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									                                  The St George Hospital and Community Health Service (SGH)
                                                  2003/04 research activities
Title of research project                    Dept or institution on       Researcher                      Brief description of research
                                             whose behalf the
                                             research is being

Acute Care Nursing Professorial Unit (ACNPU), SEH and SGH

Evaluation of after hours clinical nursing   ACNPU, Division of           Blay N, Donoghue J,             Evaluation of the roles of the after hours clinical
support service.                             Critical Care and Surgery,   Jones S, Kingston S.            support nurses, division of critical care and
                                             SGH.                                                         surgery.
Education and support needs of Arabic-       ACNPU, Division of           Bothe J, Mitten-Lewis S,        Pre and post-discharge interviews with 28
speaking patients.                           Critical Care and Surgery,   Chalitta V.                     Arabic-speaking patients. Qualitative data on
                                             Clinical Practice                                            their experiences, participation and adequacy
                                             Improvement Unit, SGH.                                       of information provision.
Prevention of inpatient falls on Aged        ACNPU, Clinical Practice     Donoghue J, Murphy M,           Use of volunteer companion-observers to
Care ward.                                   Improvement Unit,            Graham J, Lamey M.              prevent falls of at-risk patients assigned to
                                             Aged Care, SGH.                                              special 4-bedded rooms on the ward.
Managing medications misadventure.           ACNPU, Division of           Donoghue J, Cahill P,           Aim to develop a sustainable process of risk
                                             Nursing and Community        Mant A, Stelter K, Tierney J,   identification and discharge planning for older,
                                             Care, Wards 3 East and 3     Melbourne G.                    community-dwelling patients at risk of
                                             South and Pharmacy                                           medicines misadventure.
                                             SGH, St George Division
                                             of General Practice,
                                             Quick Response Program
                                             and Heart Failure
Improving elderly patients’ use of patient   ACNPU, Pain                  Donoghue J, Melbourne G.      Investigating if a post operative coaching
control analgesia.                           Management Team,                                           intervention will improve elderly patients’ use of
                                             SGH.                                                       patient control analgesia.
Pilonidal sinus wound healing.               ACNPU, SGH,                  Stewart A, Donoghue J,        Descriptive study describing the course of
                                             Sutherland Hospital,         Melbourne G, Rogan F,         wound healing in patients who have a pilonidal
                                             Southcare, UTS Faculty       Wyllie A, Doolan K.           sinus surgically managed.
                                             of Nursing Midwifery and
Identification and nursing response to       ACNPU, Haemodialysis         Tranter S, Donoghue J.        Ethnographic study of the haemodialysis unit at
patients with ESRF treated with              Unit SGH.                                                  SGH.
SGH Patient Evaluation of Care Survey.       ACNPU, Clinical Practice     Mitten-Lewis S, Challita V,   Develop an instrument to collect patient
                                             Improvement Unit, SGH.       Donoghue J, Warner A.         feedback, based on validated tool. Survey one
                                                                                                        month’s discharges from each ward on a rolling
Morbidity serving tool for surgical          ACNPU, Division of           Eather B, Donoghue J,         Development of objective post operative
patients related to “failure to rescue”      Critical Care and Surgery    Kam P.                        scoring parameters to assess patient risk and
patients.                                    5 West, SGH.                                               instigate medical response.
Outcomes for patients following insertion    ACNPU, Division of           Patton V, Donoghue J,         The study aims to identify patients’ outcomes in
of Chait trapdoor caecostomy catheter        Critical Care and Surgery    Lubowski D.                   bowel management and quality of life following
for antegrade colonic enemas.                SGH, St George Private                                     the surgical procedure.
Development of a feedback system for         ACNPU SGH,                   Donoghue J, Watterson P.      Development of a feedback device/system to
elderly patients using patient control       Engineering UTS.                                           provide patients with auditory and visual
analgesia. (PCA) post operatively.                                                                      feedback to improve the use of patient control

A model of nursing care for day surgery      ACNPU, Division of           Bothe J, Donoghue J.          Development of a nursing care model for day
patients.                                    Critical Care and Surgery,                                 surgery patients based on patient centredness,
                                             SGH.                                                       effectiveness and patient safety.
Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery

Novel Gene Targeting agents for the             Cardiothoracic Surgery     Giradi.                   This research has a great potential for
local treatment of Intimal Hyperplasia in       SGH, Centre for Vascular                             discovering novel therapy agents for treatment
rabbit models of vein bypass grafting.          Research, UNSW.                                      of vein graft athero sclerosis. The project aims
                                                                                                     to demonstrate an inhibitor of neointima
                                                                                                     formation in the vein graft of the rabbit model by
                                                                                                     the use of DNA enzymes in vivo.

Emergency Department

Management of acute bacterial meningitis in     Emergency Department       Grant P.                  Formulation of Greater Eastern Sydney Child Health
children.                                       SGH.                                                 Network guidelines (GESCHN).
One year review of the Emergency Medicine       Emergency Department       Chan T, Chan A, Lee J.    Retrospective review of patient profiles for
Unit at St George Hospital.                     SGH.                                                 Emergency Medicine Unit admissions and the
                                                                                                     impact on emergency department and hospital
                                                                                                     length of stays, occupied bed days and
                                                                                                     representation rates for the top 10 diagnostic
                                                                                                     reference groups.
Review of patients admitted to the ward from    Emergency Department       Chan T, Donnelly D.       Determining patient profiles leading to ongoing
the Emergency Medicine Unit .                   SGH.                                                 hospital management from Emergency Medicine
Fractured neck of femur collaboration.          Emergency Department       Chan T.                   Streamlining management of patients with fractured
                                                SGH.                                                 neck of femur through a multi disciplinary approach.
Evaluation of an outpatient early pregnancy     Emergency Department       Brownlea S, Holdgate A.   A retrospective review of the success of an early
problem service.                                SGH.                                                 pregnancy problem service initiative.
Emergency management of the morbidly            Emergency Department       Newcombe M, Grant P.      Literature review of Emergency Department issues
obese.                                          SGH.                                                 relevant to the morbidly obese.
CATCH Study - Comparison of blood               Emergency Department       Somerville A, Dwyer D,    A study comparing haemolysis rates for different
collection through intravenous devices.         SGH.                       Fry M.                    methods of venous blood collection.
Retrospective review of narcotic usage in the   Emergency Department       Fry M, Arendts G.         A study into the factors which result in delayed
emergency department.                           SGH.                                                 narcotic analgesia for patients.
Characteristics and profiles of mental health     Emergency Department      Fry M, Brunero S.             A retrospective review of mental health patients
patients presenting to the emergency              SGH.                                                    presenting to the Emergency Department.
Review of clinical initiative nurse role in the   Emergency Department      Fry M, Jones K.               A retrospective study to evaluate the efficacy of the
emergency department.                             SGH.                                                    clinical initiative nurse.
A systematic review of adenosine versus           Emergency Department      Holdgate A, Foo A.            A review of the usage and efficacy of adenosine
verapamil for SVT.                                SGH.                                                    versus verapamil for terminating supraventricular
A review of the diagnosis and management          Emergency Department      Dunlop S, Holdgate A,         Literature review of blunt aortic branch injuries with
of aortic branch injuries in blunt trauma.        SGH.                      Dwyer D.                      reference to a case report.
A retrospective review of adult mortality         Emergency Department      Fry M, Rhodes-Sutton A.       A retrospective review of patients who died in the
characteristics of patients presenting to a       SGH.                                                    Emergency Department or after admission to ward.
metropolitan tertiary emergency department.
Patients regularly leave emergency                Emergency Department      Fry M, Thompson J, Chan A.    A study into why patients leave the Emergency
departments before medical assessment. A          SGH.                                                    Department before being seen by a medical officer
study of did not wait patients, medical profile                                                           and the outcome to the patient.
and outcome characteristics.
A prospective study of nurse initiated            Emergency Department      Fry M, Ryan J, Alexander N.   A study aimed to improve the efficiency and
panadeine forte: expanding pain                   SGH.                                                    effectiveness of timely analgesia for patients in
management in the emergency department.                                                                   moderate pain and who had a significant delay prior
                                                                                                          to medical assessment.
Bringing relevant information to diverse          Emergency Department      Fry M, Ajami A, Borg A.       An education project to inform the local non-english
groups about emergency department                 SGH.                                                    speaking community about health care choices.
services. The “BRIDGE” project.
Enteral versus intravenous rehydration            Emergency Department,     Fonseca B, Holdgate A,        A meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials
therapy for children with gastroenteritis: a      Paediatrics Department,   Craig J.                      comparing intravenous versus enteral hydration for
meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials     SGH.                                                    acute paediatric gastroenteritis.
Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs              Emergency Department      Holdgate A, Pollock T,        A Cochrane review comparing efficacy of NSAIDS
(NSAIDS) versus opioids for acute renal           SGH.                                                    versus opioids in acute renal colic.
Comparison of a verbal numeric rating scale       Emergency Department      Holdgate A, Asha S,           To test the agreement between VAS and VNRS in
with the visual analogue scale for the            SGH.                      Craig J, Thompson J.          the management of presentations with acute pain.
management of acute pain.
International EMS Systems: New South              Emergency Department      Trevithick S, Flabouris A,    An analysis of NSW Emergency Medicine Services.
Wales, Australia.                                 Retrieval Service.        Tall G, Webber CF.
The accuracy of external blood loss    Emergency Department        Tall G, Wise D, Grove P,      A study of the accuracy of observed acute blood
estimation by ambulance and hospital   Retrieval Service.          Wilkinson C.                  loss by Emergency healthcare providers.
Cranial CT interpretation by senior    Emergency Department ,      Arendts G, Manovel A,         Review of the accuracy of cranial CT interpretation
emergency department staff.            Radiology Department,       Chai A.                       by senior emergency clinicians.

Department of Gastroenterology, Motility Research Unit

Colonic motility research program.     Gastroenterology Motility   Cook I, Dinning P,            Overall aims to clarify the mechanism
                                       Research Unit SGH.          Szczesniak M,                 underpinning propulsive motor patterns and
                                                                   Fuentealba S.                 how they are affected in disorders of
                                                                                                 defaecation such as severe constipation as a
                                                                                                 prelude to examine novel therapeutic
Oesophago-pharyngeal research          Gastroenterology Motility   Cook I, Dinning P,            Overall aims to investigate the mechanisms of
program.                               Research Unit SGH.          Szczesniak M,                 pharyngeal neuromuscular dysfunction in
                                                                   Fuentealba S.                 swallowing disorders and which underlie
                                                                                                 oesophago-pharyngeal regurgitation and to
                                                                                                 examine mechanisms underpinning disordered
                                                                                                 oesophageal sensory perception.

Division of Intensive Care

Signs of critical conditions and       Division of Intensive       Harrison D (PI), Jacques T,   Cross sectional case note review for early and
emergency responses (SOCCER).          Care, SGH.                  McLaws ML, Kilborn G.         late signs of critical conditions in 3160
                                                                                                 admissions in general wards across 5 SEH
                                                                                                 hospitals to establish the prevalence and
                                                                                                 predictive value of the signs.
Intensive Care Medicine

A comparison of albumin and saline for      Clinical Trials Group,        Myburgh JA (PI),            A 7,000 patient, multi-centred, double blind
fluid resuscitation in the intensive care   Australian and New            Jovanoversuska A,           randomised controlled trial.
unit (SAFE).                                Zealand Intensive Care        Hodgetts M, Girling K,
                                            Society, the George           Skowronski G, Jacques T,
                                            Institute for International   O’Leary M, McKeag A.
                                            Health and the Australian
                                            Red Cross Blood
                                            Transfusion Service.
Quantification of outcomes of patients      Clinical Trials Group,        Myburgh JA (PI),            Post hoc analysis and follow-up of 468 patients
with traumatic brain injury in the SAFE     Australian and New            Jovanoversuska A, Girling   with traumatic brain injury enrolled in the SAFE
study (above).                              Zealand Intensive Care        K.                          study. Completion of 24-month functional
                                            Society, the George                                       outcome assessments of 27 patients at SGH in
                                            Institute for International                               June 2005.
                                            Health and the Australian
                                            Red Cross Blood
                                            Transfusion Service.
A comparison of adrenaline and              Intensive Care Medicine       Myburgh JA (PI),            A 250 patient, double blind, randomised
noradrenaline in reversing shock in         SGH.                          Jovanoversuska A,           controlled trial.
critically ill patients – the CAT study.                                  Hodgetts M,
                                                                          Girling K, Skowronski G,
                                                                          Jacques T, O’Leary M,
                                                                          McKeag A.
Normoglycaemia in Intensive care – the      Clinical Trials Group,        Myburgh JA (PI),            A 4000 patient, multi-centred randomised trial
NICE study.                                 Australian and New            Jovanoversuska A,           assessing the effect of an intensive insulin
                                            Zealand Intensive Care        Hodgetts M,                 therapeutic strategy on outcome in critically ill
                                            Society.                      Girling K, Skowronski G,    patients.
                                                                          Jacques T, O’Leary M,
                                                                          McKeag A.
The effects of dexanabinol on outcome       Omnicare, Pharmos             Myburgh JA (PI),            An international Phase III clinical drug trial of this
for isolated traumatic brain injury.         corporation.                 Jovanoversuska A,             synthetic cannabinoid looking at the safety and
                                                                          Hodgetts M,                   efficacy of neuroprotection for head injured
                                                                          Girling K.                    patients. International recruitment completed in
                                                                                                        May 2004.
Parenteral versus enteral nutrition in       Intensive Care Medicine,     O’Leary M (PI).               Research study in an animal model of sepsis.
sepsis: influence on the growth hormone      SGH in collaboration with
– IGF-1 axis.                                the Department of
                                             Surgery, Royal North
                                             Shore Hospital.
                                             Supported in part by a
                                             grant from ANZCA
An analysis of agreement between             Intensive Care Medicine,     Kulkarni A, Saxena M,         Prospective study of blood glucose
capillary and arterial blood glucose         SGH.                         Price G, Myburgh JA,          measurements in intensive care patients – 500
measurements in critically ill patients.                                  Jacques T, O’Leary M.         paired measurements.
Correlation of levels of -Atrial            Intensive Care Medicine,     Price g (PI), Kulkarni A,     Descriptive physiological study in five intensive
Natriuretic Peptide and ACE inhibition in    SGH.                         Saxena M, Myburgh JA,         care patients.
mechanical ventilated patients.                                           O’Leary M
Prospective survey of microbial antibiotic   Intensive Care Medicine,     Kulkarni V (PI), Jacques T,   Survey of the incidence and prevalence of
resistance patterns in the Intensive Care    SGH.                         O’Leary M, Taylor P.          antibiotic resistant organisms in patients
Unit (ICU).                                                                                             admitted to ICU over three months. Their
                                                                                                        acquisition and changes in superficial body flora
                                                                                                        were documented.
The influence of different parenteral        Intensive Care Medicine,     Dan A (PI), O’Leary M,        An investigation of the effect of changing from a
nutritional solutions on glycaemic control   SGH.                         Jacques T.                    glucose based to a lipid based nutrition solution
in ventilated ICU patients.                                                                             on glycaemic control in patients treated with an
                                                                                                        intensive insulin protocol.

Medical Physics Department

National intercomparison of radiation        Sir Charles Gairdner         Duggan L (one of five         Quantify doses delivered to prostate patients
doses delivered in high dose rate            Hospital, Perth (Principle   principle investigators       participating in brachytherapy clinical trials in
prostate brachytherapy.                      Investigator Ms Annette      nationally).                  Australia.
Verification of doses delivered to the       Prostate Cancer Institute,   Duggan L, Bucci J.            Measurements of the dose distribution in the
tumour and critical structures in prostate   SGH.                                                       tumour during prostate brachytherapy.
brachytherapy using
thermoluminescence dosimeters.
Quality assurance of LDR and HDR             University of Wollongong     Bucci J, Duggan L, Enari E,   Design of new detectors for quality assurance in
prostate brachytherapy.                                                   Rule G.                       prostate brachytherapy.
Design of quality assurance phantoms         Prostate Cancer Institute    Rule G.                       Design and manufacture of tissue-equivalent
for prostate brachytherapy.                  SGH, University of                                         phantoms for verification of dose delivered to
                                             Wollongong.                                                prostate and critical structures during
Use of LA48 linear array for daily           UNSW, Cancer Care            Howie A, Gupta R,             Development of new technique for performing
constancy checks (photons).                  Centre SGH.                  Khanna S.                     daily constancy checks – increasing speed and
Use of LA48 linear array for daily           Cancer Care Centre           Howie A Gupta R,              Expansion of new technique for daily constancy
constancy checks (electrons).                SGH.                         Khanna S.                     checks to include electron beams.

Department of Nuclear Medicine

Vasodilator induced stress in                Nuclear Medicine, SGH.       Butler P.                     A new vasodilator, Binodenosine, for cardiac
concordance with Adenosine. VISION.                                                                     stress imaging.
Thromboview study.                           Nuclear Medicine, SGH.       Butler P.                     A protein fragment for deep vein thrombosis
Technegas study.                             Nuclear Medicine, SGH.       Butler P.                     Assessment of a lung perfusion imaging
Y-90 SIRspheres for carcinoid liver          Nuclear Medicine and         Quinn R, Morris D.            Yttrium 90 labelled microspheres for carcinoid
metastases.                                  Surgery, SGH.                                              liver tumours.
Tc99m rt-PA for DVT.                         Nuclear Medicine and         Butler P, Brighton T.         For the detection of deep vein thrombosis.
                                             Haematology, SGH.
Tc 99m HMPAO brain imaging.                  Nuclear Medicine and the     Nour R, Morris A.             Cerebral imaging for patients with urinary
                                             Pelvic Floor Physiology                                    incontinance.
                                             Unit, SGH.
SPECT lung perfusion study.                 Nuclear Medicine, SGH.     Nour R.                    Tomographic imaging of lung perfusion scans.

Orthopaedic Research Institute, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery

Long-term outcomes after rotator cuff       Orthopaedic Research       Walton JR, Murrell GAC,    The results of this clinical study will furnish as
repair.                                     Institute SGH,             Cummins CA.                knowledgeable basis for advising patients on
                                            Lake Cook Orthopaedic                                 how long is required for full recovery of strength,
                                            Associates, Chicago.                                  range of motion, and loss of pain after surgery
                                                                                                  for rotator cuff tear.
Diagnostic values of tests for              Orthopaedic Research       Walton JR, Paxinos A,      A comparison of tests to determine the most
acromioclavicular joint pain.               Institute SGH, Melbourne   Murrell GAC.               effective non-invasive way to diagnose
                                            Orthopaedic Group.                                    acromioclavicular joint pain.
An improved diagnostic staining method      Orthopaedic Research       Walton JR, Diamond T,      We have developed a new staining method for
for bone diseases.                          Institute SGH.             Clark W, Gupta S,          bone that we expect to be useful for
                                                                       Murrell GAC.               investigating the cause of osteoporosis and
                                                                                                  some other bone diseases.
Assessment of shoulder problems in          Orthopaedic Research       Sein ML, Appleyard RC,     This study investigates the nature and causes
elite swimmers.                             Institute SGH, NSW         Walton JR, Kuah D          of shoulder pain in a large proportion of elite
                                            Institute of Sport.        Murrell GAC.               Australian swimmers.
The development of shoulder stiffness       Orthopaedic Research       Trenerry K, Walton JR,     This study analyses the causes for shoulder
after rotator cuff repair.                  Institute.                 Murrell GAC.               stiffness.
An autologous cell injection-based          Melbourne Orthopaedic      Paxinos A, McClelland D,   This randomised clinical investigates the
treatment for tennis elbow.                 Group Vic, Orthopaedic     Walton JR.                 efficacy of a new non-steroidal treatment for
                                            Research Institute SGH.                               tennis elbow.
Long-term follow-up of patients who         Orthopaedic Research       Bowman N, Khatib Y,        This clinical study compares the long-term
received “Restore” (biological tissue)      Institute SGH.             Walton JR, Murrell GAC.    results from patients whose large shoulder tears
patches for their large rotator cuff tear                                                         were repaired using tissue-engineered
repair.                                                                                           “Restore” patches with others repaired without
                                                                                                  “Restore” patches.
Hip replacement cup.                        Orthopaedic Department     Sekel R, Wingrove P.       Equator plus cup to eliminate backwear of
                                            SGH, Portland                                         polythene osteoblast of diphosphonates.
Bone deposition/osteoblasts.               Orthopaedic Department     Sekel R, McLeod K.            Osteoblast activity in the presence of
                                           SGH, Ian Wark Institute,                                 diphosphonates plus variable electrical fields.
                                           University of South
Revision knee replacement.                 Orthopaedic Department     Sekel R, Barker D.            Development of a tertiary knee replacement
                                           SGH, Portland                                            system using five axis taper.
Margron hip replacement stem.              Orthopaedic Department     Sekel R.                      Ongoing prospective 10 year clinical trial –
                                           SGH, Portland                                            primary revision and mini-series stems.
Hydroxy-apatite irradiation.               Monash University,         Sekel R, Gross K.             Effects of irradiation on hydroxy-apatite
                                           Orthopaedic Department                                   properties.
DEXA studies on total hip replacements.    Orthopaedic Department     Sekel R, Eberle R.            DEXA results after total hip replacements.
Inhibition of urokinase receptor (uPAR)    Orthopaedic Research       de Bock CE, Lin Z,            UPAR is a key enzyme receptor and plays
gene expression by DNAzymes in             Institute SGH.             Itoh T, Morris D, Murrell     important roles in cancer and inflammation. We
osteosarcoma cells.                                                   GAC, Wang Y.                  have designed and characterised an anti-uPAR
Novel interacting partners of urokinase    Orthopaedic Research       de Bock C, Lin Z, Morris D,   Evaluation of a novel uPAR partner fibulin-2.
receptor and the function of their         Institute SGH.             Murrell G, Wang Y.
Small interfering RNA (siRNA)-directed     Orthopaedic Research       Lin Z, Morris D, Wang Y.      The aim of this proposal is to study whether the
knockdown of tumour necrosis factor        Institute SGH.                                           TNF alpha can be inhibited by short interfering
alpha (TNFa), a potential gene therapy                                                              RNAs (siRNA)-mediated gene silencing.
approach for arthritis.
Micro Indentation system.                  Orthopaedic Research       Appleyard RC, Murrell GAC. Developing a micro-indentation device for
                                           Institute SGH.                                        assessing the mechanical properties of fracture
New locking plate system for fixation of   Orthopaedic Research       Appleyard RC, Harris I.    Comparing conventional and new locking plate
osteoporotic bone: A biomechanical         Institute SGH.                                        systems in the fixation of normal and
study.                                                                                           osteoporotic bone.
Orthopaedic Research Institute shoulder   Orthopaedic Research   Appleyard RC, Sein ML,     Developing a device for assessing the laxity of
stability assessment device.              Institute SGH.         Walton JR, Murrell GAC.    the shoulder.
Effect of nitric oxide on bone fracture   Orthopaedic Research   Baldik Y, Diwan AD,        Nitric oxide and fracture healing with the NO
strength.                                 Institute SGH.         Appleyard RC, Janssen J,   donor nitrosoalbumin.
                                                                 Murrell GAC.
Can recombinant BMP-7 enhance             Stryker Biotech,       Diwan AD, Leong A.         Fracture healing is impaired in osteoporotics.
osteoporotic fracture healing?            Orthopaedic Research                              We wonder whether RhBMP-7 used for new
                                          Institute SGH.                                    bone formation, can enhance fracture healing in
Can autologous bone marrow-derived        Orthopaedic Research   Diwan AD, Ma D.            Our work will evaluate the safety and efficacy of
stem cells cure chronic back pain?        Institute SGH, The                                using bone marrow-derived stem cells to repair
                                          Garvan Institute.                                 intervertebral discs.
Genetic basis of Klippel-Feil syndrome.   Orthopaedic Research   Diwan AD, Fang Z,          Genetic basis of Klippel-Feil syndrome.
                                          Institute SGH.         Clarke R, Murrell GAC.
Oxidative stress and antioxidant          Orthopaedic Research   Wang M-X.                  Oxidative stress and antioxidant enzymes in
enzymes in osteoarthritis.                Institute SGH.                                    osteoarthritis.
Effects of NicOx compounds on             Orthopaedic Research   Wang M-X.                  Effects of NicOx compounds on chondrocyte
chondrocyte function.                     Institute SGH.                                    function.
Telomerases in intervertebral disc        Orthopaedic Research   Chung S, Murrell GAC,      Investigating the effect s of exogenous human
degeneration.                             Institute SGH.         Diwan AD.                  telomerase (hTERT) gene expression in
                                                                                            cultured sheep annulus fibrosus and nucleus
                                                                                            pulposus cells.
Rotator cuff repair with bioabsorbable    Orthopaedic Research   Cummins C, Strickland S,   In vivo evaluation of the clinical outcomes of
screws. An in vivo and ex vivo            Institute SGH.         Appleyard R, Szomor Z,     rotator cuff repairs with bioabsorbable screws
investigation.                                                   Marshall J, Murrell G.     compared with metal suture anchors, and
                                                                                            comparing the ex vivo initial load to failure of
                                                                                            rotator cuff repairs using three different
                                                                                            bioabsorbable screws, suture anchors and
                                                                                            transosseous sutures.
Accuracy and reliability of arthroscopic       Rheumatology and             Oakley S, Portek I,          The goal of the study was to determine the
estimates of cartilage lesion size in          Orthopaedic Surgery          Szomor Z, Turnbull A,        accuracy and reliability of arthroscopic percent
aplastic simulation model.                     SGH, Dept of                 Murrell G, Kirkham B,        estimates in a plastic knee simulation model.
                                               Rheumatology, Guys’          Lassere M.
                                               and Thomas’ Hospital,
Mode of failure for rotator cuff repair with   Lake Cook Orthopaedic        Cummins C, Appleyard RC,     Determining the primary mode of mechanical
suture anchors.                                Associates, Barrington IL,   Murrell G.                   failure for rotator cuffs repaired with suture
                                               Orthopaedic Research                                      anchors at the time of revision rotator cuff
                                               Institute SGH.                                            repair.
A novel mutation in the non-helical linker     Dermatology and              Zhao YL, Kemp M,             A novel mutation in the non-helical linker L1-2
L1-2 domain of keratin 14 in patients          orthopaedic Surgery,         Klingberg S, Welsey J,       domain of keratin 14 in patients with Weber-
with Weber-Cockayne epidermolysis              SGH.                         Wang Y, Murrell GAC.         Cockayne epidermolysis bullosa simplex.
bullosa simplex.
Expression of urokinase-type                   Orthopaedic Research         Xia W, de Bock CE, Murrell   Using a rat Achilles tendon model to study
plasminogen activator and its receptor is      Institute SGH.               GAC, Wang Y.                 mRNA and protein expression of uPA and its
upregulated during tendon healing.                                                                       receptor (uPAR) during tendon healing, using
                                                                                                         immunohistochemical, Northern and Western
                                                                                                         blot analyses.
Addition of nitric oxide via                   Orthopaedic Research         Yuan J, Murrell GAC,         A study to determine if the addition of nitric
nitroflurbiprofen enhances the material        Institute SGH,               Wei A-Q, Appleyard RC,       oxide (NO) via nitroflurbiprofen would enhance
properties of healing Achilles tendon.         NicOx Foundation,            del Soldato P, Wang M-X.     rat Achilles tendon healing.
Involvement of cytochrome c release            Orthopaedic Research         Yuan J, Murrell GAC,         Investigating the effect of oxidative stress on
and caspase-3 activation in the oxidative      Institute SGH.               Wei A-Q, Wang M-X.           human tendon cell apoptosis and to explore
stress induced apoptosis in human                                                                        pathways by which tendon cell apoptosis was
tendon fibroblasts.                                                                                      induced.
Topographical analysis of the structural,      Orthopaedic Research         Appleyard RC,                Studying the relationship between the
biochemical and dynamic biomechanical          Institute SGH, Division of   Burkhardt D, Ghosh P         topographical variations in the structural,
properties of cartilage in an ovine model      Veterinary and               Read R, Cake M, Swain M      biochemical and dynamic biomechanical
of osteoarthritis.                             Biomedical Sciences          Murrell GAC.                 properties of articular cartilage in order to
                                               Murdoch University,                                       understand the role of mechanical factors on
                                          Department of                                             the pathogenesis of osteoarthritis.
                                          Mechanical Engineering
                                          University of Sydney.
The roles of growth factors in tendon and Orthopaedic Research          Molloy T, Wang Y,           The roles of growth factors in tendon and
ligament healing.                         Institute SGH.                Murrell GAC.                ligament healing.
Adenovirus mediated gene transfer for         Orthopaedic Research      Dai Q, Manfield L, Wang Y   Investigating the transfection of Ad5CMVntLacZ
tendon healing – enhanced efficiency          Institute SGH.            Murrell GAC.                in primary cultured human rotator cuff tendon
using a gelatin sponge.                                                                             cells and in a rat Achilles tendon healing model
                                                                                                    in vivo as a potential method for enhancing
                                                                                                    tendon healing.
Topical nitric oxide application in the       Orthopaedic Surgery and   Paoloni J, Appleyard R,     Investigating topical nitric oxide donation in
treatment of chronic extensor tendinosis      Pharmacy SGH.             Nelson J, Murrell GAC.      treating chronic elbow tendinopathy.
at the elbow: a randomized,double-blind,
placebo controlled clinical trial.
The rotator cuff: biological adaptations to   Orthopaedic Research      Malcarney H, Murrell GAC.   A study of adaptive characteristics of the rotator
its environment.                              Institute SGH.                                        cuff and possible predisposition of the tendon
                                                                                                    complex to pathology.
Cell death and tendinopathy.                  Orthopaedic Research      Yuan J, Wang M-X,           Cells of injured rotator cuff tendons have much
                                              Institute SGH.            Murrell GAC.                higher rates of apoptosis than cells of uninjured
                                                                                                    tendons. This study investigates why tendons
                                                                                                    exposed to excessive strain may become
Meshes in rotator cuff repair. A              Orthopaedic Surgery       Muller M, Appleyard RC,     Aims to determine which meshes have the best
biomechanical study.                          SGH.                      Osbahr D, Murrell GAC.      mechanical properties for rotator cuff repair.
Topical administration of the nitric oxide    Veterinary and            Cake M, Appleyard RC,       Examines the effect of topical administration of
donor glyceryl trinitrate modifies the        Biomedical Sciences       Read R, Ghosh P,            glyceryl trinitrate (GTN) on the structural and
structural and biomechanical properties       Murdoch University,       Swain M, Murrell GAC.       biomechanical properties of uncalcified articular
of ovine articular cartilage.                 Orthopaedic Surgery                                   cartilage.
                                              SGH, Institute of Bone
                                              and Joint Research
                                              Royal North Shore
                                              Hospital, Faculty of
                                                 Dentistry and Dept of
                                                 Mechanical Engineering
Meniscal and chondral loss in the                Orthopaedic Research        Jones HP, Appleyard RC,    Investigating in vitro adaptive response of
anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injured         Institute SGH.              Mahajan S, Murrell GAC.    secondary soft tissue restraints to chronic laxity
knee.                                                                                                   resulting from ACL transection.
Shoulder stiffness: diagnosis.                   Orthopaedic Research        Bhargav D, Murrell GAC.    Examines the functional anatomy of the
                                                 Institute SGH.                                         shoulder joint, the pathology of the conditions
                                                                                                        that lead to shoulder stiffness and methods to
                                                                                                        differentiate them.
Shoulder stiffness: management.                  Orthopaedic Research        Bhargav D, Murrell GAC.    Examines the methods available to treat the
                                                 Institute SGH.                                         various causes of stiff shoulders.
An assessment of the inter-examiner              Orthopaedic Research        Tzannes A, Paxinos A,      Estimating the reliability of commonly used
reliability of tests for shoulder instability.   Institute SGH.              Callanan M, Murrell GAC.   clinical tests for shoulder instability using an
                                                                                                        interexaminer agreement trial.
The Orthopaedic Research Institute –             Orthopaedic Research        Paoloni J, Appleyard RC,   Designing a testing system to record objective
tennis elbow testing system: a modified          Institute SGH.              Murrell GAC.               measurements of force generated with a
chair pick-up test. Inter-rater and intra-                                                              resisted ankle plantarflexion test.
rater reliability testing.
Temporal outcomes of arthroscopic                Orthopaedic Research        Paxinos A, Walton JR,      A prospective study aimed at documenting the
stabilisation of superior labral (SLAP)          Institute SGH.              Rutten S, Muller M,        pain and functional outcomes, over time, of
tears with biodegradable tac.                                                Murrell GAC.               patients whose superior labral (SLAP) lesions
                                                                                                        had been repaired with bioabsorbable tacs.
A randomised clinical trial investigating        Orthopaedic Research        Hayes K, Ginn K, Walton    This study involved undertaking a randomised
the efficacy of physiotherapy after rotator      Institute SGH, Faculty of   JR, Murrell GAC.           clinical trial to compare outcomes for two forms
cuff repair.                                     Health Sciences USYD.                                  of rehabilitation following rotator cuff repair.
Identification of prognostic indicators for      Orthopaedic Research        Paoloni J, Appleyard RC,   Identification of prognostic indicators for patient
patient outcomes in extensor                     Institute SGH.              Murrell GAC.               outcomes in extensor tendinopathy at the
tendinopathy at the elbow.                                                                              elbow.
Diagnostic values of tests for                   Orthopaedic Research        Walton JR, Mahajan S,      A prospective study to determine which clinical
acromioclavicular joint pain.                    InstitutE SGH.              Marshall J, Bryant C,      and imaging tests were most helpful for
                                                                             Shnier R, Quinn R,         diagnosing acromioclavicular joint pain.
                                                                        Murrell GAC.
A randomised, double-blind, placebo           Orthopaedic Research      Paoloni J, Appleyard RC,      A randomised, double-blind, placebo controlled
controlled clinical trial investigating the   Institute.                Murrell GAC.                  clinical trial investigating the use of topical nitric
use of topical nitric oxide application in                                                            oxide application in the treatment of achilles
the treatment of Achilles tendonitis.                                                                 tendonitis.
Overexpression of anti-oxidant enzyme         Orthopaedic Research      Yuan J, Murrell GAC,          An in vitro study investigating the protective role
peroxiredoxin 5 protects human tendon         Institute, Clinical       Wei A-Q, Trickett A,          played by PRDX5 in human tendon cells
cells against apoptosis and loss of           Haematology and SEALS     Landtmeters M, Knoops B,      against oxidative stress by reducing apoptosis
cellular function during oxidative stress.    Haematology SGH,          Wang M-X.                     and maintaining collagen synthesis.
                                              Laboratory of Cell
                                              Biology, Univeriste
                                              Catholique de Louvain,
Biomechanical, histologic and                 Orthopaedic Research      Oakley S                      Biomechanical, histologic and macroscopic
macroscopic assessment of articular           Institute and             Haen P-S, Portek I,           assessment of articular cartilage in a sheep
cartilage in a sheep model of                 Rheumatology, SGH.        Szomor Z, Ghosh P,            model of osteoarthritis.
osteoarthritis.                                                         Kirkham B, Murrell GAC.
The effects of thermal capsular               Orthopaedic Research      Chen S, Haen P-S, Walton      A study to determine if patients with recurrent
shrinkage on outcomes of arthroscopic         Institute SGH,            JR, Murrell GAC.              anterior shoulder instability who have labral
stabilization for primary anterior shoulder   Department of Sports                                    repair plus arthroscopic thermal capsulorrhaphy
instability.                                  Medicine Huashan                                        have better outcomes than those with labral
                                              Hospital, Shanghai                                      repair alone.
Rotator cuff repair: an ex vivo analysis of   Lake Cook Orthopaedic     Cummins CA, Appleyard         Determining the best combination of anchors
suture anchor repair techniques on initial    Associates, Orthopaedic   RC, Strickland S, Haen P-S,   and suture techniques for repairing torn rotator
load to failure.                              Research Institute,       Chen S, Murrell GAC.          cuff tendons.
                                              Hospital for Special
                                              Surgery, New York.
Clinical diagnosis of a superior glenoid      Orthopaedic Research      Muller M, Murrell GAC.        Clinical diagnosis of a superior glenoid labrum
labrum cyst with suprascapular nerve          Institute SGH.                                          cyst with suprascapular nerve entrapment
entrapment (GLEN) lesion.                                                                             (GLEN) lesion.
An evaluation of the effects of the extent    Orthopaedic Research          Bhargav D, Murrell GAC.      Evaluating effects of the extent of surgical
of capsular release and of post-operative     Institute SGH.                                             release and of pos-operative physiotherapy on
therapy on the temporal outcome of                                                                       the outcomes of this procedure.
adhesive capsulitits.
A randomised, double-blind, placebo           Orthopaedic Research          Paoloni J, Appleyard RC,     A randomised, double-blind, placebo controlled
controlled clinical trial investigating the   Institute SGH.                Murrell GAC.                 clinical trial investigating the use of topical nitric
use of topical nitric oxide application in                                                               oxide application in the treatment of chronic
the treatment of chronic supraspinatus                                                                   supraspinatus tendonosis.
The role of ultrasound in diagnosing          Orthopaedic Research          Murrell GAC, Ryder S,        The role of ultrasound in diagnosing rotator cuff
rotator cuff pathology.                       Institute SGH.                Bowman N.                    pathology.

Ovariectomy alters the structural and         School of Veterinary and      Cake M, Appleyard RC,        This study examines the effect of oestrogen
biomechanical properties of ovine             Biomedical Sciences           Read R, Smith M, Murrell     depletion on the structural and chemical
femoro-tibial articular cartilage and         Murdoch University,           GAC, Ghosh P.                properties of articular cartilage and the
upregulates cartilage iNOS.                   Orthopaedic Research                                       production of nitric oxide synthase and
                                              Institute SGH, Institute of                                nitrotyrosine by these tissues.
                                              Bone and Joint
                                              Research, Royal North
                                              Shore Hospital.
A novel mutation in the non-helical linker    Dermatology and               Kemp M, Zhao YL,             A novel mutation in the non-helical linker L1-2
L1-2 domain of keratin 14 resulting in a      Orthopaedic Research          Klingberg S, Wesley J,       domain of keratin 14 resulting in a different
different phenotype of epidemolysis           Institute SGH.                Wang Y, Lloyd L, Murrell     phenotype of epidermolysis bullosa simplex.
bullosa simplex.                                                            GAC, Murrell DF.
Arthroscopy – a potential “gold standard      Orthopaedic Research          Oakley S, Portek I, Szomor   Arthroscopy – a potential “gold standard for the
for the diagnosis of the early                Institute and                 Z, Appleyard RC, Ghosh P,    diagnosis of the early chondropathy of early
chondropathy of early osteoarthritis.         Rheumatology SGH.             Kirkham B, Murrell GAC.      osteoarthritis.
Effect of tissue strain on cell metabolism.   Orthopaedic Research          Suenaga N, Little C,         Load various tendons and cell seeded
                                              Institute SGH, Raymond        Appleyard RC.                constructs to investigate the effect of cyclic
                                              Purves Laboratories                                        loading on cellular response.
                                              Royal North Shore
Effect of age on articular cartilage.        Orthopaedic research          Ho R, Appleyard RC.       Correlating the change in the indentation
                                             Institute SGH,                                          properties of sheep cartilage with increasing
                                             Department of                                           age.
                                             Mechanical Engineering,
Optical strain measurement system.           Orthopaedic Research          Errington B, Khanna S,    Developing a system to measure the in-vitro
                                             Institute and Cancer Care     Appleyard RC.             strain profile in tendon while under load.
                                             Research Institute SGH,
                                             Department of
                                             Mechanical Engineering,
Effect of age on spine stability.            Orthopaedic Research          Clarke e, Appleyard RC,   Investigating the alteration in the biomechanical
                                             Institute SGH, Institute of   L Bilston.                properties of spinal motion segments with age
                                             Biomedical Research,                                    in sheep.
                                             Prince of Wales Hospital.

Sexual Health Unit

Switching from Sildenafil citrate (Viagra)   E-Lily.                       Carmody C.                Study completed approx 30 recruited and only
to Tadalafil (Cialis) in treatment of                                                                about 20 completed the study due to: didn’t
erectile dysfuntion: multinational                                                                   meet with inclusion criteria, protocol violations.
assessment of treatment practice.
A double-blind, randomised, active           Norvartis.                    Carmody C.                Nil recruitments therefore have withdrawn from
controlled, multi-center study to assess                                                             the study.
the efficacy and safety of self-initiated
short course (2day) oral famiciclovir
therapy in immunocompetent patients
with active recurrent genital herpes.

Speech Therapy

Clinical signs of dysphagia and              Speech Pathology SGH.         Relf W.                   To reduce stroke related complications,
aspiration after stroke: Lesion analysis                                                        effective ways to screen and accurately identify
by CT and MRI.                                                                                  patients at risk of swallowing difficulties
                                                                                                (dysphagia) and aspiration after stroke are
                                                                                                needed. To date, neither a core of clinical
                                                                                                predictors, nor lesion site, has provided a valid
                                                                                                and reliable screening tool. To further previous
                                                                                                studies this research aims to evaluate a
                                                                                                possible relationship between lesion location
                                                                                                and 6 previously identified clinical predictors of
                                                                                                risks of aspiration in acute stroke patients.

Division of Women and Children’s Health

Postnatal Outcomes Project (POP).          1 West Postnatal SGH, in   Schmeid V (UTS),          Research, conducted on the postnatal ward at
                                           partnership with Centre    Gutwein R, Steinlein E,   SGH, aimed to improve hospital based
                                           for Family Health and      Cooke M (UTS),            postnatal care. The study described the
                                           Midwifery UTS.             Wong P (UTS).             postpartum midwifery care required by women,
                                                                                                midwives’ perception of what constitutes quality
                                                                                                postnatal care and the strategies designed to
                                                                                                improve the quality of hospital based postnatal

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