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Diego Leone
 Story and birth
 What is WebSphere?/Goals
 Main features
 Advantages/Disadvantages
 Conclusions
 WebSphere’s birth and story
 IBM’s product
 its roots are in the mid-1990s
 based on Java programming language
 IBM launched WebSphere in 1998
 gained momentum with on-demand
  business (2002)
           WebSphere Goals
   integrate all of a company’s existing data
   give a Web front-end
   support for business processes
    –   respond to market fluctuations and new industry
        supply chain requirements in realtime.
   build interactive Web-oriented applications
   support business functions needed for e-
      What is WebSphere?(1)
   a set of software products
    What is WebSphere?(2)
 middleware application
 trasforms the old business into SOA
 is J2EE certified
 implements three tier architectures
      What is WebSphere?(3)
   composed of:
    – server software
    – development products
    this two parts are bundled into packages
   The foundation of the software is
    WebSphere Application Server (WAS)
       What is WebSphere?(4)
   Four different sizes:
    – Small
    – Medium
    – Large
    – Super Size
    A Company chooses the size according to its
What are its main features?(1)
 It works across all of its different operating
  systems and applications
 Unify the company’s management
What are its main features?(2)
   Modular options:
    – There are different tools that can be added to
    – Different tools help the different audiences
          Example:
            – for Web-site developers
            – for application developers
What are its main features?(3)
   run code that enables business application
    – Example:
       Run many EJBs and Servlet within WAS
   realizes multi-tier applications
    – Example
WebSphere Architecture
WebSphere’s Architecture
Some hardware requirements
 quite modern PCs
 advised IBM zSeries

N.B.: differences between Server and Client
 Some software requirements
Operating System:
 Windows XP Professional SP1a
 Linux
 Sun Solaris
 Other…

A lot of applications are included (HTTP server)
              HTTP server
 WebSphere HTTP plug-in for the HTTP server.
 uses an easy-to-read XML configuration file to
  determine whether a request is handled by the
  Web server or the Application Server.
 uses the standard HTTP protocol to communicate
  with the Application Server
 uses secure HTTPS for the configuration, if
     What are advantages?(1)
 installation and customization are simple for
  administrative task
 very good when it’s ready
 there are a lot of useful tools:
    Example: Click here
 gives lot and lot of integration
 gives good Web Site
 IBM gives a complete assistance…
     What are advantages?(2)
   Business features:
    – simplifies the attainment of the “time to market”
    – gives only point of administration
    – simplifies the communication inside the
    What are disadvantages?
 installation and customization aren’t so
 not a good product for little company (under
  1000 employees)
 the tools have to be put together
 IBM is using its size to become the leader
 There are other products:
    – BEA System
    – SAP
    – Windows Server System (.Net and Windows
     Server 2003) [best for the smaller company]
 using WS, Don Sloan (Kforce) reduces the
  time required for its applicant matching
  process from two or three days to less than
  an hour
 WebSphere costs a lot of money……