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					                                    Midwifery and Maternity
                                     Provider Organisation
                                    P O Box 21-106                  Telephone: 64 3 377 2485
                                    Christchurch                    Facsimile: 64 3 3531167
                                    NEW ZEALAND                     Email:

                               Supporting quality midwifery led maternity care for women in Aotearoa/New

                                   New Section 88                            DHB providers will not be able to
                                                                              claim on the notice. This includes
                                    document for                              the LMC employed midwifery
                                                                              teams. DHBs will be funded
                   July 2006        consultation                              separately through their ‘base
                                                                              funding’ for the provision of
                               A new version of Section 88 has been           midwifery services.
                               placed on the MOH website:
                                                                             Organisations (other than DHBs)
                                                                              may claim directly from the
                                                                              notice, by obtaining authorisation
                               There are 2 large documents that can be        as a ‘maternity provider’. However,
 Inside this Issue             downloaded. All LMCs should have a             they must have a midwife or GP
                               read through this and make submissions.
                                                                              provide care in the first trimester
         New Section 88                                                       and a ‘Lead Maternity Carer’
 1       consultation
                               The finalised document is planned to be
                               implemented by 01 July 2007.
                                                                              (midwife or GP with Dip Obs)
                                                                              provide the direct care from the
                               Consultation and submissions close by          second trimester onwards.
         Rural Midwifery       22 September 2006.
 2       Survey
                               The proposed changes to Section are
                                                                             Non-LMCs (GPs or Midwives)
                                                                              who work for a PHO may claim
                               not viewed as having a negative
         New staff member                                                     one single service for the first
 3                             impact     on    MMPO       midwives
                               authorized to claim on Section 88. All
                               the technical changes will occur
                                                                              trimester ($100.00), but they are not
                                                                              entitled if they intend to register the
                                                                              woman with one of their LMCs.
                               centrally for you and we are already
         To ensure your
 4       payments are not
                               have access to HealthLink as a secure
                                                                             There will be no single service
                                                                              first trimester claims for LMCs.
                               Below is our impression of the main
         Reminders about                                                     Registration with an LMC can
 5       claiming timelines.
                               changes within the consultation
                                Existing        authorised       LMC
                                                                              occur from diagnosis of pregnancy
                                                                              until 4 weeks post partum. No
                                                                              payment will be made for the actual
                                   midwives will become ‘maternity
 6       Remote Database
                                   providers’. You will also be able to
                                   have this status as a practice/group
                                                                              registration, but it must be
                                                                              submitted in order to claim the first
                                                                              and second trimester claim.
                                   or regional collective of midwives.
                                Maternity        providers     (either
                                                                             One sum of $230.00 will be paid to
                                   individuals or organisations)
                                                                              an LMC for the first and second
                                   need to be based within a DHB
                                   region. This implies that LMC              trimester.
                                   midwives      who      work     over
                                   boundaries, will need to become           Exceptional circumstances have
                                   authorised maternity providers in          been clarified more and includes
                                   more than one DHB region, or               payment for women who request
                                   provide services for 2 different           the LMC presence during an
                                   Maternity Providers.                       elective section.

MMPO Newsletter July 2006                         1
This is still a consultation document.      Sarah, on maternity leave, gave birth to
These proposed changes will impact on       her first son Joseph (10lb 6oz) on 30       Reminders about
all LMC midwives. But don’t get too         June.
anxious………………. if we work                                                               claiming timelines.
together on managing these changes,         To ensure your                              Manual claims:
we could develop a much more
sustainable practice environment for
                                            payments are not                            We enter all forms on the day they
Action to take:
                                            delayed………..                                arrive with us and each evening we
                                                                                        submit these claims to HealthPac.
                                            There are some regular lots of data
1.   Download the document and read                                                     Electronic claims:
                                            missing from claim submissions, which
     it, noting any concerns you have
                                            delay submission of claims:                 We clear these twice a day, once in the
     about the changes.
                                                                                        morning and again at the end of the day.
2.   If unclear about the intent of            Baby NHI needs to go on the baby
                                                                                        All these claims are then sent to
     proposed change, get in contact            delivery page.
                                                                                        HealthPac in the evening of the day they
     with your local College rep or call
                                               Information on anaesthesia and          arrive.
     the College for clarification.
                                                obstetric referral need to be
3.   Find out what process your region          included in notes for women who
                                                                                        Claim rejections:
     of the College is using to feedback        had a caesarean section.                Overall, we have less than 2% of claims
     in a submission to the National                                                    rejected. Rejected claims are identified
     office.                                   Domicile code needs to be included      the day following submission to
4.   Even if you cannot attend meetings         on the postnatal form if you want to    HealthPac.
     to discuss changes, send a note or         be paid for any rural travel.
     email to your local Chairperson                                                    Most rejections are sorted and
5.   Call the MMPO if you have any          To ensure accurate                          resubmitted the same day and does not
                                                                                        delay     the date paid.         Complex
     questions or enquiries about how
     the MMPO can assist LMC                MSR reports                                 rejections (disputes over who is entitled
                                                                                        to the payment) can take longer. The
     midwives       in       the    ‘New    Please complete the postnatal visits as     MMPO takes this responsibility on for
     environment’.                          requested in the notes:                     the midwife and reports problems if we
                                            Total            = all visits including     are not able to swiftly solve them.
     Rural midwifery                        postnatal        those while woman is
                                                             in the hospital
                                                                                        Rejected claims submitted early in the
                                            visits                                      week will most likely be cleared with no
         survey                             Total            = all at home              delay in payment.
The MMPO staff have been busy with          number of        (not hospital or clinic)   Payment of all claims:
the rural survey analysis. Sarah inputted   home visits
the data, while on maternity leave, and                                                 All claims submitted by Friday each
Chris has been working with Alison          Total            = hours or days in         week, will be paid the following
Eddy (NZCOM) to develop a report out        hospital stay    hospital.                  Tuesday week.
of the data.
A summary of findings will be
presented to the Ministry of Health next
                                            Suggested changes                           Remote databases.
week.                                       to the notes                                The ‘episiotomy’ field on the
                                                                                        postpartum page needs to be completed
Some data is being used to inform a         Thanks you all for comments on              with a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ response.
rural health workforce survey being         suggested inclusions or exclusions to
completed by the Rural Institute.           the Maternity Notes. We collect these
                                            and store them for the next review of the
                                                                                        MSR reports
A summary of findings will be put in        notes. This will occur following the        We now have a checking process in
the next midwifery news.                    final version of Section 88.                place for MSR reports. This involves a
Chris Hendry and Chris Stanbridge will                                                  staff member going through the report
be presenting findings at the NZCOM         NZCOM member                                for you and checking for common errors
                                                                                        in data transposition or blank fields.
                                            survey                                      So please allow us 48 hours notice that
New staff member                            Please remember to get these into the
                                            College by 28 July (deadline delayed by
                                                                                        you need a report sent to you. We also
We are delighted to welcome Mary                                                        include for you a form with some
Therese (MT) to our team. You will          bad South Island weather).                  national averages from the database to
recognise her Irish accent.                                                             compare with.

MMPO July2006 Newsletter                                        2

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