open and
not limited to CEMS member schools.

Target group and eligibility
Submissions to the PhD consortium are invited from PhD candidates from all
over Europe, particularly from Mediterranean countries, whose research
interests lie in the area of “Enterprise Networks and ICT”.
PhD candidates interested in participating should have developed (and ideally
defended) a proposal for their research, detailing a problem statement,
research question and methodology. They should, however, not be so close
to completion of their thesis that they can no longer benefit from the input at
the consortium (typically 6 months).
Stefan Klein                     2005-04-04                            1
With the submission of the proposal a supporting letter from a faculty
member is expected (supervisor or director of the Ph.D. programme).

The core of the programme will be centred on the critical and constructive
discussion of the PhD candidates’ research proposals. In particular research
design, i.e. the linkage between an identified problem area, a research
question and the appropriate methodology will be discussed. In order to
facilitate in depths discussions of the PhD’s research and to provide some
additional guidance, the expected overall number of participants has been
limited to 40.

Moreover the consortium is also meant to provide additional input, such as
   talks by invited speakers about ongoing research and/ or
     methodological issues (different research traditions in IS and
     neighbouring disciplines);
   discussions about the (changing) landscape of research and higher
     education in Europe (on the EU level and on the national levels);
   open fora about practical considerations (publishing, job market, etc.);
   opportunities for networking.

In addition to providing guidance and feedback to the PhD candidates outside
the student – supervisor relationship, the students shall be given an
opportunity for
    benchmarking (Where do I stand vis-à-vis my peers?),
    building networks with peers to follow-up later,
    getting a better sense of the (European) research environment.

For that reason, PhD candidates (and in principal faculty also) are expected
to stay for the entire consortium in order to benefit from the discussions and
interventions as they unfold over the time span of the consortium.

Location and costs
The consortium will be held at Cala Joncols ( a tranquil
and very nice small hotel near Rosas in a private bay in Cap de Creus
National Park, 2 hours from Barcelona. Transportation by bus will be
provided from ESADE Business School on Wednesday evening.

It is expected the PhD candidates will pay their own travel and
accommodation (supported by their home schools). Costs for students will be
approximately 220 EUR including room, full board (breakfast, lunch, coffee
breaks and dinner) and registration fees.

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Submissions by PhD candidates are sought which include
   a research proposal by PhD candidate (4000 - 5000 words):
    motivation, research question, research design/ methodology,
   A statement by the supervisor or PhD programme director about the
    status of the PhD candidate and a recommendation that he or she will
    benefit from the consortium.

Deadline for submissions is June 15, 2005.

Consortium committee
Ellen Christiaanse, ESADE, Barcelona
Stefan Klein, UCD, Dublin & University of Muenster

Paola Bielli, Università di Bocconi
Oleh Hanseth, University of Oslo
Marleen Huysman, Free University Amsterdam
András Nemeslaki, Corvinus University of Budapest
Nancy Pouloudi, Athens University of Economics and Business
Angeliki Poulymenakou, Athens University of Economics and Business
Kai Reimers, RWTH Aachen
Bernhard Katzy (To be confirmed)
Kirsten Braa (To be confirmed)
Kuldeep Kumar (To be confirmed)

June 15st 2005           Deadline for submissions of proposals by PhD
July 15th 2005           Notification of acceptance
September 2005           Updated proposals/ research papers expected for
                         distribution before the consortium
October 12th-14th 2005   Consortium

Stefan Klein                    2005-04-04                           3

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