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					2009 Matriculation English guide: what particular high usage summary in English

  high English special
what guide in English is a very common word. We know it can be used as question words, and
guide the special questions, in the sentence as subject or object predicative ﹑; can be used to
connect pronouns (or compound relative pronoun), to guide the subject or object clause clause ﹑
you are wrong ; can be used as adjectives, and can only attribute that sigh for. Routine use of these
will not repeat all this is on what high school English in the special use be summarized as follows:
  1.what = justas, meaning "just as, like, like" used as a conjunction guide more adverbial clauses.
  ⑴ usual sentence is: AistoBwhatCistoD. Meaning "A pair of B, C on D, as the same as" For
  ① Airistouswhatwateristofish. The air is like water to fish for us. (Preposition to express the
relationship between)
  ⑵ have "AisforBwhatCisforD." Sentence. For example:
  ② Poultryisforthecookwhatcanvasisforthepaint. Cook poultry, as artists can not be separated
from the canvas can not be the same. (Preposition for that, "for ... use")
  ⑶ what the following sentence can be placed on a sentence, the sentence is: WhatCistoD,
thatAistoB. (= AistoBwhatCistoD.)
  in this structure, Vehicles in the former, the subject, the equivalent of "justas ..., so ..." structure,
meaning is "A pair of B, C on D, as the same as" For example:
  Whatbloodvesselistoaman'sbody, thatrailwayistotransportation. (= Justasbloodvesselistoaman '
sbody, soRailwayistotransportation.)
  rail for the transport, like blood vessels, like the human body.
  2.what and dowith used together meaning "(how to) handling, and other arrangements or to deal
with." translation of what are often more flexible, common structure is: "what ... dowithsth. / sb.?"
or "whattodowithsth. / sb." example:
  ① Whatwillyoudowiththeletter? How will you deal with that letter?
  ② Thekidsdonotknowwhattodowiththemselvesonrainydays.
  rainy day kids do not know what to do.
  NOTE: dowith and dealwith synonymous, but with a different: dowith with what can only match,
but dealwith question with different words with. Comparison:
  ③ Howwillyoudealwiththeletter? How do you deal with that letter?
  if you try to lay upside down position with or only to drink, you can generally get experience
what astronauts have to deal with.
  3. Asking price ﹑ ﹑ measure the speed, the population numbers ﹑ ﹑ area (car, telephone,
etc.) numbers, the only question with what can not be used howmuch questions. For example:
  ① Whatisthecost (price) ofthegoldwatch? How much is this piece of gold watch?
  ② Whatisthespeedofthecar? How much speed?
  ③ Whatisthelength (width ﹑ depth) ofthelake? The lake is how long (the width and depth)?
  ④ Whatisthepopulation (area) ofChina? China's population (area) the number of (large)?
  ⑤ Whatmoney (cash) haveyougot? You how much money (cash)?
 ⑥ Whatisyourtelephone (car, room) number?
 your phone (automobiles, room) number?
 4. "Whatis ... like?" The two meanings.
 ⑴ said "How are" more than the weather or climate. For example:
 ① Whatistheweatherliketoday? The weather today?
 ② Whatistheclimatelikethere? Where the climate like?
 ⑵ said, "as even the
 What, what he looks like, what kind of" refers to people or things. For example:
 ③ Whatisthecamellike? What looks like a camel?
 ④-Whatisyourteacherlike? -Sheisverykindandbeautiful.
 "your teacher what a good person ?"--" She is beautiful."
 ⑤ Whatwilllifebelikeinthefuture? Future life is like?
 note: "Whatis ... like?" Is commonly used on a person, and in the actual situation of something to
ask questions, including the quality of their internal or external features (or long-lasting features)
questions. The "Howis ... like?" Is a person, a place and something of the appearance of asking
each other's views, can be used to ask things change, such as a temporary situation, mood, etc.,
also commonly used to greeting people's health. Such as:
 ⑥ Howisyourworkthesedays? Recently, your work situation?
 ⑦ Howishe? Him how he was? (Recently how his body like?)
 comparison: Whatdoesshelooklike? What is she like? (What ... looklike? Only refers to the
 5. "Whatdoyouthinkof ...?" For asking the other side ... ... the views or evaluation. For example:
 ① Whatdoyouthinkoftheidea? What do you think of this idea?
 ② Whatdidyouthinkofthatfilm? Your evaluation of how that movie?
 note: "Whatdoyouthinkof ...?" Is a common combination, can not be changed
"Howdoyouthinkof ...?". But we can say: Howdoyoufeelabouttheidea (thatfilm)? Or
Howdoyouliketheidea (thatfilm)?
 6.what relative pronoun when used as a composite, can refer people can refer to objects. For
 ① Chinaisnolongerwhatitusedtobe? China is not the China of the past.
 ② Sheiswhatyoucalla "blues
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