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   FSNA Only Membership
    Send dues payments and the FSNA only application to
    Florida School Nutrition Association, 124 Salem Court,
    Tallahassee, FL 32301.
    Dues will be paid through July 31, 2010.
    FSNA only members will receive a FSNA only
    membership card.

   FSNA and SNA Membership
    Send both dues payments along with the SNA application to SNA,
    at PO Box 791004, Baltimore, MD 21279-1004.
    Members of both FSNA and SNA will renew according to their
    anniversary date.
    Members of both FSNA and SNA will receive 1 membership card
    from SNA. Remember, you will not receive a separate
    FSNA card.

   FSNA Only New Membership

    Send FSNA only dues and SNA application to
    Florida School Nutrition Association, 124 Salem
    Court, Tallahassee, FL 32301.

   You must be a member of FSNA to be a member
    of SNA. When paying dues to SNA, please
    include FSNA dues along with SNA dues. Do not
    send dues separately.

    SNA will not accept any dues payments that do
    not include SNA and FSNA dues.

   The Membership Chairs for the following counties receive all
    their preprinted renewal applications in May: Baker, Brevard,
    Broward, Charlotte, Citrus, Columbia, Dade,
    Hardee, Highlands, Holmes, Indian River, Lake,
    Polk, Putnam, Sarasota, Seminole, Volusia, and
    Wakulla. All other chapter’s preprinted applications will be
    mailed directly to the member.
    If your chapter would like to be added to the list and receive all
    preprinted applications in May, please call Kathy Clark at FSNA,
    toll free (888) 878-1832.

   Members of SNA and FSNA can pay their dues and gain
    access to their membership and certification information

    Go to

   First time users will have to set up a user name and

   Directors, Local Presidents, Membership Chairs,
    Certification Chairs, Region Directors, FSNA
    Membership Committee and FSNA Professional
    Development Committee receive a monthly
    FSNA Newsletter by email.

                            Florida School Nutrition Association, Inc.
                             Membership & Certification Newsletter
   The newsletter includes a “CLICK HERE” link
    that will bring you to your chapter’s membership
    and certification reports. In order to access the
    reports, each chapter was assigned a user name and
    If you have lost your user name and password,
    please contact Kathy Clark at the FSNA office.

   If there is no email, the report will be mailed.

 It is the responsibility of the Membership and
Certification Chairs to review the reports and use
    them to retain and recruit new members.

   We are all responsible to retain and
    recruit members!

        Enthusiasm is the Key!

   Talk to new employees during the interview.

   Talk to employees during orientation and trainings.

   Talk to employees about the benefits of the associations.

   Encourage employees to attend local meetings, region
    seminars, and conferences

   Encourage all co-workers to join.
   Start new co-workers at the FSNA only level.

   Remind current members to renew. Ask them to check
    their membership card for renewal dates.

   Talk to co-workers about the benefits of the associations.

   Encourage co-workers to attend local meetings, region
    seminars, and conferences.

   Professional Credibility & Professional Image (pride in
    your work)
   Scholarships & Awards
   Magazines & Promotional Materials
   Leadership Opportunities
   Political Strength
   Online Information
   Variety of Membership Discounts
   Networking & Friendship

                               Appeal to their interests
   Bring a non-member to
    a meeting                  Have interesting
   Welcome new members
    when they come             Have fun activities
   Provide child care or      Community Service
    offer transportation        projects
   Invite retirees            Refreshments
   Vary meeting times &       Include fundraising
    locations                   activities
                               Say “Thank you”
Toll Free: (888) 878-1832