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Shediac Bay Yacht Club


									                           Shediac Bay Yacht Club
                     2002 Annual General Meeting Minutes
                              SBYC Club House
                             September 24, 2002

Present: Sean Kearns, Jocelyn Wallace, John Stordy, Steve Beatty, Yves Frenette,
Rachel Landry, Romeo Landry, Mark Bridges, Bob Boudreau, Mark Fahey, Roger
Legere, Paul Boudreau, Robert Leblanc, Gerard Belliveau, Jamie Storey and Carl

Invited Guests: Mickey Cormier, Ron Robichaud.

Minutes: Carl McGregor

Commodore Sean Kearns welcomed everyone to the meeting and called the meeting to

Commodores Message and Season Hi-lights.

Sean gave an overview of the Club's activities and events for the 2002 boating season.
See attached Commodore's message.

It was mentioned that attendance at this year's meeting was down from last year's
meeting when approximately 30 members were present.

The bridge met every 2nd month over the winter. Efforts were made to have a Yacht
Club member sit as a representative on the Board of Directors of Shediac Municipal
Marina Inc. but this has not happened yet.
Although Joceline's official term on the Bridge has been completed she is staying on as
the Chairperson of the Social Committee.
Sean mentioned that minutes of the 2001 AGM are available on request.
Some of the events that were held over the last year included the winter party, the
Commodore's Sail Past, the Meet Your Neighbor party, the Buctouche Cruise, The 16
and Under and Able Sail Regatta and the corn boil on Shediac Island.
A bulletin board was installed for use by the Bridge and members for information and
A fall and spring mailing including membership cards was sent to all SBYC members.
Accounting software was purchased for use by the Bridge and Sailing School.
A large stainless steel barbecue was purchased for use on special occasions along with
some corn cookers.
Three day moorings were recovered for use by members for barbecuing etc.
The stays for the yardarm were adjusted in order to straighten it (Thanks to Barry Blight)
and Sean and Glen LebLanc were planning to be lifted to the top of the yardarm in order
to replace the burgee halyard and install a guy wire for the gaff.

36134667-e8fb-4026-b6c4-7235a1f21b18.rtf    1                     November 14, 2002
Reading of 2001 AGM Minutes
Last years' Secretary, Greg Colpitts has moved to St.John so the minutes of the 2001
SBYC AGM were read by John Stordy.
There were no comments on the minutes so it was moved by Bob Leblanc and
seconded by Romeo Landry that the minutes be adopted as read. The motion was
unanimously accepted. A copy of the minutes is available on request.

Treasurers Report
The Treasurer's Report for the year 2002 was read by Treasurer Steve Beatty. The
following reports were distributed:
-the Statement of Operations for the SBYC for the period ending Sept 30, 2002 and the
year ending December 31, 2001
-the Statement of Operations for the SBYC Sailing School for the period ending Sept
30, 2002 and the year ending December 31, 2001
-the Financial Statement of the SBYC 2002 Eastern Canadian 16 & Under and Able Sail
The format of the operations' reports for the SBYC and SBYS Sailing School was
changed this year to reflect a calendar year so that previous years can be compared.
Using this format will show the profits generated by the SBYC launches and lifts on an
annual basis. The cash flow statement compares 2001 vs 2002 up to 3 rd quarter The
2002 fall lifts are not included in the report.

It was moved by Roger Leger and seconded by Mark Bridges that the treasurer's report
be adopted as read. The motion was unanimously accepted. See attached reports.

A donation of $1452.00 was made to Mickey Cormier of Able Sail as the net proceeds
of the SBYC 2002 Eastern Canadian 16 & Under and Able Sail Regatta.

The bouys, ropes and chains purchased for use during the regatta will remain the
property of the sailing school.

Sailing School Report

The SBYC Sailing School Report was read by Sean Kearns.

There was some general discussion about the sailing school and ongoing opportunities
for sailing beyond the sailing school. Some of the comments and discussions included:
-members would like to see the sailing school advertise more
-a sailing school brochure is available at the clubhouse
-the sailing school now has a Web site
-how do people continue to sail when they don't own a boat but have an interest?
Some suggestions were:
        -adopt a sailor program
        -create a crew bank for use by members to call interested individuals
        -create a time share program that would sell shares in SBYC owned boats

36134667-e8fb-4026-b6c4-7235a1f21b18.rtf   2                   November 14, 2002
Other general comments were:
      -the cost of the sailing school is very low relative to other programs i.e. goalie
      camp, so perhaps the rates should be increased
      -there are no programs offered for under-privileged kids so this could be
      -the establishment of a trust fund might be an option and could finance
      registration for underprivileged children into eternity.
      -special events can be used to generate trust funds.
      -sponsor individual boats. Mark Bridges suggested he might be able to generate
      some sponsorship through contacts he has
      -Summerside yacht club has had body shops repair some boats.
      -a cell phone should be available for the adult sailing school.

16 & Under Recap

Jamie Storey gave an overview of the combined Able Sail Open Regatta and Eastern
Canadian 16 and Under Regatta hosted by the Shediac Bay Yacht Club.
This was a 4 day event which included YOTS (Youth Olympic Training Seminar),
coaching and classroom time in addition to 2 days of racing.
There were 97 participants and 79 registered boats.
Jamie will submit a report to CYA and the SBYC Bridge.

Introduce new bridge members

The SBYC Bridge members for the 2002-2003 season were introduced.
They are:
      Sean Kearns      Rear Commodore and Sailing School Director
      John Stordy      Commodore
      Steve Beatty     Vice-Commodore
      Yves Frenette    Treasurer
      Carl McGregor    Secretary
      Joceline Wallace Chairperson Entertainment Committee

Introduce Commodore for 2003

John Stordy encouraged members to take part in club activities even if they don't want
to be a Bridge member. For instance Joceline has taken on the role of Chairperson of
the Entertainment Committee. Most summer activities require participation of the
Entertainment Committee so any help would be welcomed. The Launch and Lift
Committee is an integral fund raising body for the Yacht Club, generally raising two to
three thousand dollars per year. John thanked some of the key volunteers, Pat and
Sharon Kearns, Barry Blight, Carl McGregor, Michel Cormier and all the others that
have participated from time to time.
The Launch and Lift Committee was asked to develop some clear policies which will
govern how lifts are conducted in the future. Carl will refer this to the committee.

36134667-e8fb-4026-b6c4-7235a1f21b18.rtf   3                    November 14, 2002
John stated that he would like to build some community amongst the members and
asked that any members who are interested in participating in any way make it known to
one of the Bridge members

Presentation to Able Sail

Mickey Cormier gave an overview of the Able Sail program for the 2002 season.

$1452 was raised for the Able Sail program by the Able Sail Open Regatta and Eastern
Canadian 16 and Under Regatta and the volunteers from both the SBYC and PCYC.
A cheque was presented to Mickey Cormier on behalf of the SBYC with photographs
taken by Sammy (Bob) Boudreau.
Mickey thanked everyone for their participation in the Able Sail Open Regatta and
Eastern Canadian 16 and Under Regatta and also thanked Ron for use of Marina for
the Poker Run.
In addition to raising funds for Able Sail, the regattas also served to improve the race
management and race organization skills of the volunteers
Jamie will be attending the New Brunswick Sailing Association (NBSA) directors'
meeting in Oct. and would like the Bridge to consider nominating a member to the
Dave Gauvin had taken a number of photographs of the participants and activities of the
regattas and has loaded these onto a CD which is available for $10.00. Carl will be
supplied one for uploading onto the Sailing School Web site.

Open Discussion

Ron Robichaud distributed a report of the events and problems encountered
during the storm on Sept 9th , 02. The report details the wind speeds, the efforts
made to ensure that boats were not lost and also makes some
recommendations as to how better to deal with these situations in the future. This report
has been submitted to the Board of Directors for their consideration.
Ron thanked those who helped out and re-emphasized the need for a process to
activate an emergency response from all members in these situations.
Sean thanked Ron for his efforts during this situation and throughout the summer.

There were some discussions about the long range plans for the marina. There are no
specific plans that the Bridge is aware of however John did meet with the town in April
2002 to see what will/can be done. The Town has not responded to the Bridge at this
Present discussions center around a transfer of ownership of the marina. It is unclear at
this time how this will occur but it is the intent of the Bridge that all berth owners will be
involved in the process.
It was suggested by John that the time frame for this to occur will be early 2003
however the membership may not be able to respond within this time frame.
Gerrard Belliveau feels that something will happen in October. Gerrard was asked to
give an overview of the discussions to date as up until recently he was the Town

36134667-e8fb-4026-b6c4-7235a1f21b18.rtf      4                      November 14, 2002
manager for Shediac (now for Dieppe) and has been involved in the discussions to

Presently the marina is a non-profit corporation separate from the Town of Shediac but
with town employees as directors.
The land on which the facilities sit used to belong to Public Works but now belongs to
the marina corporation.

The Town does not want to continue to own and operate the marina due to financial
complications of financing the marina and limitations placed on the Town's ability to
borrow money for other things. Some of the issues faced by the town include the
investment required (estimated $230,000 to re-build breakwater etc) to improve the
infrastructure, the potential environmental hazard of the "barge" and the perception of
town residents regarding the marina.

There was some discussion as to what the ideal proposal from the town would be. It
was suggested that this would be a transfer of the lands and buildings of the marina, the
sailing school property and extra land to take care of parking, the interpretation center,
and recovery of the capital funds have which have gone to fund operations.

There was some discussion about the opportunities that exist and they include:
      -the barge could be capped and "real estate" created
      -there is potential for expansion as there are rights to a 50 hectare water lot on
      the West side of the Marina.
      -a reorganization of "D" dock to create more berths

Any offer of transfer will require the involvement and assistance of key business people
within the Marina/Yacht Club community, berth owners will have to clearly decide what
they want and a comprehensive business case and plan will have to be developed

It was agreed that a brainstorming session will be required with the participation of all
berth owners and that berth owners need to be informed of the offer as soon as
possible. It was suggested that a telephone campaign might be the best way to notify
members of any special meeting which is called.

It was agreed that before anything can proceed there needs to be some substantial
information from the town of Shediac as to what the proposal is. Specifically, facts and
figures are required.

Gerrard gave an overview of a trip to Dieppe, France that he recently returned from.
Sailing is quite prominent there and a student exchange program, in conjunction with
the Town of Dieppe, might be a possibility.

Mark suggested that a screening process needs to be in place for sub-lettors and

36134667-e8fb-4026-b6c4-7235a1f21b18.rtf    5                     November 14, 2002
berth purchasers....a basic application process which would include references. There
was mixed feelings about this but it was pointed out that this is a common practice when
renting an apartment, applying for a job or applying for a membership in many other
yacht clubs. As this is a family oriented club and marina it was felt that some controls
need to be in place to ensure that people who keep their boats here are compatible with
the existing membership. There was some discussion as to how this would be managed
and it was suggested that it would be as simple as developing an application form which
would be reviewed by an SBYC membership committee. There was no decision at this

The meeting was adjourned by John Stordy.

36134667-e8fb-4026-b6c4-7235a1f21b18.rtf   6                    November 14, 2002

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