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					                            ASEAN-EU Programme for Regional Integration
                                   Support – Phase II (APRIS II)

                          “Working Together Works” Study Tour of AMC and
                          ASEC Officials to Review EU Customs Procedures
                                         and Transit Regime
                                  Brussels, Budapest, 2-5 July 2007


The objectives of this sub-project, in consultation with relevant authorities in Europe, were to provide the
senior ASEAN customs management (the Directors General and senior technicians) with insights into
the working of the European Customs Union as a harmonised regional customs environment, the tools
and techniques applied in the management of the EU's national customs administrations, plus the pitfalls
and difficulties that the development of an integrated environment is likely to encounter. A five day study
tour was organised with DG TAXUD in Brussels and Hungarian Customs to provide and explain: 1) a
clear perspective of the political and technical requirements for the operation of an integrated Customs
environment; 2) requirements for, and lessons learned from, the most recent accession of the new
countries to the EU, including the methodologies used; 3) exposure to the working of specific EU
systems on the ground that are fundamental to the integrated environment and the operational links
necessary between national and regional centres; and 4) business community perspectives on the
Customs Union's functioning. The study tour resulted in improved knowledge and understanding of: a)
formal arrangements required for integrated operations and administrative co-operation including the
management of Customs Law, Tariff, Customs techniques etc.; b) technical systems required (together
with their development and management) including computerised systems for Tariff, Transit, VAT and
Enforcement; c) methodologies for acquiring and implementing common standards (based on the recent
accession process and blueprints); d) lessons learned in the EU from the above implementation
processes; e) specialised techniques such as risk-based systems and single windows implemented by
EU Member State customs; and f) partnership approaches with private sector stakeholders.

Day I – 2     July 2007         Renaissance Hotel, Brussels
                                Chairman : Mr. Pierre Faucherand, EU Regional Representative for
                                Customs Co-operation in Asia

09.30                           Welcome and Opening Remarks by Mr. Robert Verrue, Director
                                General, Directorate General for Taxation and Customs Union (DG
                                TAXUD) European Commission
                                Strategic overview of the EU Customs Union
                                Presenter : Mr. Robert Verrue

Session I                       Current Customs Modernisation and Future Developments - The
                                Multi Annual Strategic Plan
                                Presenter : Mr. Peter Young

10.45                           Coffee Break
Session II                Customs Law, Regulations and Procedures, Custom Code Reform
11.00                     Presenter : Mr. Jean-Michel Grave

Session III               Tariff, Binding Tariff information, TARIC, Quotas and Suspensions
11.15                     Presenter : Mr. Kristian Vangrieken and Mr. Thomas Kucirek

12.30                     Lunch

Session IV                EU Enlargement-Management of the Recent Accession Process
                          Presenter : Mr. Stefano Fantaroni

Session V                 Customs 2013, Programme to Implement e-Government in
                          European Customs
                          Presenter : Mr. Losif Dascalu

15.00                     Coffee Break

Session VI                Enforcement, including Intellectual Property Issues
15.15                     Presenter: Mr. John Pulford

Session VII               Security in the Supply Chain
15.45                     Presenter : Mr. John Pulford

Session VIII              ICT Systems - Member States/TAXUD Interfacing Systems and
                          Related Issues
                          Presenter : Mr. Diego Papaldo

Session VIII              Welding 27 Member States and the European Commission into an
                          Operational Whole. Subsidiarity issues: Who is responsible for
16.45                     what and how things get done on the ground
                          Presenter : Mr. Jean Louis Vergnolle

19.00                     Dinner hosted by Mr. Robert Verrue

Day II – 3    July 2007   Renaissance Hotel, Brussels
                          Chairman : Mr. Antonis Kastrissianakis, Director International Affairs and
                          Tariff Matters, DG TAXUD

Session I                 Community customs declarations systems (Single Administrative
                          Document, Security summary declarations and electronic customs
09.00                     programme
                          Presenter : Mr. Jean Luc Delcourt

Session II                Customs Transit in the Community
09.45                     Presenter : Mr. Louis Kuhnen
10.30                   Coffee Break

Session III             VAT and Other Indirect Taxes: Their approximation and Related
                        Issues for Customs
                        Presenter : Mr. Alexander Wiedow

Session IV              Where the revenue goes –“Own Resources” and the EU’s budget
                        and funding mechanisms
                        Presenter : Mr. Richard Condon

Session V               Working with the private sector-trade view of the customs union
                        and the role of business in reforming customs and raising
12.15                   compliance levels.
                        Presenters : Mr. Peter Willmott/ Mr. John Mugridge

Session VI              Concluding discussion; further remarks and comments
13.00                   Chairman : Mr. Antonis Kaastrissianakis

13.15                   Lunch

                        Travel to Budapest

Day III – 4 July 2007   Intercontinental Hotel, Budapest
                        Chairman : Mr. Peter Wilmott

08.30                   Welcome and Opening Remarks by Dr. Janos Nagy, Major General,
                        Commissioner of the Hungarian Customs and Finance Unit

10.00                   Leave Budapest for Border Post

10.15                   Welcome – Objectives for the visit and key issues
                        Presenter : Mr. Peter Wilmott

Session I               Southern-Plain Regional Directorate & the Roszke Border Post -
                        Changes, challenges and benefits
                        Presenter : Mr. Andras Markus

11.30                   Questions & Answers
                        Coffee Break

Session II              Roszke-Practically Speaking-Before and After EU Accession
11.40                   Tour of the border post

13.00                   Lunch at Szeged

15.00                   Leave Szeged for Budapest

17.00                   Arrival at the Intercontinental Hotel, Budapest
18.00                  Reception in the Intercontinental Hotel (Panorama Room)
                       Hosted by Hungarian Customs

Day IV – 5 July 2007   Intercontinental Hotel, Budapest
                       Chairman : David Hesketh

08.15                  Check out of Intercontinental Hotel

08.30                  Leave Intercontinental Hotel for WCO Regional Training Centre

09.15                  Arrive WCO Regional Training Centre

Session I              A Trader’s Perspective-Hungary Before & After Accession
09.30                  Presenters : Mr. Tibor Gubek, Mr. Tamas Nietsch, Dr. Tamas Locsei

10.15                  Questions & Answers

Session II             Debriefing: Key Issues & Next Steps
10.30                  Presenters : Mr. Des Grimble/ Mr. David Hesketh

12.30                  Lunch

13.30                  Sightseeing tour of Budapest including transfer to airport

15.45                  Arrival at airport