Office Occupancy Agreement by bobzepfel


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									                                   Occupancy Agreement

       THIS OCCUPANCY AGREEMENT is made as of this                   day of                  ,
between               ("Sublessor") and                                       ("Subtenant") as

                                        R E C I T A L S:

       A.      Sublessor is the lessee of a portion of that building located at
                                                      (the "Leased Premises"). The Leased
Premises are leased pursuant to that lease thereof between                     ("Landlord") and
Sublessor dated                                ("Master Lease");

       B.      Sublessor desires to sublease to Subtenant and Subtenant desires to sublease from
Sublessor a portion of the Leased Premises described below.

                                           T E R M S:

        1.     Premises. Sublessor hereby subleases to Subtenant and Subtenant hereby
subleases from Sublessor a portion of the Leased Premises consisting of the single office
currently occupied by Subtenant ("Subleased Premises"). This Sublease of the Subleased
Premises shall entitle Subtenant to non-exclusive use with Sublessor and other Subtenants of the
common areas of the Leased Premises, such use to be in accordance with such rules and
regulations as Sublessor may establish from time to time.

       2.      Term. The term of this Sublease shall commence on the date hereof
("Commencement Date") and shall continue until terminated by either party upon at least thirty
days’ prior written notice.

       3.      Master Lease.

                  3.1 All of the covenants,
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