To:    Users of the HLCS data files
 From: Willy Egset, Fafo
 Date: May 2004
 Subject: Haiti Living Conditions Survey Dataset – technical description

 Main data files
 This version of the HLCS dataset consists of ten primary files available in SPSS for Windows
 format (version 10/11). The current documentation reflects the editing done until current date.
 All the files have rectangular structure and can be linked by unique identification variables. A
 description of the file naming practices and content follows.

File name                  Content                         Identification variable   Cases, filters & weights
HLID.SAV                   Identification data – the       HHCODE – main             7 812 households
                           first page of the               questionnaire sequence
                           questionnaire                   number

                           Record 1.
Fichiermenages.sav         Household data                  HHCODE – main             7186 households
                                                           questionnaire sequence    (Pre-filtered by
                                                           number                    AR3=1,2 or 3)
FichierMortalité.sav       Mortality – household           HHCODE - link to          886 households
                           members dead past 24            households
                           months                          HM1 – sequence number
                                                           of dead relative
                           Record 10
RéseauFamilial.Sav         Relatives of the household      HHCODE - link to          2135 households
                           living abroad                   households
                                                           HN00 – sequence number
                                                           of relative abroad
                           Record 12
FichierOutilsPêche.sav     Data on equipment used by       HHCODE - link to          210 households
                           fishermen                       households
                                                           AG4400 – tool number
                           Record 24
FichierElevage.sav         Data on livestock kept by       HHCODE - link to          7167 households
                           households                      households
                                                           AG3800 – livestock
                           Record 22
FichierParcelles.sav       Data on plots accessed by       HHCODE - link to
                           households                      households                8273 plots in 4476
                                                           AG00 – plot number        households
                           Record 19
FichierOutilsAgricol.sav   Data on tools used by           HHCODE - link to
                           agricultural households         households                3956 households
                                                           Num – tool number         (HHs that have not
                                                                                     cultivated plots
                                                                                     are not
FichierPopulation.sav      Individual level data for all   HHCODE - link to          33007 cases
                            household members           households
                                                        HRO1 - person number       Pre-filtered by HR03=1 or
                                                                                   3 (HR03 not included on
                                                                                   final file)

                            Records 3,4,6,7,8
FichierRSI.sav              Randomly Selected           HHCODE – link to           7 101 cases
                            Individual                  households
                                                        AC1rsi – roster number,
                                                        link to roster (on HR01)
                            Records 29,30,32,33,34,35
MigrationRSI.sav            RSI Migration History –     HHCODE – link to           2 064 moves
                            recording of all moves      households
                            made by RSI                 AC1rsi – roster number,
                                                        link to roster (on HR01)
                                                        MI4 – sequence
                                                        number of moves
                            Record 31
FichierFemmes.sav           Women-level data from       HHCODE – link to           11 069 persons
                            woman and child             households                 from 6637 HHs
                            questionnaire               ROSTER – roster
                                                        number, link to
FichierSoinsPreEtPostNata   Ante- and postnatal care,   HHCODE – link to
ls.sav                      last five births            households
                                                        HR1 – roster
                                                        number, link to
FichierEnfants.sav                                      HHCODE – link to           3 668 children
                                                        ROSTER – roster
                                                        number of
                                                        caretaker, link to
                                                        CA1_1 – roster
                                                        number of child
FichierJeunes.sav                                       HHCODE – link to           10 385 youth
                                                        YU1 – roster
                                                        number of youth

 The main key variable, HHCODE, is present on all files and can be used to link them.

 For a more detailed description of definitions and explanations used in the survey consult the
 field manual and questionnaires.

 Sample weights
 There are two sets of weights for household level files (POIDS and POIDSREL), which are
 included in all files on household level or its subfiles. POIDSREL is the relative weight, POIDS
 is the expansion weight. For the person file (the roster), POIDSREL is the relative weight and
 POIDS_IN is the expansion weight. Finally, for the RSI files the relative weight (POIDSREL)
 and the expansion weight (POIDSRSI) are included in the randomly selected individual file and
 its subfiles.
The files have been prefiltered for response and household membership.

Derived variables

On the household file:
         Quint, Decil: Quintiles and deciles of total household income including self-
         Mpilo: labour force status of main provider (principal income earner in household).
         Mpage: age of main provider
         Mpsex: sex of main provider
         Mpmatri: marital status of main provider
         Mpcsp: employment status of main provider
         Mpbrch: industrial sector affiliation of main provider

On the roster file:

          Branche1 & 2: industrial sector of primary & secondary job
          Branche2: industrial sector of secondary job
          Csp1 & 2: employment status in primary & secondary job
          Hlcedu: Completed education, main levels
          Iloemp: Labour force status
          Mainprog: main provider
          Pinct: personal income
          Pluriact: multiple job status
          Profes1: Profession of primary job
          Statemp1: Employment status in primary job, including public vs. private
          Typinact: reason for economic inactivity