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									          SEATING FOR THE
            People v. Johannes Mehserle
          Alameda County Superior Court
                Case No. 161210

Beginning with opening statements, Thursday, June 10,
2010, special procedures will be used to allocate courtroom
seats available to the general public. Between eight and 12
courtroom seats will be assigned the general public daily.

To ensure equity of access, a seating lottery drawing will be
conducted by the Court Public Information Office each
morning at approximately 7:45 a.m. People interested in
seating for the trial on that day should see the PIO
representative outside the building, immediately to the
right of the main entrance, 210 W. Temple Street. Lottery
tickets will be distributed starting at 7:30 a.m.

Eight to 12 people will be selected to obtain passes for the
morning court session. Eight to 12 others will receive
passes for the afternoon court session. The passes will be
transferable, but will be good only at the morning or
afternoon session on the day in question. Only people with
an appropriate pass will be permitted to enter the
courtroom. The exact number of people who can be seated
will vary. Some holders of passes may not get into the
courtroom, though every effort will be made to
accommodate them. Holders of passes who cannot be
given a seat are urged to wait in the hallway for a vacancy.

Because the ninth floor is often congested, the Court asks
that only people with seating passes for this case go
through secondary weapons screening to access Dept. 104.
People with seating passes for the morning or afternoon
session may leave the courtroom briefly and will be
permitted to return, provided the timing of their exit or
reentry is not disruptive. Pass holders may give them to
someone else and the person holding the pass will be
entitled to the seat. Passes will be collected at the door.

By official court order, wearing of tee shirts, any other
clothing, buttons, hats or anything else that expresses a
visible message relating to this case will not be permitted
in the courthouse. The use of ALL ELECTRONIC
DEVICES is prohibited in the courtroom. They must be
turned off and kept out of sight at all times. Photography of
any kind is prohibited EVERYWHERE in the courthouse.
Violators will be removed.

If you have questions, please contact any PIO staff
member. They are identifiable by their distinctive teal and
blue badges and official court employee ID cards.

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