; Minutes of the Burlington Development Review Board April 28_ 2009
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Minutes of the Burlington Development Review Board April 28_ 2009


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									Minutes of the Burlington Development Review Board
April 28, 2009
Contois Auditorium
City Hall, 149 Church Street, Burlington VT
Board present: Austin Hart, Glenn Jarrett, Michael Long, Kevin Worden, Jonathan
Stevens, Paul Henninge.
Staff present: Ken Lemer, Mary O'Neil.
I. Agenda
Ken Lemer notes that modified plans have been submitted for 23 Lakeview Terrace.
Staff is okay with those; pretty minor. Some members of the public may wish to
Austin Hart - Some questions I want to ask, so it may not be a consent item.
II. Communications
New drawings for the Lakeview Terrace application are before the board. Board accepts
III. Minutes
None provided.
IV. Public Hearing
1. 09-618CU; 42 Elmwood Avenue
Sandra Lathem, applicant is present. This item is recommended for Consent approval.
No board members object.
Applicant has seen staff recommendations. No concerns or questions. There is no one
in the audience who wishes to speak.
Motion: Glenn Jarrett - For 09-618CU, 42 Elmwood Avenue, I move the board
approve the application, and adopt staff finding and conditions.
2nd. - Paul Henninge.
Vote 6-0.
2. 09-516CU/CA; 23 Lakeview Terrace
Thorn Wood, Timeline Architecture present. This was on consent approval; AH
exercises option to remove from Consent Agenda. Chair swears in applicant and
member of the general public (Eli Lesser-Goldsmith.)
Austin Hart asks Mary O'Neil about history; Mary O'Neil explains that the previous
application was approved with conditions. This is to amend the application, and to
request conditional use approval for an accessory apartment and a one-space parking
Thorn Wood - Design revisions, request for Accessory Apartment, desire for enclosed
parking. New plan: Took "bonus" room/sitting room, and put it on top of the parking
court. Helped coverage, achieved 3 parking spaces. The design of the building is in
essence the same. There are only slight modifications to get it within coverage.
Austin Hart - this is a new footprint. Put room on top of parking space, which is now
Thorn Wood - Not entirely enclosed. A question of semantics. A solution to answer the
25% modification. No side wall, no garage door. At present it cannot be enclosed.
Michael Long - Cannot be enclosed?
Thorn Wood - For now. Ordinance change may allow it.
Michael Long - What is square footage Of sitting room?
Thorn Wood - 14 x 20 - 280 sf.
Austin Hart - Asks for East elevation. Something that came up last time.
Thorn Wood - Now one can see right through to the lake. No door, no rear wall. Open
air. Open on south side. Two 30" piers.
Austin Hart - None of the full size versions in our revised plans, (asks for a copy.)
Austin Hart - Any other changes?
Thorn Wood - Minor modifications to the elevation. There has been ongoing discussion
with the neighbor to the north. The owner has made some concessions to minimize the
shade - lowers eave 16". The width of that building, moved about 8" off property line -
pushed to the south to allow more light and air to get into their property.
Ken Lerner- I noticed that 2 existing black locust are to be removed. They do not
appear to be on your property - it is on the property to the west. Trees on other people's
property cannot be removed without their approval.
Austin Hart - Is this at the top of the bank? I don't know if erosion is an issue.
Thorn Wood - The information came from the neighbor, more of a problem. They drop
limbs.	•
Michael Long - They are holding the bank up.
Thorn Wood - Prone to blow over.
Austin Hart - Not proposing to replace any landscaping or bank stabilization?
Thorn Wood - A lot of re-growth on that bank. These trees are probably 40-50 years
old. They are an anomaly.
Eli Lesser Goldsmith - 135 Lakeview Terrace. The view of the lake from the street
should be maintained as much as possible.
Austin Hart - You raised this issue last time. We have a different design, new plan. In
your opinion is this an improvement, better or worse than the previous version? Better
view of the lake?
Eli Lesser Goldsmith - When I went through DRB, it was made clear to me that the view
corridor should remain open. Something for you guys to take into account. I want to
bring up the parking. The street is very busy, especially with Burlington College. It is a
personal thing, he needs an apartment and a parking waiver.
Michael Long - Parking is tight.
Eli Lesser Goldsmith - Parking IS tight. As far as the Black Locust, I worked for a year
with the City arborist. I have not been able to trim a blade of grass without his approval.
The bank is extremely ....there is a risk of erosion. The City wants to see it as stable as
Paul Henninge - Do you have a locust tree in your backyard?
Eli Lesser Goldsmith - On the City's property?
Paul Henninge - Any.
Eli Lesser Goldsmith - I am not sure what variety it is.
Thorn Wood - The issue of the tree removal was not part of the original application. I
don't want this to be a deal breaker. If there were conditions, we could welcome that.
Austin Hart - If you want to touch those trees, we would want to know how you plan to
handle that.
Thorn Wood - brought to us by the neighbor to the north.
Austin Hart - Do you need to stabilize the bank.
Ken Lerner- To reiterate - another person's property. Board cannot authorize that
without the owner's approval.
Glenn Jarrett - I do not see the neighbors. Do they no longer oppose the project?
Thorn Wood -They are coming to grips with a house being built next to them. A house
will cast a shadow on their property. They have built a very substantial house, have
enjoyed an empty rear lot for 18 years. The dialogue has been to appease their
concerns as much as practical.
Public Hearing on this matter closed.
3. 09-487CU/CA; 61 Lyman Avenue
Travis Kingsbury present.
Ken Lerner - I would have done this by consent, but I was concerned that someone
might wish to speak on the project.
Austin Hart - warned as public hearing. We should address it as such.
Austin Hart - (swears in applicant.)
Travis Kingsbury - I am looking to tear down an existing garage, build new garage with
an accessory apartment. I have read the comments, there are no issues. I am aware
that there are some outstanding issues - new site plan, items for DPW.
Austin Hart - One comment on the roof slope for the addition that confused me.
Kevin Worden - On the roof dormers usually they are set down slightly. It would be an
improvement to drop them down. And the site plan - not door access to the garage
door. It looks like you are entering on an angle. Schematically, needs to be corrected.
Travis Kingsbury - That functions as a two car garage now.
Kevin Worden - Footprint the same?
Travis Kingsbury - Extended to the back. And I needed to meet the 5' setback.
Kevin Worden - What you have shown is not quite accurate.
Austin Hart - Comment on massing, height and scale. Number 2. "Roofs and rooflines -
The new building as noted has a shallow pitched roof that does not relate to the
neighborhood." Page 7 of the staff report.
Ken Lerner - Oh, that was from the original comments; an error. I would suggest that
we delete the first sentence.
Austin Hart - Any questions from the board? Anyone else wish to speak? (none)
The public hearing in this matter is closed.
V. Sketch Plan
1. 09-620SP; 415 Pearl Street
Joe Handy, Steve Guild, Kathy Parrott present.
Austin Hart swears in Steve Guild, Joe Handy.
They have seen staff comments.
Steve Guild - Main goal to tie in existing building with new structure. Allowed 48% lot
coverage. 11 units proposed. 11 parking spaces. Maxed out on coverage. We are
residing - we are showing vinyl. Owner will do whatever is recommended. Each unit is
2 bedrooms, 2 baths, pretty much mirrors each unit. Full basement.
Austin Hart - Existing home?
Steve Guild - 3 units, convert to 2.
Austin Hart - how many bedrooms in each unit?
Joe Handy - 3 units, turn it into 2 units, one is 3 bedroom, the other 2 bedrooms.
Austin Hart - # of total bedrooms changing?
Joe Handy - Right now, on first floor, 3 bedrooms, and other with one bedroom, upstairs
one with one bedroom. 5 now.
Austin Hart - 5 after.
Joe Handy - Yes.
Austin Hart - As staff comments indicated, one of the big challenges is to build
something compatible in materials and look, but more importantly in scale with the
existing historic home. I would like to hear your comments how you plan to accomplish
that. You are proposing to build onto a much smaller home.
Steve Guild - Say that again?
Austin Hart - How are you designing to minimize the impact on the historic building?
Steve Guild - Street level is 3 or 4 feet below. The building will not look like that. The
scale is not bad considering there will be a 3 story building back there. The main goal is
to redo the siding on the existing building, blend in with the new building. Trying to
match the window styles, siding might try to incorporate some brick, make these two
buildings look like they are not slapped together.
Austin Hart - What will be the height to the existing building?
Steve Guild - 24' existing, 33' proposed building. Another 9'.
Austin Hart - Any restoration of the existing building on the exterior?
Joe Handy - New windows, new wood clapboard siding.
Austin Hart - Roofing material?
Joe Handy - Slate roof;
Austin Hart - Maintain the slate?
Joe Handy - Yes.
Austin Hart - I don't imagine that slate proposed for the new building?
Joe Handy - No. Actually, the back of the existing building is not slate.
Austin Hart - Degosbriand on one side, Taft School on the other side.
Glenn Jarrett - Looks like the backyard condo approach that the city was trying to get
away from. Driving up the street, I recognize that the Degosbriand is there and it is not
virgin land. But nine units, aesthetically....
Joe Handy - We could probably break that up. Bricks...
Steve Guild - Cement Board siding... We could do that.
Austin Hart - At sketch plan, we have an opportunity to give you preliminary guidance. I
think what you are hearing from me and Glenn is that the view from Pearl Street is what
struck us and staff. What will that look like?
Steve Guild - A 3-D view?
Austin Hart - What is the impact. Show us what it will look like, the better for us. I am
not sure how you are going to do that. Also, restoration of the building in front will be a
plus. Whatever you can do to match it in material and design, as long as it is not
confusing to the public.
Ken Lerner - My main concern is the way the parking butts up to the building - lights will
be shining into the windows. Especially with vinyl siding, cars may hit it and crack
it...vinyl will fade, crack. Too important a consideration to ignore.
Austin Hart - Also, shared use parking district? (to staff)
Mary O'Neil- Yes - only 1 parking space required per unit.
Austin Hart - We are still getting use to the new zoning ordinance. But with 2 bedrooms
in each new unit, we would anticipate that two vehicles may be associated with each
unit. We are not trying to re-write the ordinance. What ever assurances you can provide
us regarding parking will help.
Kevin Worden - What is the width of the proposed building?
Steve Guild - 27', 3' overhang.
Kevin Worden - I would like to reiterate the concern about the view coming up Pearl
• Street. This is hotel-ish. Have you considered parking below? Is there a lot coverage
Steve Guild - Yeah, we tried. Lot coverage didn't work.
Kevin Worden - Looking at your existing condition plan, it is curious that there are 6
parking spaces. Double loaded parking just the way it is, extended it back, you would
have 11 spaces right there with a lot less drive area/lot coverage.
Steve Guild - We did look at that, I will have to look at my notes, but our main concern is
lot coverage. I will look at that again.
Kevin Worden - I would second the concern about the attached long massiveness which
is disagreeable.
Austin Hart - I know we are being conflicting, but this is an area where the city wants to
have housing: It is conveniently located, a plus for you. But the effort is squeezing it
onto a very narrow lot.
Michael Long - 3 stories, it is very hard to see the new structure, the old structure. It
really is a new structure with a breezeway in between them. It is a problem.
Paul Henninge - Does the grade drop off, or is it relatively level?
Steve Guild - Grade is a 4' drop.
Glenn Jarrett - Building is higher.
Paul Henninge - to the back of the lot?
Steve Guild - 43' at the front, 47 at the back.
Austin Hart - What is the depth of the lot?
Kevin Worden - 65.9 at the setback.
Steve Guild _ 25% of the lot depth.
Austin Hart - So, 4 times that -
Steve Guild - Width scaled at 73' wide, length 262'. We know it is a difficult site.
Austin Hart - We look forward to what you come up with for a preliminary plat.
Steve Guild - Thank you.
VI. Other Business
VII. Adjournment
5:59 pm.
Deliberative follows.
Respectfully submitted
Mary O'Neil, Associate Planner
VL 5 , *OlO
Ausfin Hart, Chair, Development Review Board

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