Scholarships by chenshu


          for study in Master of Science in Computer Science
                    at the University of Trento (Italy)
The University of Trento offers different types of scholarships for students resulting eligible for study at the
Master program. Eighteen of these scholarships will be financed by leading companies in the field of
Informatics. Many of the scholarships foresee partial or total exemption from the University fees.

Selected students will also be provided with an accommodation and will benefit from special services that the
University of Trento gives to international students.

The Master course in Computer Science (Laura Specialistica in Informatica)
The Master course aims at preparing graduates with the theoretical preparation and practical skills necessary
for continuing their studies in Research Doctorate programmes or for employment in top companies.
Particular attention is given to maintaining close and constant contact with the new trends in IT and also with
the latest research results. The goal is to provide the graduate with an analytic, algorithmic, critical and
managerial mentality. In the Academic Year 2006/2007 the programme will admit at most 30 students from
countries outside the European Union.

The Master course in Computer Science offers five areas of specialization in:

Net-Centric Informatics: This specialization covers all those aspects of informatics related to the design,
implementation and analysis of distributed, ubiquitous information and computing systems.

Bio-Informatics: This area of specialization covers tools and techniques for modelling biological systems
and analyzing biological data. Students will learn mechanisms and methodologies to describe, analyse,
simulate and predict the behavior of biological systems.

Software Technologies: This specialization covers advanced techniques and methods which are necessary
to develop large scale, reliable software systems. The focus is on advanced software engineering
methodologies and on tools supporting the design and analysis of software systems.

Data Media and Knowledge: This specialization covers techniques, methods and tools for data, media,
knowledge and process management in enterprise systems. Students will learn advanced topics in this field,
from a theoretical point of view and also by working on key applications.

Embedded Systems and Ambient Intelligence: This area of specialization covers the wide body of
knowledge, spanning over diverse scientific and technological disciplines that are necessary with the
challenge of developing embedded systems and ambient intelligence applications.

Awarded degree and future trends
All students, who successfully complete the programme, will be awarded the degree "Master of Science in
Computer Science" (Laurea Specialistica in Informatica). Top students will be offered work positions in
companies or in the Doctorate program (PhD).

Information about how to apply to the Master course and about scholarships is available from:
Application forms are available from:

You can email queries to the Secretariat of the Master course at:

Your application form (made on-line) should be submitted by March, 31st.

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